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by Q


 Here's the original blog, now deleted. I don't know who did it, but if it was JJ, it was in poor taste. This person was way out of line and many good comments were in that blog which have now gone. I worked on a long comment which I thought was appropriate, but it didn't register when I tried to post. I had this page open, so I copied it below + my own comment after it.


It is not fair that Zoroastrian`s Parse have been criticized by you    by Maya Parsi






I just found out that the host put our music video on, well Thank you so much.

That video was done by Zoroastrian people and our committee.

We are reading your comments and at the same time we are wondering why you guys were so mean to us!

We read every one of your comments; it is so amazing and shocking how you guys are criticizing the Parse Zoroastrian people, criticisms from many perspectives. We would expect it from Middle East nationality, but we couldnot imagine or even think of it coming from Iranians!

I should say this: you guys are missing the point. None of you guys mentioned anything about the design. It was something unique art, graphical on billboard signs!!  From which you could see 3 videos at the same time,

(in the 1st one she is singing, in the 2nd one Iranian/Persian people in Iran are being  warriors in the protest and in the 3rd video Iranian/Persian people around the world are showing their support with their real Iranian flags, with the golden lion).

You may see the same thing done by others in time copycat that at the future, but it was done for the first time by us, and dedicated for Iranians.

We put a lot of energy and effort into making the video. We were so excited that we could not wait to finish it, and put it on the internet; to show the whole world how awesome Iranians are. We were trying to call on everyone around the world, to make a point and give attention to Iran and their people.

We Zoroastrian Parsee`s thought we should somehow show our support to you guys. Maybe by this way, you guys will not be alone and you will have our support. The same thing happened to us 1300 yrs ago and history is repeating itself.

And the Celtic Woman`s music is from Lisa Kelly and Mairead Nesbitt, we thought the name of the song was suitable for Iranian voice the Neda`s. What we do not get, is what it has to do with those other links used as an example to us.

Are you guys seeing Parsi people with stereotypes? Stereotypes, like we wear sari`s or our men is like our priest is wearing a white shirt praying in the temple; that is not at all what we are about.  I am Parse, and like everybody else I wear jeans too, or I go to work with a suit. And we do nothave dark brown skin either; I am white Caucasian with hazel honey and grey eyes with very straight long hair. It is not like you guys saying that the first image that comes to your head when I say Hindu is a turban, would you like it if we judge you guys in the same way. Zoroastrian`s are absolutely notsinging the whole day in a temple, we enjoy other culture songs too especially the ones in English language like everybody else on the planet.

It is hard to understand, what you are talking about? We were not even born in Iran, example; I was born in England. After 1300 yrs, what are you expecting from us?

Some comments we did not understand what it has to do with our son of the god Mithras, or what it has to do with Freddy Mecurry! And how it is relevant to our music, you guys are misleading the whole thing Or Mr. Darius Kadivar!

In our temple of 285 members, reading your confusing comments and we became puzzled. What does our music video have to do with that movie you named above? Everybody here is wondering what it has to do with us; however we are not interested to know anymore. And we are not coming back here, we are sure you guys will not be welcoming us.

And amazingly you guys are giving Parsi people advice on how to deal with our heritage! Wow, what we are seeing here through the comments is that you guys are trying to show us who is the boss by advising us, you should think twice about who is your daddy.

That Zartosht video(Zarathushtra corect) example you put there, do you really think it relates with Parsi or Zoroastrian`s language, the answer is NO. It is not in the Persian Avestan language, so we cannot understand what they are singing about. Who ever told you, he or she lied to you. It looks like an anthem in the Farsi language mix with Arabic language, that is made up for fun. There is a big difference between the Parsi Avesta original Persian language. You guys are speaking and writing in Farsi. Believe us, if we started to write to you guys here with Parsi language, you guys will not even understand 50% of our words.

The real question we should be asking from you guys is ?

After 1300 yrs. did you keep your heritage, Indo-European language, your customs, and festivals the original way. Well for us, yes we did it and we will continue to do it that way until we are the last people on earth. How about you guys do you remember your real celebration, without it being mixed with the Islam way? Do you know the name of the special occasion Persian`s celebrate in August?  We are getting ready in our temple.

We thought we could support you guys and become a part of it, it seems like it is not possible. It is just big gap and it is our fantasy to think this way; we made a big mistake and embarrassed ourselves. We got our lesson to stay away from you guys.

