Please join International Iranian Council (IIC)


Please join International Iranian Council (IIC)
by ramintork

The contributors of blog community of Iranian sites have decided to form a common ground for all those individuals or groups that are opposed to the current Iranian regime for we oppose discrimination, intolerance, violence and abuse and we from all walks of life have decided to stand side by side and take action to oppose this force of darkness.

International Iranian Council on Facebook

To collaborate we shall use this facebook group as the means to take more cohesive campaign for Human rights and Iranian political issues.

Our aim is to build a strong International Iranian lobby, and amplify it within the wider non-Iranian community in the same way as the anti-apartheid and solidarnosc type campaigns.

We intend to organize marches, rallies, and flashmob events, write protest letters in a coordinated way. Our action would include campaigns for law change and once established with our democratic structure we shall act as a pressure group in the interest of our community.

Our ultimate objective is to become a strong lobby group for all Iranians and to do this we intend to recruit active campaigners, form a democratic organization, decide on a formalized manifesto, elect leaders, invite respected Humanitarians as patrons that would serve our Humanitarian political interests.

Until we formalize a manifesto we shall work with the following rules:

· That the campaign or any protest must be for the benefit of Iranians both inside and outside Iran but at the moment those inside have the priority (with consideration from other admin members we may consider collaborative work and make an exception to this rule if we feel it is appropriate).

· That all calls for action are non-violent, exclude military action but we respect our fellow Iranians inside Iran need to defend themselves against a regime that does not adhere to the UN Human rights charter.

· We are not mutually exclusive another words we encourage those who are active members of the Green, monarchist, secular, republican or religious minority groups or those who are members charitable, non profit organizations to bring in their expertise and use this group to stand shoulder to shoulder with others and amplify their existing work, and feel free to be open about their other identity.

So how does it work?

On the basis of information that can be reasonably verified (within the limitations of News that comes out of Iran) and on the request of members we create an event for a particular campaign, discuss the best means of conducting the campaign and publish the required resources for the activists. You do this by sending a message to the appropriate admin member (we shall have this listed in future and segregate responsibilities).

Do we allow non-Iranians within our organization?

Yes, we do, we encourage those within the wider community to join us, all members based on their merit can stand for our election when we have our structure in place.

When will this group transform into a democratically elected lobby?

When we have enough members, we will set the ground rules to make this happen but for now, the group administrators are responsible for governing the activity within the group.

In order to protect the group from SPAM or non-appropriate information we reserve the rights to remove information that is not relevant, unsubstantiated, or any text that contains profanity.

Please find the campaign for which you would like to join and use RSVP where appropriate.


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We now have our web site at

by ramintork on

We now have our web site at

David ET


by David ET on


Anonymous Observer

This is actually a pretty good idea

by Anonymous Observer on

for Iranians in the Diaspora to come up with a grassroots organization that elects a person to be their voice.  It's much better than relying on an organization lead by a dubious character with suspected ties to the IRI to act on our behalf.  


No groups

by ramintork on, facebook friends some of whom read and contribute to other online magazines.

I have contributed to a good few, but my main home is 


Dear Ramim, perhaps it'll help if you list the Iranian sites and

by Hovakhshatare on

groups that have decided forming IIC is a good step in creating cohesion among all opposition of IRR.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Ramin writes:

P.S. You would not be following me, you would join an organization that is being build by its members and will have a democratic basis from all those who are active.

I want to second that point. It is very important that we are not following. Rather we want to join together with a common goal of helping free Iran and helping prevent atrocities. We can and do have different personal preferences. But we share a common love of Iran and a desire for freedom; democracy and respect for human and individual rights. 


Dear Pendar Neek

by ramintork on

My CV/Biography 

I am a consultant by day specializing in working or designing with disaster recovery systems for Investment Banks. I therefore plan ahead and plan for even High risk but low probability events.

Outside work, I am a painter/sculpter but do not show my work to the public, some of my cartoons however have been published. I have some background of collaborative Artistic work and been fortunate enough to know and work (in a small way) with a few renouned Iranian Artists bringing plays and shows onto the stage in London but that is over 20 years ago. 

I have lived in UK for 30 years, University educated in the field of Computing and Statistics, and later self study and evening courses in Humanities and Art.

I have been writing for for 10 years, short stories, some articles and several critical Art articles as well as interviews.

Politics- I am a secularist, prefer Republic systems but have friends from various political spectrums, as a student I had some activities within the University that put me in the listed IRI book.

I also took part in demonstrations and appeals for the anti-apartheid and solidarnosc type campaigns, started and ran the Iranian society in University. Also on occasions helped refugees and the Iranian medical patients to get around!

I am not a member of any political organization, but strongly want to help those in Iran and have taken action in the way that I know.

I hope that is enough for now.

P.S. You would not be following me, you would join an organization that is being build by its members and will have a democratic basis from all those who are active.

You can even use your pseudo name and join in helping with the campaigns as many others will no doubt would prefer to do.

Maryam Hojjat

Great, Ramin

by Maryam Hojjat on

We needed such a transparent organization.  I will join tonight.

Payandeh IRAN & True Iranians


Just because you singled me out...

by پندارنیک on

An idea does not automatically gain or lose relevance just because another username, who is similarly hidden behind an avatar agrees or disagrees with it. Now, very briefly: This person, "Ramin..."has been trying to initiate a public momentum in a series of various attempts. It is my personal view that he at this very point has to declare his credentials. We have seen enough flag sellers, etc.therefore, I ask again: WHO ARE YOU? SIR.


