Remembering Ahmad Shamlou (December 12, 1925 — July 24, 2000)

Remembering Ahmad Shamlou  (December 12, 1925 — July 24, 2000)
by ramintork

There are several good web sites for Shamlou:-



I have also added the image from the  "Dagger On The Plate" book. The illustration is by Zia aldin Javid and in my opinion one of the greatest Book covers I've come across.



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Azarin Sadegh

My favorite poem of Shamloo

by Azarin Sadegh on

  • Dark SONG
  • In the leaden backdrop of the dawn
    the horseman stands in silence
    the long mane of his horse

    disheveled by the wind.

    O, Lord ! O, Lord!
    Horseman are not to stand still,
    when the event is brewing.
    Beside the burnt hedge
    the girl stands in silence
    her delicate skirt

    waving in the wind.

    O, Lord! O, Lord!
    Girls should not to remain silent,
    when weary and hopeless
    men grow old.

    R.I.P. Ahmad Shamloo!

    Thank you for this reminder!


    شهر ما صداش


    شهر ما صداش میاد، صدای زنجیراش میاد...

    Mr. Fozolie


    I haven't said much in this Blog

    by ramintork on

    Most of what you may want to know is on these web sites and his books.

    There are some translations of his most notable poems such as "The Banquet".