You guys are absolutely right every one of you, thank you so much for your honestly to show us your true nature, we were wrong.

We had 3 other projects planned for next week to dedicate to Iranian`s on the internet. I guess not, we got totally cold and sad and feeling hurt by you guys. So We will stop now.

We are sure now that we can`t please you guys. Sadly we tried to make a difference by breaking our rules, to connect with you guys. And as much as we want to break the isolation wall between us, you guys are putting up more blocks and making the wall longer.

We did try our best, unfortunately it didn`t work out, we will stick to our own forums and our communities websites.

And we will stay as far as possible from you Iranian`s because you guys are right, we cannot be included with you guys. We promise you guys, you will never hear from us ever again.

With best wishes to all of you, Good luck.

You’re truly

From our Zoroastrian Parse`s community






Dear Maya,


 When I first saw this blog, I thought it was silly and borderline offensive. I am not a big fan of Eurocentric fetishism so prevelant in the video as well as your own exclusivist comments. But in the grand scheme of things, I didn't think it was worth the time to write a response and Mr. Darius Kadivar had made some of the same points anyway. Your actual points about being unfairly "criticized" had no merrit. Either you are not familiar with the Internet (for example try writing anything positive about Islam), OR you are simply trying to put down even that slight constructive comments as "criticism." Either way, it points to a certain sheltered aspect (perhaps in more ways than one) of either your self or your organization.

 It was only after seeing your response, that of "R. Patel" and "top5Max" that I realized what this really was. Unfortuntely, it looks like yet-another self-serving organization trying to promote itself on the back of poor Green movement protesters in Tehran. So, since "R. Patel" commanded that we should indeed speak our minds, I wanted to write this in order to do that.

 In addition, since many other worth comments are now gone, I wanted to give others a chance to voice their opinions in print.


PS. To JJ: This policy of deleting comments along with the whole Blog is patently unfair to your comment writers.



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by javaneh29 on

Oh my you hit the nail bang on the head in your last two paragraphs and it was the reason I gave myself a 4 /5 month break.

This is my summery of what happened.

Maya 25/26 yrs comes from a parse zoroastrian community in the UK, She is not Iranian.. in fact Im sure what her nationality was and that is not relevant in itself other than she and her group were making a lovely attempt to support the freedom movement in Iran.

The video itself wasn't  exactly well received initially and I include myself in that much to my own shame. Comments were largely critical and unappreciative and focused on everything but the efforts she and her group had gone to.

Maya was clearly distressed by the comments on her post as she and her group had put alot of effort into their work...she was proud of her acheivement and rightly so. She expressed her feelings very openly and it was only too clear to the readers here that she was very hurt .

From this emotional state she wrote about how upset she was. As an example of what followed....   Maya,  unfamilair with this environment  refered to the community here as  'you guys' .... of course this  was pounced on and it left her open to critisism and too many ppl made a big deal out of it. She meant nothing by it Im sure. As rosie said, communication through this media creates misunderstandings because of our diverse backgrounds, cultures, language etc. Its was so ridiculously  absurd, as if there isn't enough going on without ppl creating more animosity.

Although in the main her post generated many apologies and warm responses but also the usual nite picking crowd had their say too.

Her uncle Mr Patel wrote on her account here and said how deeply hurt she was. He explained why Maya and her friends had made the video ... ie to reach out and offer support to the Iranian people. He was a very gracious man and sadly his comments attracted many unpleasant responses  also.

There is such a lack of respect here sometimes.IC is only too often like a battlefield and for a new comer it must have seemed hostile in the extreme. Paranoia runs riot here too and some ppl made accusations of racism, supremism etc. All unjustified.

However having said that most  members of IC left some very sincere and warm messages asking Maya to not judge all Iranians by what she had been met with here. And words of encouragement to continue her work and keep us updated. The majority of the IC  community were also upset to think that Maya was so distressed. Unfortunatley it was less sensitive among us who persisted in continuing to post. Im sure you can imagine.

The whole post was then removed along with the video from youtube and all trace of Maya and her uncle.

I'm going to try and find Maya in the UK through the zartoshti community. I havent had any contact with the parse branches before but it wont be hard to find her.

I am really very upset that she has been left with such an unpleasant experience here and her impressions of the some of Iranians and non iranians she has encountered here. aside from that I personally want to thank her and encourage her.

I know that you will now also get the usual unpleasant version of events also. But I am confident in your ability to decipher the wheat from the chaff.


