Sacrificial President

Sacrificial President
by ramintork


It looks like Ahmadinejad is going to be sacrificed by the regime.
The regime feels a major crisis of power and the lack of popularity both internal and external. It has seen the Arab spring and it's allies in crisis. The sanctions and the wasteful policies have brought the nation to a state of major crisis. Ahmadinejad had started securing his position but has lost support amongst the military Sepah so it seems he will become the latest sacrificial escape goat of an unpopular crumbling brutal regime. By the way I have reused one of my old cartoons for this, but somehow the topic is still relevant.


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Desperate for survival

by ramintork on

They have become desperate for survival.

Losing their Arab allies, losing European interest and hurting sanctions as well as an unrest within the country which is like the calm before the storm.

AN came in with Sepah backing, but the economic and security threat that he has generated as well as his Putin like strategy in placing his men in key posts for post election means he has to go.

He has backed down so perhaps he would be allowed to serve his term and then fall into obscurity. It all depends on the next crisis they have to face.

If we see Rafsanjani make a come back it would probably mean that they are going back to the Chinese rather than North Korean model to at least get the Europeans back to the table and go back to being disliked but tolerated rather than despised and must be destroyed regime. 



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting!

It is amazing that even AN is sacrificial, expendable, and disposable! I was wondering if AN gets yanked from his post, would he be treated better than Mousavi and Karoubi or worse?

The musical chair of IRI changes really fast!  Pretty soon, AN will join rest of the Iranians shouting "Marg Bar dictator" "Marg Bar Khamenei"......forget about father and son relationship! That is history!


Azadeh Azad

Very good depiction

by Azadeh Azad on

.. of tomorrow's probability. Thanks.