Stop war and genocide in Iran - The One million signatures campaign-week 6


by ramintork

You might have noticed my call for re organization and action. Many strongly suspect that the regime is gearing up for mass killings so we need to do something fast.

After some debate it has been proposed to build a new structure on the backbone of IC. If you missed it then please have a look at the debate over NIAC comments. With so many people wanting to do so many things ( my petition for stopping EU countries selling oppressing technologies to Iran, Shifteh and MM's call to do something about the new Chinese riot trucks that pour boiling water and burning chemicals on people etc.) we need some reorgonization so that such blogs and calls for action do not get lost.

Building a new organization takes a lot of time, so if we do this it could be done in a way to create a common ground zone for all factions to pull together, and it should not act to take focus from existing energy and action. I will be putting a proposal together for JJ and hope that you all join in for the brainstorming.

By the way, if you don't know what this Blog is all about perhaps you could check the Blogs from the previous weeks, a quick explanation is that some of us want to see a new International Iranian lobby for Human rights issues. War may be less likely for now but there is a risk and we have to prepare for it. Genocide and mass killing however does seem very likely and we need this strong lobby to add to the voice of those in Iran. If and when people decide to go on a general strike, if we face disaster again we will need a unified organization to provide Humanitarian aid so a section of IC needs to wear its battle armour if JJ approves!

For now until things pick up I have two small facebook groups that need support and there you will find my EU petition.




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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

War Crimes

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Khamenei and AN must be put on notice before they act. There will be war crime tribunals. They will be charged  in person or in absinthia. We must form a legal group to bring such charges should they move to further repress Iranian people.

They have a choice:
Allow the Iranian people to have democracy; or see you in the Hague.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Please don't give up

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Ramin Jaan,

I am just one person but I support you. Please persevere and do not give up. You don't have to move the campaign out of IC. Instead just expand  it to additional places. Try all of possible places.


You know how to contact me. I am with you.


It looks like there is not interest here!

by ramintork on

I think I'll start taking this campaign out of IC.

You would think there would be more people interested in stopping EU from selling oppressive technology to Iran!