Life, Death and Atomic Hypocrisy


by Q

Hoder is basically right. As he showed in his article, there is a nuclear renaissance happening and Iran is being forcefully excluded from it. America pretends like this is about nuclear proliferation. Because Iran may misuse nuclear secrets, give them to terrorists groups or whatever, the argument goes, it should not be allowed to have nuclear "know-how". Iran couldn't possibly need the energy because it has oil.

This line of reasoning should be rejected on its face for a simple reason: US itself does n't believe it.

If Bush is saying Iran doesn't need nuclear energy, why try to stop the oil pipeline to India and Pakistan? Why block oil pipelines from going through Iran to transport Caspian energy resources cheaper and faster? The answer is that it's not about nuclear knowledge at all, it's simply about control. US just wants Iran to continue to burn oil, and deprive it from the enormous revenues that oil could bring to Iran, if Iran itself were to not use so much of it.

In addition, Iran's dependency on foreign refining, gives a strategic leverage to America in threatening Iran.

But a second, more important proof that America doesn't believe it's own argument was made public only a two weeks ago. An ex-FBI translator turned whistle blower by the name of Sibil Edmonds went public with evidence that suggest US has itself been involved with selling secret nuclear information to Turkey, Israel and Pakistan for years. Even at the same time that it was saying it does not want this information to fall into the "wrong" hands, it was selling them to the highest bidder. It was exposed in the Times of London, but as usual, no one covered it in the US.

This now threatens to be such a big scandel that the Bush administration has - completely out of the blue - moved to sell nuclear technology to Turkey. Why would it do that when there's evidence showing that Bush was supplying Turkey secretly already?

It's to prevent an investigation by doing legally, what it was doing for years, illegally. Also, in the process, if it can win some more favors from Turkey (on Iran and Iraq policy) that would be even better!




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Re: Mammad

by jamshid on

"The most popular revolution of the 20th century" and the most deceive-based, and the most disasterous than any other revolution.

See what a difference it makes when you finish your sentences instead of leaving them half complete?

You are absolutely right! It WAS a consipiracy by the Islamists, leftists, and yeap, Carter too. I am glad we are in agreement.

I agree, the revolution was supported by the majority of Iranians. What you don't know is that I was one of them. What you do know, but you are in denial, is that that same majority now hate the IRI more than they ever could hate the pahlavis.

By the way are you the same Mamamd than in the 1943 conference thread?

I completely agree with most of the items in your list as being "smart" politics. See? We are in agreement again.

Selling oil to South Africa and Israel, the most evil states in the world.... What do you have to say about Russia, China, Germany and the rest of the gang selling all kind of things to the current "most evil" state in the world which is the IRI? What about them? What about all the other countries of the world who focus and concentrate on the well being of their own people? vali iran bayad baraye hameye mazloomin sineh chaak bokoneh. akheh khooneh irani halaaleh... be darak. areh?

You have the audacity to talk about the few soldiers who may have died in Oman? What about the million who died in the Khomeini-imposed war?

Bahrain: I agree. It should have been kept. I criticize the previous regime about this issue.

Sending Iranaian figher bombers to vietnam? Present your references. But besides, isn't the IRI sending its "figher bombers" to Lebanon in form of hezbolah? Oooops! I forgot! It is ok for the IRI, but not for the previous regime.

Giving then later begging for loans from france. Where are your references? You are just making these up or what? Provide references.

Coziyng up to military dictatorships by ways of CENTO. What else did you want them to do? Declare war on them? Try to destablize their governments? Turn their back on these countries and ignore them like they don't exist? CENTO was good politics.

I hope this answers your questions.

By the way... Whatever happened to the "taghzieye raayegaan" which took place even in the remote towns of Iran on a daily basis?


Jamshid: You are at it again!

by Mammad (not verified) on

Jamshid Khaan is at it again. The monarchist sees nothing wrong with the Shah's regime, and everything wrong with the Iranian Revolution, the most popular revolution of the 20th century.