Dear All - & Pendar e Neek

by masoudA on

From my understanding we are forming the base of an eventual pyramid - right now we are just standing next to each other for our one common interest - Iran.  Who Ramin is - is quiet irrelevant at this point.  Later when/if this thing develops into a political organization - then we will all have the right to know every individual who nominate himself/herself for the leadership.  

PS - The main reason all efforts to create such organization has failed in the past is because people tried to create the pyramid from top down.......I think we are doing it right this time - I also think the two causes Ramin has introduced are pretty good starts as far as plan of action.  

I also love the simple name - IIC.  I will also post this on several websites and bring it up on some satellite call shows - but those who have already joined - please send an e-mail to all on your address-book. 



Thank you

by ramintork on

You have every right to ask, but for now perhaps my message and the fact that on this journey those within the IC community who are crying out to take positive action will be leading this path is even more important.

I will provide an autobiography soon, for now I'm an ordinary Iranian who cares.


Transparency is the key word

by پندارنیک on

Who are you? Sir. I think a bit of autobiography is due, before you mobilize masses. Have I missed a short life story here?


Thanks DK

by ramintork on

You are now our monachist representation in IIC.


Darius Kadivar

signed !

by Darius Kadivar on

Done !



We need a common subject line for emails/faxes

by MM on


Please recommend a short, descriptive & common phrase for the subject lines in the emails and faxes we sent out, e.g., "stop the sale of oppressive equipment", or "release 500 ashura prisoners".

This way, at the end of the day, it will be easy for the receiving organization to sort out the emails and report receiving ??? emails on the "release of 500 ashura prisoners" subject to their superiors. 



Thanks Ramin. Joined. And distributed.

by Hovakhshatare on

MM, nice idea. It would be nice if it can be linked to IIC and sent to Czech embassy as a group jesture. I sent an email already.


good job Ramin

by MM on

good job Ramin

PS, I am writing a thank you email to the Embassy of the Czech Republic ( for their refusal to sell pepper spray to the Islamic Republic.  I think that the actions of IIC can be positive reinforcement if we see a good deed as well.

Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom St. NW
Washington, DC 20008

Tel.: (202) 274-9100
Fax: (202) 966-8540
Consular section:


Subject: Thank you

Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom St. NW
Washington, DC 20008

Dear Ambassador,

I would like to thank you and the people of the Czech Republic for your refusal to sell riot control pepper spray to the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In these trying times in Iran, it is good to know that others outside Iran are watching the tactics of an oppressive regime and respect the rights of other nations to desire freedom, just as you arose against tyranny not too long ago.

My name

My address



This is really great guys

by Mehrban on

do I have to join facebook to join your organization?  Elementary, I know.


Good Job

by masoudA on

We need political representation - may this be the grassroot move to have it.   I am in. 

Jahanshah Javid

Best wishes

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Ramin. I joined as well. I hope the group has a positive impact.


Wish you great luck - nice idea

by mannya2001 on

But may I add, Mr Ramin, I seek a non paying position in your organization as a the special Rapporteur to the IRI.  I stress non-paying so I don't get accused by IRI for being a SPY.

You see most of your members will have a strong and anti-IRI sentiment.  Hencce, there is a need for someone to bring your concerns to the government and judiciary in Iran.  Someone who has a good relation with IRI and is not employed nor on your payroll roster.

As this organization grows, in addition to numerous international organs that you will be dealing with, I will carry the councils concerns to IRI officials.

Obviously, though I request that some minor fund (later on when council grows) be set aside for my expenses which will be strictly used for offcial purposes.  I have a house and car in Tehran, so I don't need money for that.

However, I will need expenses related to throwing official ceremonies in the course of the business. 

For example, let's say the council becomes aware of the flogging/execution of an Iranian lady for converting to Christianity in Mashad.  As part of my job, I will throw a Iftar dinner in Ramadhan and invite Ayatollah Vaez- Tabasi and other high level officials.  While eating with them, I will get "khode muny" by making them laugh and have a great time.  Towards the end, I will say to Ayat. Vaez-Tabasi, "Hale ishkale ke nadared, be khatere Aghadazeh Nasser joon, bezar een bande khodaye bichare bargharde be familish, ishkali ke nadered."

So, this way the council will be able to actually get results for their actions.  I might add, immediate, fast and ACTUAL final results. 

You should ask yourself, which is more effective? A foreign organization that will be sending letters and faxes, or someone who can get close and personal with IRI officials.  If your relative's life was God forbid at stake, which one will you put your bets on?

thanks and good luck. 

PS: In mean time, I have to be somewhat neutral and can't be a member as that would jeopordize my neutrality in possible future affairs



by ramintork on

I think we have to convince people that this will not be yet another group and that they will have a lot of freedom to book their campaigns as facebook events and recruit interested parties with RSVP.


Ramin Jan:

by vildemose on

I posted the site on several other blogs. Hope you've been getting a lot of hits... Have you?

Anahid Hojjati

Dear ramin,thanks for your blog, I will join group later tonight

by Anahid Hojjati on


Ramin jan, thanks for your blog. 


Please feel free to ask any questions about this new group

by ramintork on

The two campaigns that we currently have brought there from IC are:

Plea to Amnesty International for release of 500 prisoners - ACT


Petition to stop sale of technology used for oppression of Iran


We will have many others of your petitions or calls for action, but you must join the group and contribute towards it.