Let's Talk!!!

Let's Talk!!!
by ramintork


From my DaGod series.

Someone wears a mask and holds a household hostage, he insists that he now owns the house and decides the fate of those who live there. He insists that within that household you should let him play by his rules. You as a neighbour and businessman had a role in the affairs of that family. You sold the mad man the gun. You bribed the father of the house to the point that he had lost all traces of dignity. Now you are interested in the premiums of the policy that you also sold him and if that would continue to generate revenue. Your son says let them be, they are like animals anyway. Your wife says you should take a gun and be ready and call the forces before he comes and shoots your children. You had an unbalanced neighbour and because of your greed you pushed them to the point that their son's madness emerged. Now instead of a friendly neighbour you have to calm down a madman with a gun who wants to talk but only on his on terms and this time he is holding an innocent family hostage and is a threat to you. This is no allegory, this is what happened in my country! The madmen are the Islamists holding our people hostage, and we watch hopelessly as they drive their household and the neighbourhood into destruction.



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This becomes more of a bitter reality.

Maryam Hojjat

Bitter Reality Portrayed well

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks Ramin.