Haiti Donations

by ramintork

Oxfam is collecting donations for the Large earthquake in Haiti.


These poor people have really suffered over the years. They had the flooding recently and political unrest has also cuased them devastation.


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Thank you Ramin for the

by ParisaTz on

Thank you Ramin for the information. @ Mannya2001

Maybe we should be more compassionate towards other fellow human beings. If everyone had your attitude of just helping our own and no one else it would be a pretty miserable world indeed. For Bam’s earth quake disaster £1000’s were collected by non-Iranians and I am deeply greatful for it.




Ramin, please

by mannya2001 on

stick to one cause at a time.  i am know beginning to feel that perhaps you get to be very easily persuaded by whatever is the BIG NEWS of the day.

I would like to remind you of the 500 possibly awaiting executions.  PLease give us a status update as well as the number of IDEAS 1- 12 that have so far materialized.

I hope a Tsunami doesn't hit Indonesia tomorrow, because I fear you will say BYE BYE HAITI, HELLO BALI


Hiaiti needs our

by vildemose on

Hiaiti needs our help.

More than half million people feared dead. Please visit


Thank you Ramin Jan.