Quran Sura 1-4 word cloud

Quran Sura 1-4 word cloud
by ramintork


I just did a word cloud analysis of the Quran Sura 1-4. Word cloud shows dominant words within a text.

Click on this image or go to my site to see more examples of this, or check my previous blogs.

You can also generate your own word cloud at //www.wordle.net



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Mash Ghasem

salman JAN when it comes to your definitionof koran or god:

by Mash Ghasem on

when GOD spelled backwards, its  DOG, which would be a very accurate account of our
collective experience of the past  32 years. Your " Islamic Democracy," 
" Republic" ( what a phcking sick joke of a 'republic'). So Salman JAN
don't mean to be rude or anything but:

A) I really can't write
what I want to  write in here ( it'll lower the discourse), suffice it
to say  it involves: your god, your dog and your Koran, not necessarily in that order.

B) //iranian.com/main/video/2011/jun/vagh-vaghe-sag

This is more or less how you sound to me, vagh vagh sag.

C) Check this out. Also a product of tis 'cloud' idea on IC, enjoy, cheers

Manson as Ali Ibn Aby Taleb, again, a very accurate account when it
comes to our collective experience of the past  32 years, check out the other ones, it gets even better.

//www.flickr.com/photos/doodlejuice/5520662474/in/set-72157625785305908 . 

salman farsi

Quran on Clouds

by salman farsi on

1400 years ago the Holy Quran explained cloud formation and rain fall in a language of scientific nature and yet understandable by the bedouin Arabs.

Read this sample:


 For an Islamic democracy

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Yet another miracle...!