Picture of the day - Henry Moore's Reclining Figure (1951)

Picture of the day - Henry Moore's Reclining Figure (1951)
by ramintork

This is Henry Moore's 'The Reclining Figure (1951)', Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

If Tate Modern in London is my Mecca then the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge is my Medina.

I skip the shopping when we go downtown just to visit my holy shrine and in front of it is this lovely sculpture.


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Thank you Ramin

by Mehrban on

They all sound interesting, I have been to the Dali museum outside of Barcelona, didn't know there was one in London.  I have been to the Tate and have seen some beautiful Turners there I think..... Have never seen the Saatchi galleries? Museum? (I guess their collection is big enough by now that they could have a museum).  Hmmmm maybe I should go. 



by ramintork on

This one is in Cambridge but there are a few Henry Moores in Hyde Park.

I hope you do visit London, if you do I would recommend around the river that way you get a boar ride on Thames, a visit to London eye, and you have Tate modern, Tate Britain, Saatchi, Haywood, Dali and Bankside Galleries to choose from.

There is a boat which takes you from Tate Modern to Tate Britain and back and you will see Westminster on the river too.




by Mehrban on

This is an unusual moore, more fragmented and with jagged edges.

I have an opportunity to go to London at the end of April but for some reason can't get too excited about it.  This post is starting to warm me up to the idea. Thanks