The Mosquito’s love bite

The Mosquito’s love bite
by ramintork


The Mosquito’s love bite

Sweat fills the air,
breathless I take another press up
a frantic heart becomes a pulsating blood cup
I pace the gasps
gasps for air,
rafts of waving flesh bare.

A Mosquito watches
I’m still unaware
circling with nature’s sharp blade
courts me in a buzzing serenade
with compound eyes
sees a thousand guys
in a kaleidoscope mesh
it sought me as a meal to refresh.

She left with one bite behind the ear
a trespasser lover who leaves the parting very clear.

A lover’s bite for
those spunked with flowing blood
or perhaps those
life once left in a puddle of mud.

If only all lover’s bites
could clear with antiseptic,
If only we let the blood flow
for more trespassers
and not always be so skeptic.


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The damn bite was hurting for a week ;-)

by ramintork on

The event was real but the poem is also a metaphor for past relationships with blood sucking EXes leaving me I hope a wiser man!



by ComraidsConcubine on

Spring Fever symptoms: hallucinations of malaria ...

Last verse is just so cool! 


Btw were Donne's weird s/f's sexual mosquitos or flies? My memory has gone to pots.