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

You're very rude and completely out of line. 

I guess at this point I should mention that I didn't even address you in the comment you took so much offense to that you felt you needed to insult me. Which means, you are the one who is out of line.

And rude. But I can hardly fault you for the "rude" part. There isn't anyone in this thread who is polite. Is there?

ex programmer craig

PS . Don't wory about this

by ex programmer craig on

PS . Don't wory about this bafoon. I heard he nearly failed out
of Coast Guard Intelligence and now has to do field work on this site.

Is that what your friends in the Pasdaran told you, Q? I guess they are pretty inept at checking up on people who don't come from the middle-east, eh? I can just see one of those asshats at the Pentagon trying to be inconspicuous.



by Q on

As I said, the video was OK, if only laced with Eurocentric fetishism. Her initial outrage "against criticism" was also uncalled for, but none of these made me want to comment on it, until I read some of the comments.

There were a lot of good comments made on that erased blog by Kadivar and David ET. And there was a lot of unnecessary insults and attacks by this "max" character, as well as some "damage control" by the "Patel" character.

I was rather ticked off when I went to make a comment and found the whole thing was gone.

Take care.

PS . Don't wory about this bafoon. I heard he nearly failed out of Coast Guard Intelligence and now has to do field work on this site.


last time

by IRANdokht on

You're very rude and completely out of line. 


ex programmer craig

What's the matter, ID? Did

by ex programmer craig on

What's the matter, ID? Did I critcize your pet?

Do you have any idea how ridiculously arrogant and uninformed you sound?

Why don't you highlight it for me, dear? 

btw show a little dignity ("little" is all one can wish from you) and
leave people's mothers out of your comments. How rude and obnoxious!

Are you joking? I didn't insult Q's mother. I insulted Q. I suggested that even his own mother couldn't have been blind to his poor character. Maybe I overestimated your English language skills? Or maybe you just couldn't think of anything else in that comment that you could use to insult me? If the latter, you aren't demonstrating much creativity.

And PS-Are you Q's mother? Because, you sure act like it the way you jump in to defend the poor boy all the time. 




by IRANdokht on

Do you have any idea how ridiculously arrogant and uninformed you sound?

btw show a little dignity ("little" is all one can wish from you) and leave people's mothers out of your comments. How rude and obnoxious!


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Here's the original blog, now deleted. I don't know who did it, but if it was JJ, it was in poor taste

The original poster deleted the blog. That should be obvious from the fact that whover was using that account went in and blanked out with "..." the last comment he/she made on the original video blog, which had been reprinted as the post in question. 

What's in "poor taste" is you reprinting a blog that the OP seems to have been embarrassed by, just so that you could make a critical comment. But hell, who ever accused you of having a compassionate character, Q? I bet not even your own mother.

So, anyway, what do you think of this?


Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has
appointed cleric Sadeq Larijani to be the new head of the country's

Mr Larijani is a member of the Guardian Council, the powerful body that oversaw Iran's disputed presidential election.

He is also the younger brother of the Speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani.

That's some shit-hot democracy your boys have going on in Iran, isn't it? :o

Happens in Sweden all the time.



I am lost!

by IRANdokht on

I guess I missed a lot by just not clicking on the video and the subsequent  blog about it...

From what I can tell of your blog which has the hurt feelings of Maya and your reply to her, it seems like people on iraniandotcom did not feel the connection of Iran with the Parsis of India and found the video clip offensive? What was in the clip?  

Aren't many here proud of their "Aryan" roots? God knows they beat up on us every day just to make their point!  We've had plenty of Aryan fetish blogs in the past, what was so infuriating about this one?

We're all a part of the nation in exile now. Why would anyone in our situation slam the Parsis? They left Iran 1300-1400 years ago and they still manage to remember their roots and celebrate their heritage. I am not sure if any of us and our offspring would uphold the Iranian traditions of our times in a foreign land even after a couple of more decades. 

Unfortunately this site's regular members have become very intolerant and the animosity here is difficult to bear sometimes. I only checked the blog sections a couple of times in the past week because I didn't feel like getting into more arguments than I did in the news section already... and I have actually developed a thick skin in the past few years!  I am sorry to see anyone hurt as much as Maya seemed hurt in the blog you copied.

Is the video still available on youtube? I'd hate to assume things without having seen the original work that caused many to leave her unpleasant comments. Were the comments really as bad and hurtful as the blog says?