History of Iranian Mafia and their link to Mullahs

by ramintork

A very interesting Video about the relationship of thugs and Mullahs going back for centuries.


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by alimostofi on

Thank you Ramintork for this video. These vigilantes were born at a time when Iran was broken up after Islam was literally wiped out by the Monguls. The Seyyeds proselytized very effectively. Al-Hilli was the first person to go back to Iran and reintroduce Islam again. Converting the King to be Shah Ismail whose mother was a Catholic, was done by stealing the young Prince and bring him up as a Seyyed King. This then laid down the return of Shiite Seyyeds. Historian are actually to blame for all this. Wrong words have been used. Seyyeds are just another lineage. They want their own Kingdom. They should all have a place like Vatican City in Iraq and do their preaching in peace there. Leave Iran alone. Go to your own Kingdom of Ayatollah.

The flip side to wiping out Islam by the Nestorian Christian Monguls in Iran was that we had three hundred years of glorious art and poetry from Molana to Saadi and Hafez. They would not have been able to write their books of Koran was not thrown out. And it was thrown out. Islam was not tolerated at all. These thugs were decieved by the Seyyedsto abuse their strength and valour against the public good.

All of them loved Iran but had no education in the Zoroastrian peaceful spiritualism and so got muddled and that conflict within them drove their anger. We need to rise above that anger and have a formal Iranian spiritual awareness created by proper historians so that the Ayatollahs and their Seyyed system can be within its own boundaries without infringing what is Iranian.

Ali Mostofi




The significance is this is for the future

by ramintork on

Mullahs are good at stiring up mob mentality. They have utilized an unruly society where it is force rather than law that Governs. 

If and when they get forced out, a new Iran would have to be on the guard for a new generration of thugs that enforce the future Mullahs.



So ....!!!!

by amirkabear4u on

in all this discussion there was no mention of british involvement or maybe I missed it. It seems the historian was more interested in rohany bashing!

Also there are original mafia (italians) who do believe in christianity and historically they even had a hand in chosing the pop as well. 

Fairness and Equality in Justice

Kaveh V

 Interesting indeed!

by Kaveh V on


Interesting indeed! Although, I might choose a slightly different title i.e. "Mullah's Mafia, then and now".

Mr. Amini's recount of these thugs from Qajar period and beyond, closely parallels today's IRI with Sepah and its various other parasitic organizations are now formally the "Laat-O- Obaash". Such is the story of the migrant Jebel-Amel descendents in Iran, four centuries later!

The sad part is that the IRI play script would have been very clear back in '79, had more people been aware of this history. IRI was the logical evolution of what Mr. Amini describes of the Qajar time.

 Part 2: