The one million signatures campaign-week 2


by ramintork

After a lot of thinking and some feedback I came to the conclusion that an embargo on oil and gas is not going to be supported and many were in favour of using the citizens' initiative clause of Lisbon treaty towards something that the majority would favour i.e. a ban on technology used for oppression. I do apologize to those who signed the petiton that has now been closed but clearly after one week there were only 169 signatures there and this could not reach the target.

We are more likely to get support form opposition groups for the new petition, now I appreciate that there are similar petitons around but I hope that you would also sign this. If I get my target I will personally take it to the EU Parliament. I am chasing lawyers to get some support and have been talking to people to get the campaign off the ground so this is still active.

The new petiton is global, here is the wording, and the new link:


To: International CommunitiesDemand to the International Communities to take Urgent action in order to stop the trade in technology used for the purpose of persecution and oppression of any kind by any organization, corporation, private or public company within their national dominion, as well as their economic and political union to Iran

We the Iranian people, with this petition echo the cry for freedom from our homeland to you the people of the world and demand the support of all political, humanitarian, and judicial bodies across the globe to take new or existing political and legislative action to stop any organization, corporation, private or public company within your national dominion as well as economic and political union from trading in technology used for the purpose of persecution and oppression of our people.

We urge you to consider the magnitude of this petition, which today we bring to you, the good people of the world and in which the interests, not of one country, nor a region, but of the whole world, and of posterity, are involved.

We demand that you recognize that today just as the slave trade once had to be abolished that you find the trade of technology used for the purpose of oppression as morally unacceptable, and that you take the protection of Human rights beyond your sovereign states and include it in your code of conduct for International trade.

Specifically, the trade of technology for intrusive monitoring of emails, private communication, electronic surveillance systems, SMS monitoring and internet filtering system by companies such as Nokia and siemens which has resulted in the arrest, imprisonment, torture and rape of thousands of peaceful demonstrators since last summer has to be stopped.

We signatories of this petition demand that all those legal entities that represent us, as their electorates be they our Government or our Government within an economic and political union in which legislative or political decisions are made to make the appropriate political and legislative change and implement the demands of this petition.


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Darius Kadivar

ramintork I'm all with you !

by Darius Kadivar on

You are absolutely correct. The lack of an organized opposition and the fact that this movement can be highjacked by IRI lobbyists and apologists is the real threat and TIME IS RUNNING !

Hope your efforts will pay on the long run.

Keep It Up !

Warm regards,



Let me explain what happened

by ramintork on

Sorry for the delay, I just reached home after attending the demonstrations in London. 

I have split the mission to two petitions. For the second petition which has the emabargo I'm waiting for the Human rights lawyers that I contacted last week to see if they would take our case.

For the one you see here I was tricked, and that is a story by itself!

In my search to get support I have been approaching a lot of people most of whom were not interested.

Some said it was a good idea, go ahead and we shall sign, some did not bother to answer.

Eventually I had contact from an incogneto individual who I did not know well but is a reporter. That person said that if I change the petition to what I put in this blog he will get the green activists behind it, it would be turned to a global event with a large scroll that would travel across different cities and this was going to happen today and they were going to use my citizens' initiative idea to go to EU Parliament.

I went to the demonstration, what I found was disappointing. There were three seperated groups of secularists, reformists and the marxists who did not talk to each other!

No giant scroll with my carefully crafted petition that had a few words as homage to William Wilberforce!, just some leaflets, a crowd that was not reaching the world outside.

Disappointing, and very clearly our Iranian community in Europe need to learn how to use their citizen power and reach the community, we very badly need an Iranian organization in Europe one which does not end up an IRI lobby.

As things stands, major figures who seem to be more reformist than secular seem to be the only ones who get some media attention and their foot in the door. Whilst this is expected my major concern is that they would take too long, there will be a war that has a nuclear winter, IRI will get more aggressive and turn Iran to death camps of Cambodia inside and let loose terrorist sleeper cells on the outside and this could happen within perhaps a year or two, meanwhile we have been mostly calm putting our trust in those known faces thinking that they know everything. The reality is that outside Iran, what we see is only an illusion of organized resistance and there is a lot that is missing which only when you dig deep below the surface you find out.

I am not giving up, being a campaigner is definitely not a gift that I pocess, but given the dark future that I just described is a possibility I must do my best even if it seems delusional.


I also agree

by IRANdokht on

I also agree with Ari. The sanctions may become necessary at some point but not now.

At this point it'll only hurt the people of Iran and undermine the popular movement.  Iranians inside the country have proven very capable of managing without a strong leadership or any help from the outside. We can't lead their efforts from outside, we'd just have to wait for their cue and do what we can when they need us!

Please read: //


Darius Kadivar

Ari is Right Ramin Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Keep up the petition. Such things take time but the word and mouth gets out at some point and often surprisingly particularly in these testing times.

All the best in your noble efforts !


Ari Siletz

Right time for sanctions

by Ari Siletz on

Ramintork, I have been following your sanctions campaign. Your energy and willingness to initiate human rights efforts are much appreciated. It's not over though, you will get more support for sanctions--certainly my signature--once Iranians living in Iran signal that they are ready to use their economy as a weapon against their oppressors. This signal will come in the form of large-scale worker strikes. At that time, specific sanctions coordinated with the strategy of the strikers would draw many supporters. It may even include a temporary oil and gas embargo. So don't take off your boots just yet.


Be prepared for 16 Azar

by ramintork on

I have great hopes that a new chapter will start for our campaign Monday 7th or 16 Azar.