Cartoon - Fake Angel

Cartoon - Fake Angel
by ramintork

Ultimately if pressure mounts Khamenei may have to sacrifice Ahmadinejad, this would depend on the amount of International pressure.


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Hi Omid

by ramintork on

For this one you need to have followed the Friday prayer event otherwise it can be confusing. 

In short from recent events, God has been mentioned many times but God has nothing to do with these guys!

Rafsanjani is a fake angel because in last Friday's prayer Rafsanjani's message to Khamenei was that he can save the Islamic state.

However a policy shift is needed, a policy shift in this case would most likely involve sacrificing Ahmadinejad. He is also asking Khamenei to choose the quiet life and give up his hands on authority, in a Mafia run state that could be the death of you or your family as we have seen in the past or present.

He is therefore a fake angel, but stating the truth, if Khamenei was to give in Rafsanjani could save the Islamic state.

He is also a fake green angel because although he is siding with the Green movement he is not really fighting for Democracy but a fake democracy.

Now back to the cartoon!

One of the tools of Mullah's rhetoric is to mix the truth with lies to make it more acceptable. You can have someone who is fake but have them tell the truth actors do it all the time, not word by word of course! 

I shall leave the rest of reading to your own imagination, I enjoy the debates but in future would probably leave the reading to the viewer. 

Omid Hast

very confusing

by Omid Hast on

The title of the cartoon is "Fake Angel", and since the only person, out of three, that has angelical wings is Rafsanjani then he is the fake angel.  But as a fake angel is he telling the truth or not.  I bet my money that he is not telling the truth, since he is a fake angel.  So then, when he says "He (God) says kill the little rascal then put the knife in your own chest and save the Islamic World.", I assume the statement is not true.  So which one is it?  Either God didn't say that statement, or God said something but Rafsanjani changed it to that statement (because he is a fake angel)?  If God said something else, I wonder what God said.  Maybe God said send the lamb and save Ahmadinejad!  This Islamic Republic regime is very confusing to me.


Little Tweet

by ramintork on

I shall leave that to your own imagination, but I don't think anyone other Rafsanjani pulls his strings!

Little Tweet

Good idea! but...

by Little Tweet on

Who's holding the other side of the fake angel's string?