Dear friends we need your support

by ramintork

When we started this group, it was hoped that we would turn the opposition movement outside Iran into an anti-apartheid, Solidarnosc type campaign, another words we want to bring Iranians outside their bubble, break invisible walls and reach out to activists and those who care for Human rights within the non-Iranian community. The logic behind this is that if you win the heart of the voters the politicians would follow. Doing this, the western media would also give our campaigns a bigger profile, and together we shall win.

We know we can do this and this would be a succesful because we have seen it done for South Africa and Poland. We eventually saw the Berlin wall fall. Let us break the artificial wall that the regime has build and free the 70 million Iranians.

With this regime, our immediate future is only going to be even gloomier than today, so the only way forward is to fight our campaign in a coherent way, protesting amongst ourselves is not enough.

There are so many voices shouting the same cry for freedom, but how many turn this into action?

We are interested in people who are willing to make a difference and take action to join our group.

I have nothing against groups that spread the News but there has been enough preaching to the converted, and we need to do more.

So please join our group, or web site and we will help you fill electronic forms to Amnesty International, White House, Senate etc.

We also have our facebook group which serves the same function.


As an example I leave you with this, which is one of our electronic campaigns where you can contact the White House and demand the freedom of Mohammad Yusef Rashidi.




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Dear Jamshid

by ramintork on

By the way thank you, I will try to convey the message.



ramin tork, mr amini valeyan is my case..don't try to ruin it

by yahoo_yabo on

I have taken mr amini valeyan's case personally. at this point, i will not allow others to complicate my negotiation efforts to bring about freedom for mr valeyan.

there are plenty others so dont try to steal mr valeyan's case and make it yours


Dear friends

by ramintork on

I appreciate that you feel the need to defend me, but I urge you to ignore critters as they thrive on narcissism and getting an emotional response.

As for everyone else they can look at our web site, and facebook group and see for themselves what we do and if they like it and are bothered enough to do something they can either join us or an organization that suites them and make a difference, and if they are not well that is their choice. We started on 7th Jan 2010 so it has been a lot for only a few month.



 and a feeder magazine that preovides selected News

also the user

Iicfocus Iicfocusnews  that provides selected News

and soon will have our online magazine.


ramin tork, i don't believe you are serious and dedicated

by yahoo_yabo on

For one some time ago you stated that you would do your best to free some 500 prisoners facing the death penalty.  Then you vanished having done nothing except making a logo for your organization.  There was nothing seriously done to convince anyone that full time dedication was being placed into this effort.

Regarding Facebook and Twitter, with all due respect many teens and college kids "have a preence" too.

Now, you may ask What have I done?

Well, when I heard that 20 yr old Mr Amini Valeyan was sentenced to execution and that the court in part used a fatwa issued by Ayat. Makarem Shirazi for issuing the sentence, I made a comment on that I would do my best to get him off.

I contacted amongst other places, the offices of Ayat. Makarem Shirazi.  I followed it up with more calls to people of importance.

Three days later, Ayat. Sanei & Ayat. Makarem Shirazi as well as a third high ranking Ayat. issued seperate communiques stating that Mr Amini Valeyan should not be executed. 

These pronouncements were followed by the spokesperson for the Judiciary who stated that Mr Valeyan has not been executed.  If you happen to remember, the last two that were executed, were executed 2-3 days after their sentences were handed out.

Here the Judiciary is backtracking.  I can tell you with confidence that Mr Valeyan will not be executed.

This is what one humble person like myself has done to stop the execution of Mr Valeyan.  Now top that bro!

I challenge you to look for my comment on the very hour after the sentence was handed out to Mr Valeyan.  See what I wrote and you will know



by jamshid on

You are doing a great job. I just want to let you know that persistence and repetition of IIC views are key tools. When a person keeps being exposed to views that have a valid and strong base (such as ICC's or IranSecular's), he/she would eventually be drawn to joining the efforts. Depending on the person, this could happen after only a few exposures, to perhaps after up to many dozen exposures.

So remember to repeat key words or phrases that describe IIC's views in every opportunity, blog or appearance; words and short phrases that are easily rememberd and that can relate us to our struggles against the regime.

I am spreading ICC's views and efforts to my contacts in Iran in however way I can. Once I get some feedback from them, I will share them with you.


Thanks VPK, and by the way I am not disappointed far from it!

by ramintork on

But it is probably best to ignore critters like this one who appear under different names and make false accusations.

I will however answer this for the record and for everyone else, as there could be many who might have seen this iic related Blog for the first time.

Call for fund accusation:-

It was suggested that JJ would become the custodian of a fund, collect money and place an ad in a major Newspaper from concerned Iranian citizens who want to stop the execution of those charged as Moharebs. Not on behalf of my organization, not even mentioning my name or anyone else’s' simply concerned Iranian citizens.  JJ, did not go with the Mohareb fund idea, any other fund ideas have had nothing to do with me or iic. As for success of iic, one active member is worth a thousand and we have some very good members. We already have a presence in Facebook, Twitter etc. and as you stated, many good things started with humble beginnings. In fact one should worry if an organization blooms out of nowhere with plenty of cash! iic is supported by hard working people who after a hard days work, and commute come home and spend a few hours towards Human rights issues. We have electronic campaigns; we raise awareness, by sending these electronic forms to places such as White House, Amnesty International etc. We also hold flashmobs and join in demonstrations. You can see the pictures on our site.

We along side many like us, who send messages to Human rights organizations and White House, the Senate etc. are playing a part in shifting Western attitudes and together we can put the Iranian Human rights agenda back on the table.

The alternative is to watch Iran being sacrificed as a cash cow in the struggle between the U.S., with the flirtations (and bribes to Islamists) of Europeans Vs. The Russian, Chinese interest that entails Iran being brought into the Asian oil pack. Read Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar’s Perilous Power for further info on the Asian oil pack.

Complacency would bring more death and torture of the innocent, escalation to war and even this critter's family if indeed he/she/it is Iranian or has Iranian relatives would be in danger.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Ramin is doing a great job. I wish there were more people like him. Sitting back and making cynical remarks is unhelpful. Great things in the world begin small. Many times they do not initially appear to work. But it is the perseverance of those who put their money where their mouth is that pays off. 

Iran needs dedicated people. Progress takes time and hard work: my regards to Ramin.


Thanks Dear DK

by ramintork on

It is nice to have the support of friends like you.

You should start blogging in our web site sometime and represent your POV.

Darius Kadivar

Keep Up The Good Work Ramin Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I hope more and more people will join IIC.

It is a worthy Cause and Hope your efforts will pay on the long run. Rome was Not built in One day but small drops turn into Oceans.

Look forward to more updates on this in the future and all the success it truly deserves.

Warm Regards,


IIC Member from Paris, FRANCE


We now have a presence on Facebook, twitter, Myspace and the net

by ramintork on

You can reach us on Facebook, twitter, Myspace and the net.

Currently on Facebook we reach a 1000 people.

Our web site cherry picks the best of daily News and has a feeder magazine.

We have facility to show user videos, pictures, discussions and Blogs on