Nope! Jamshid thinks that was not a revolution! It was just a conspiracy by the leftists and Islamists and, of course, the communist Jimmy Carter also provided a helping hand.

The only people in the entire world that see the CIA-MI6 coup of 1953 as an uprising by Iranian "patriots" are the monarchists like Jamishid, or the former Maoists-Stalinists, such as Abbas Milani, Hamid Showkat, and Ali Mirfetros, who are ashamed of their past, or, as in the case of Milani, their life and living are supported by monarchists, so that their pen can be hired - in effect, they act as "rent a pen." The only people who also see the Revolution as a conspiracy are also the monarchists, like Jamshid.

Of course, Jamishid does not mention that the leftist and Islamists that participated and supported the Revolution represented 98% of the population, and the remaining 2% - the monarchists - fled the country.

What was smart about the Shah's foreign policy?

Selling oil to the one of the most evil regimes in the world, the apartheid South Africa, or

providing oil to Israel and the West when even the incompetent and corrupt Arab regimes had shut off their oil pipelines, or

acting as the local police for the US in the Persian Gulf following the Nixon doctrine and getting Iranian soldiers killed in Omman so that the US can relax about its interests in Saudi Arabia not being in danger, or

or selling out Bahrain, that he told us for years was our 13th of 14th province, or

sending Iran's fighters-bombers to south Vietnam in a totally criminal war, or

providing loan to France one year, and then begging for loan a year or two later, or

cozying up to the military dictatorships in Turkey and Pakistan in the CENTO Treaty?

Which one, Jamishid? You repeat your historical fabrications so often that you start to believe them yourself.


Islamic Republic is buying

by adf (not verified) on

Islamic Republic is buying Russia's outdated arms and weaponary and Russia couldn't be happier to sell her old arms to IRan at outrageous prices. Also, Iran has become a cash cow for Russia with astronomical and sensless contracts which are never completed...The Islamic Republic is a client state of Russia, China, and Europe...


Re: Q

by jamshid on

You are just ranting Q, just ranting, and then some. Resorting to fallacy again.

Didn't you read ALL of my post? I said to you: Bottom line it. Do you know what bottom line means? It means cut the crap and get to the point. Stop the "khalak zanak baazi" and worrying about one individual and one country (turkey) and so on. The news you "discovered" and once again are "showing off" as "trophy" a-la-Nasrin style, are nothing new. They have been going on for ever.

The bottom line always takes us back to the choice of foreign policy. IRI's foreign policies are wrong and against the interest of Iranian people.

You say who cares about who has the technology, as long as the money end up exiting Iran. You are false. It does matter who has the technology. Look how you yourself are sweating about Iran's nuclear technology quest.

And you are double false. The money did not end up existing Iran in the previous regime. If you are refering to money exiting Iran in form of the shah's purchases of military "toys", that money was the same than the money you spend for insurance.

In your own private life, I am sure you make some income from somewhere, you end up seeing it "exit" your pockets by giving most of it back for gas, rent, internet access, insurance, clothes and so on. That's the way it has been and will always be in the future.

The net results of these transactions should benefit the lives of the people. Did you understand this last sentence? Read it again. Slap it on your forehead and keep it there as a reminder. That should be the goal, not ideology or "putting the US in its place."

Do not compare Saudi Arabia's foreign policy with those of the pahlavis. In this one single case, I am willing to overlook your goof, unless you want to get in a debate, which I will be more than happy to. The premise of the debate would be YOUR claim that Saudia arabia's and shahs' foreign policies were the same. We can start from there. Are you up to it?

The F14s served Iran well. They put both the Soviets and the koochooloos like Saddam in check. They were just as the insurance you pay today. How ironic that the IRI ended up spending more on military in the war with Iraq in only 8 years, than the pahlavis did in their entire 55 years of reign. With one big difference. With the pahlavis, we were sitting in classrooms with daily "taghzieye raayegaan", instead of serving our lives in the war front.

