Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
by ramintork



Adam and Eve is my latest digital work.Figurative semi abstract work. I used digital techniques to create this work. I might use this as a basis for a sculpture.



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Thanks Soosan Khanoom

by ramintork on

That is a heart shaped apple.

I am familiar with the myth of Adam and Eve.

In eastern culture forbidden fruit is wheat ( although not a fruit!) because it was wheat that allowed farming and seperation of man from nature and living as a nomadic hunter gatherer.

Most of these stories were taken from the Mesopotanians and transformed for various cultures. They tell the tail of end of ice age, floods and settlement symbolised in individual characters.

In some traditions Adam had a wife called Lilith before Eve. The Manichaeism view is that they were the product of demons so they were born to physical world to be trapped inside a physical body!

here is my blog on Lilith btw, I am an atheist but find all these myth fasinating. 




Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

 Adam , Eve and ?  ..

Is that the apple?

or is it the apple in the shape of heart?

or is it just a little baby . ( Mini adam and eve ) ?

The story of Adam and Eve suggests that they were first immortal but then they became mortal due to their disobedience  ..... 

but they have been given a chance to keep their immortality through love making and giving birth ....  That is why they started to see their nakedness and instinctually they wanted to cover .