Secularism (One more in my invented Art school DaGod)

Secularism (One more in my invented Art school DaGod)
by ramintork


I invented DaGod as a derivative of DaDa style. Becomibg tired of many self imposed orientalists style of Iranian Art that often have an outward look towards the West, I adapted DaDa for the modern day as a protest against the harm done by fundamentalist religions. DaDa itself was an anti Art movement against War.

Unlike other Art, and similar to DaDa, DaGod often carries a lot of humour. It is meant to be unassuming, and certainly not pretentious, to the point that I don’t even spell check my presentations of it and which is why you would find it here rather than an Art gallery.

It is actually for communities such as ours who have been bitten by the affliction of religious fundamentalism or at least con Artists corrupting the pillars of our society.

I would welcome other Artists adopting the same style. I would welcome (Iranian or not) Artists to drop the mentality of putting themselves on a top shelf like a trophy and come down to Earth, be less serious and use fun and humour to convey their Art to their own community.


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Ari Siletz

Doc, write me perscription!

by Ari Siletz on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Art & Politics

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


have always been mix from the beginning of time. Poets used it to criticize the kings. After all who could say "Shah Goh Khordeh" except for the Gorbeh in the story of cat and mice. How about Tofig. 

It is impossible to separate art from politics and also a bad idea. Arts express our feelings about all things. That includes our feeling about politics! Anyway go for it and thanks.


Very good Ramin - Posted?

by MM on



Anahid Aziz

by ramintork on

Humor is a strong element of our culture and an antidote to the ever weeping culture that has been imposed on us so it gets through to people when it's good.

Anahid Hojjati

Ramin jan, you make a good point about artists not putting

by Anahid Hojjati on

themselves on top shelf. Your suggestion about using humor to bring art into community is great.  Some excellent examples of it are Iraj Mirza and Hadi Khorsandi in poetry.



Thanks Vildemose

by ramintork on

Many people don't like Art mixed with politics, but these days being Iranian is always mixed with politics and the Art would reflect that.


By the way JJ I recently discovered I owe you an extra Thanks

by ramintork on

When I submitted my work to Persbook as a Web Art series and they rejected the work on the basis of being sacrilegious it was then that I realized that in an Iranian community even in West finding that "nothing is sacred" is a gift, and even here people have stayed behind and apply censorship.

So Thank you for having IC with the "Nothing is sacred" policy.

My paintings however which are not controversial are there and people can still vote for me if they like those paintings:



Brilliant Ramin. Excellent.

by vildemose on

Brilliant Ramin. Excellent. Free samples should be distributed throught the ME region.

Jahanshah Javid

What the doctor ordered!

by Jahanshah Javid on

I love it Ramin :)

I would like a life-time supply of the natural, organic variety, rather than the synthetic. Please!