By the way whatever happened to taghzieye raayegaan? I bet that was a conspiracy by the Zionists to bribe the Iranian youth into submission. haan?

The USA is a superpower, whether we like it or not. It is, like all other superpowers of history, aggressive and always in panic to maintain its gholdori and monopoly across the globe. Do you think I don't know that? Do you think I like that? I hate it as much as you do. The difference between us is our approach. You want to charge the bull. The hell with how it could damage the quality of our lives. To you, we are all expendable. I on the other hand, say let's go forward with "kajdaaro mariz" diplomacy, as Germany, Japan, later Korea and Spain and many other "smart" countries have done. Sure, they had to concede many things to the "bully", but the quality of their lives are far better than if they had charged the bull.

What part of this doesn't get throught your ideological blockades?


Iran is a non-nuclear threat

by 12 (not verified) on

Iran is a non-nuclear threat and it has hegemonic aspirations in the region (greed and lust for power, those traits she complains about her advesaries)--based on her miltiant/islamic ideology-- already to world order and peace. If Iran is taking on the world order or the capitalist system (so called arrogant powers) to task single handedly to replace it with her Islamic most advanced technological breakthroug and Islamic economic model, then it has to pay the consequences and expect the world to react...


Why The rush to process

by Most Anonymous (not verified) on

Why The rush to process uranium to generate electricity, But there are no power stations
The Iranian check list for civilian nuclear power has something significant missing, as the Guardian noticed on a tour of its facilities. Uranium? Check. Centrifuge cascade for enrichment? Check. National will to face down the global community to produce nuclear fuel? Apparently in spades. How about a nuclear plant in which to use the fuel for civilian power?


The Iranians have not built a nuclear power plant for this fuel type in the several years that they have claimed to have been working towards peaceful energy production. They hid the program for years, and as the Guardian notes, only revealed it after the MEK blew their cover in 2002. One would expect the Iranians to have invested in the production of power plants in parallel with the development of the fuel it requires so as to use the fuel immediately after it reaches the proper refinement level.

But Iran has done nothing along those lines. The only uranium-based power plant that Iran has started to build is the Russian-backed reactor at Bushehr -- and the Russians insisted on supplying the nuclear fuel for that facility. The Russians stopped construction on Bushehr over some payment disputes, which appear more to be face-saving manuevers to discourage Iranian intransigence over their nuclear program. Iran has broken no new ground for any nuclear power plants in the meantime.

So what will Iran do with its enriched uranium? If civilian energy production really concerned the Iranians -- a nation with vast stores of petroleum -- why wouldn't they be building power plants to create the electricity they claim they need?

The latest form European Paliment meeting with Jalali:
Iran's nuclear negotiator leaves sceptical MEPs short of answers


Rosie T.

Q/Jamshid--is that really you?

by Rosie T. on

If so, please don't do it again. there's been a recent wave of fowls pretending to be registered users.  Notice he spells Jamshid with two "d"s.  They get their jollies that way.  Go figure.

It is ridiuclous.  One must be mindful of it.  Registered users must be careful to always log in.  I used to sometimes add an extra period to Rose T. and sign in unregistered (Rosie T...).  I never do it anymore. The only way to protect one's cyberidentity, and hence that of others, is to ALWAYS scrupulously log in. That way when someone fakes being you you can categoircally and with credibility say, That was NOT me.  It has to become general practice.



what's YOUR point?

by Q on

If this a way for you to save face, maybe I should just let it go...
You rant that this is not news, and say "I act like I just discovered" something and now you talk about something else entirely.

You just don't get it Jamshid. Your "smart policy" analysis is missing the real motivations of international diplomacy.

