Stop war and genocide in Iran - The One million signatures campaign-week 5


by ramintork

As violence escalates in Iran one thing is clear, there will be a lot more blood poured on our streets.

My prediction is that if we do not overthrow this regime, we might eventually endup in a war, perhaps even in a nuclear war. IRI would lose the last veil of decency and start a genocide, millions could die. We must therefore give the people inside Iran enought support so that they rise with a general strike that would cripple the regime and make it collapse.

Iran has ordered S-300 Anti-Aircraft missiles from Russia. These have not been delivered but the order has put Iran in danger because Israel could strike with bunker busting GBU-39 bombs before Iran has its defense. These missiles even without a nuclear war head could have devasting impact because destroying a nuclear facility could create a fallout or contaminate the underground water. Some of these facilities are not far from major population clusters so such an attack could kill millions and be an Iranian chernobyl.

As I have mentioned for the last 5 weeks, outside Iran we need to form a strong lobby for Human rights in Iran. Being seen as present for Human rights would buy us time and make it more difficult to bomb us, at least until a general strike starts and crushes IRI.

Now there are many organizations that claim they serve this function, but to qualify these organizations need to have created a constant presence in the Western media.

They would have needed to:

Organize large marches across the globe, or media grabbing action like flashmob events, concerts that brings crowds of thousands. Why? Because a Campaign for freedom needs to win the heart of people and not the statesmen. They need to reach out to the student movement outside Iran, the same movement that won the anti-aparthaite campaign.

By having such a presence we could warm the hearts of those risking their lives on the streets of Tehran, we would convince the west to talk to the people and not the regime, we would find the leadership that we need for this movement.

We need to create long lasting change in the form of law change.

For this I have been arguing for the creation of such a lobby and to initiate the action I have created two facebook groups. This action is to some extend to ispire others to make the idea their own.

It is a humble begining, but with the numbers we can inspire others to take action. It is all very well spreading the news from Iran but we need to do more.

The first group flashmob for freedom of Iran intends to organize political rallies, Marches, and flashmob events:


The second group has a petition and intends to use the EU law and citizens´ initiative which requires one million signatures to change the law and stop European countries selling technology that oppresses people in Iran i.e. cell phone tapping technology, web filters etc. another words stopping the very same technology used for catching the people protesting today.


If you do not wish to join such groups that is fine, but given that many lives could depend on your action or lack of action you need to do something constructive. If you are a member of an Iranian organization, or even a student group, then please consider my ideas about how as Iranians we could be seen as bastions of Human rights, encourage your organization to take action, we may as a nation be running out of time.






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Do not fall for the illusion of safety and success

by ramintork on

The worst thing we could do is to think that our opposition is in good hands or that there are others who would take care of these issues for us. Both IRI and the wesern powers would be happier not to see a strong Iranian political lobby outside Iran. Such complacency could only bring a big tragedy for us. To ensure that action is being taken on our behalf we need to be participants and not just expectators.

IRI owns many lobbies and has infiltrated many organizations. They have neutralized positive action by making us believe that existing organizations are already taking action.

Go and see for yourself, what action is being taken?

Who is negotiating on our behalf?

How much media coverage do people outside Iran get?

Please feel free to ask questions in these blogs or on facebook.

Please feel free to spread the idea in other places and languages.

I am planning to this myself but feel free to spead the call for action.