Picture of the day - Maltese Buses

Picture of the day - Maltese Buses
by ramintork
They have these wonderful and well kept buses in Malta. Their artificial colour traveling across a landscape of natural colours of the the sky and turquoise sea is like a living, moving painting.

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Ali Jaan,

by ramintork on

No I had a lovely day in Cambridge. There is a park here with a neolithic remains of a settlement which we enjoyed.

I was in Malta a few years ago, I have done some travelling and thought that I should start sharing these photos.

As usual,

Ghorbent ke be man inghadar Lotf Daree,

If I was going to choice a title it would be

Khosh Shans ol Moluk ba dashtaneh Doostaneh por Lotfo Doleh!


Ali A Parsa

Good pic. Ramin

by Ali A Parsa on

Ramin jaan,

If you lived during Naseroldin Shah he would give you a laghab, perhaps Ramineh Jahanbin. That is what I call you on behalf of that shah.

Here is a little report I was told that goes with my comment. They say when Naseroldin Shah Ghajar had a bad headache his Hakimosaltaneh gave him a concuction called Ganeh Ganeh that cured his headache. To show his appreciation for Ganeh Ganeh the shah issued a dcree for a Laghab or a royal name for Ganeh Ganeh. It was called Dava ol molook!

You are truly a universal man. Are you in Malta now? Bon voyage.