It doesn't fucking matter, who has what technology as long as the money sent into Iran, comes back to America. That's the game.
Your "proof" has serious flaws. Counter proof: Saudi Arabia is presumably playing it "smart" as you would like Iran to have done: just serve our purposes, tow the international line, let us control your foreign policy and let our companies saturate your economy and destroy your domestic production and THEN you can have all the toys you want. What good is it to be energy independent if your "noone shab" comes from America? That you can't even run your own country without massive American influence? Control is control, and control is what it's about just like I said.
Yes, perhaps those reactors would have been operational. But just like the F14s they would have been completely controllable by US contractors, workers, suppliers and expertise. You think Pres. Ford just wanted to sell reactors? No!!! He wanted a generation of no-bid contracts to maintain them.

And as far as oil, no one cares about Iran producing it's own energy as long as American and British companies are the ones profiting from it, determining policy, controlling the trade and maintaining demand on their currency. Right now, there's no money in it for them, that's why they are hostile to it.

Look at Venezuela, arguably just like Iran under the Shah. As soon as someone starts cutting US corporations out, they become world wide menace and terrorist that need to be "contained."

It's got nothing to do with "smart" diplomacy. You are either the "khar" or the rider, not both.


Re: Your point?

by jamshidd (not verified) on

What's your point? Who cares if it was Turkey or Pakistan or somewhere else? Who cares if it was Asghar agha or Akbar agha?
Bottom line it Q. Bottom line it for us. The bottom line is that all this "fuss" about the US and its policy on nuclear technology in Iran, is due to IRI's un-intelligent and irresponsible policies, not vice versa.
Proof: The US and others in Europe were forming lines in Iran in the 70s, in order to sell to Iran not just their nuclear technology, but their most advanced nuclear technology, va taazeh ma barashoon naaz ham mikardim.
Again, can you see how much more "smart politics" (what you call "nokari") could serve and benefit Iran? Our nuclear reactors would have been operational 25 years ago, they would be more modern and safer, and we would have had the trained Iranian engineers in the best western schools too.
Analyzie this for us, and tell us in what other areas, your and your compatriots' un-intelligent ideology has inadvertently set Iran back in time?
Be smart. Iranians' quality of living first, ideology second, not the other way. Why? Because we all only live once.


Once again...

by Q on

What are we gonna do with you Jamshid? If you bothered to read the article you would have seen this in the first couple of paragraphs:

Edmonds described how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.

Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan.

So you knew about this and didn't tell us Jamshid? You don't think this is news? You don't find it odd that it's not getting covered in the US media? Give me a break! This is what's new in the story and the reason why the Bush administration is moving to cover it up as soon as possible, NOT Ford administration dealings with the Shah.

I was curious on how you were going to make this my fault, but now I figured it out. Very creative. You really are a literary genius.


US selling nuclear

by jamshid on

US selling nuclear technology to others is old news. You act as though you have made the greatest discovery in the recent months. Where have you been sleeping all these times? The US was selling the most advanced nuclear technology AND even "training" for the "know-how" areas of this technology, to...

... to Iran! Yes Q, to Iran in the 70s during the previous regime. MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS AGO when Iran had the privilege of access to the most modern technologies, be it nuclear, or electronic, or oil related.

Then the Islamists and leftists, supported by you and your compatriots, showed up and the rest is history.

Can you see what difference a good and smart foreign policy could make to protect the interests of Iran? Oh but wait! You guys, cleverly but falsely, labeled that as "nokari" to fool our youth.

Today, we are seeing the results of Q-like efforts in devastated Iran.

Rosie T.

The fowlocracy....

by Rosie T. on

strikes again.

 It's incredible, just incredible, Q. And you know I don't always agree with you, but that's the whole point.  We disagree and we DISCUSS as one human to another.  Not as animals.


Coming from Islamofascists

by anti-islamists (not verified) on

Coming from Islamofascists who's ancestors have a proud and bloody tradition of stealing other people's land and enslaving them, and are so darned angry that they are constantly stopped from pulling it off today. What a hypocritical sick bunch.

Get out of Iran and Israel...go to Saudi Arabia for god sake. ME did not belong to Islamists before they started their jihad.If Muhammad hadn't spread his poison, then the history of the Middle East would have been profoundly altered in the 7th century. (It's likely that Jews and Christians would still be living in Makkah and Medina!)



