Khomeini's picture has been getting torn up and binned since day one!

by ramintork

Think about it, with all those demonstrations that IRI has conducted over the years, with every election and candidate sticking their picture next to his, do you honestly think that those thousands of pictures have not ended up in street gutters, walked over or ended up in the bin?

Every school text book, every street corner has had this Nalat allah's picture, so the picture would have been torn, binned, grafittied, you name it! 

What is significant is that this could be an indicator for IRI wanting to start a genocide, and should be treated like the Radio messages in Rwanda before a genocide started. No doubt that to spice things up they would have their agents tear up Imam Ali, the prophet and even Qurans up to boil up more anger. 

I think what this last pathetic attempt by IRI propaganda machine has achieved is to get a rope so that the regime can hang itself. In some ways it is a reminder that Musavi and Karubi still work within the boundary of ‘supreme leader’ but since the movement has moved beyond this I don’t think anyone would care.


So they want to say they will get even more repressive, but people already know that, but perhaps Amnesty International and other Humanitarian organizations should be on the standby in case things do get genuinely very ugly.


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