Hey, Islamic Republic get

by America2 (not verified) on

Hey, Islamic Republic get ready to get yourself nuked.



Islamist unite

by anon (not verified) on

Islamist world over see Zionist in theire soupe. Boo


Hey America2

by Iranian2 (not verified) on

My Nouruz message to President Bush
Ass hole, get the hell out of the middle east.


Iran (With an N at the end)


good one anooshirvan

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Looks like Fredy got fingered!


Yee haa America2

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

e, e, e look who is here, my Budd, America2. Hey man you still here? Chinese haven't taken you to take advantage of your knowledge? you amazing man, just talk the word of wisdom. Hey do you know how to smash a beer can? talk to fa fa Fred, he can helps you get more knowledge. your article is beer smashing good. Only if you wrote more about Iranians and ignored the American stuff, like policies, you know? That would be better. Watch out your foot don't get stuck up your behind, you might fall and that aint good. good to see you, my philosopher, you are great, just remember to criticize the warmongers of Iran and leave the peace loving US alone. That would be good. Repeat after me, Gooooo Bush, drink and Yeeee haaa


deliberately deceptive zionism

by anooshirvan (not verified) on

along with docile domesticity of de-facto deranged doctrines leads to demeaning, desperate devolution of communication decorum,




by Jamaleto (not verified) on

fa fa? what you said? fa fa fa? blah blah Islamist? fa fa? does me a favor Fred jun, ghorbune kun, please enlighten us more. I can't seem to get enough of your knowledge, you amaze me with all your wisdom, or should I say the lack of it, don't know, not sure. but hey, fa fa? repeat after me fa fa farid? or Fred? clarify your position luti, or naluti, not sure. Speak Persian dude? or another uneducated genius coming to this site to enlighten us? fa fa? fa fa fa? bee sovaat


Cost of Nuclear Power

by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on

"US just wants Iran to continue to burn oil, and deprive it from the enormous revenues that oil could bring to Iran, if Iran itself were to not use so much of it."

Forget about US, Islamists terrorists and arab Nazis who rule Iran for a moment. What is the cost of having sub standard nuclear facility in Iran where corruption is rampant. For how should Iranian youth be sacrificed for crap from Russia and/or China. Can Iranians and neighboring countries afford yet another chernobyl. Wouldn't money spent on Russian junk better spent on Medical care, education, advances in healthy living, roads where 30k+ die each year, passenger airplanes, airports, and bringing in investment to Iran to creat jobs and opportunity for masses.

I truely believe generationg nuclear electricity is only goal of terrorist islamic akhonds.


Frenzied Islamists

by Fred (not verified) on

Frenzied Islamism leads to diminution of the already limited comprehension.


Fred: You don't even make sense anymore!

by Q on

What are you trying to say?


Bush or Ahmadinejad?

by Mehdi on

Which one do we support? Tough decision. Could we please have a thrid option?


It's not about Iran. It's

by anon3 (not verified) on

It's not about Iran. It's about China and Russia using Iran as their nuclear proxy in the region to gain geopolitical advantage. Iran in and of itself does not pose any danger to US because it's a thirld world country with a third world economy, military, and technology...

The nuclear science is a hundred year technology but to the mullahs who are frozen in dark ages, it is a Renaissance...tragically humorous.




My Christmas Message to

by America2 (not verified) on

My Christmas Message to Ahmadinejad


Curious Joe

Here is what would be even better ...

by Curious Joe on



The US would make a deal with the UK, France, China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Israel to get rid of all their nuclear weapons -- collectively.


Oh but NO.  As long as the Iranian men think that they have a bigger dick than anybody else, who can stop the other 8 "big" competitors?



Birds of a feather

by Fred (not verified) on

Avowed US bashing, Flagellation loving Islamists agree with other US hating, Nuke loving Islamists, what a surprise!