Letter to Mola, re: democracy, Israel and AIPAC lobbyists on IC


by Q

This was from a different thread and I started writing it as a response, but I thought it would work better as a blog.

Dear Mola,

It's been my experience that whoever feels like going out of their way to do these three things:

1. Distance oneself from Israel, ala "I like most other Iranians do not know any israelis"

but of course the vast majority of anti-Iran Zionists and that section of Iranian Jewish community (whom I understand really well for reasons I can explain later) who has too much misplaced pride in Israel, may or may not call itself "Israeli."

2. Name themselves "OnlyIran", "IranFirst", "TruelyIran", "ReallyImeanItIcareAboutIran", "PleaseBelieveMeIdontCareAboutIsrael" and "Dont'botherMeI'mTouchingMyselfThinkingAboutIran", and generally act over the top on the patriotism angle.

3. Choose to butt in and defend people they do not seemingly know, if they are being accused of toeing the AIPAC line (about which there is no dispute, and even Fred has agree publically)

These people betray a sense of obligation to defend against any and all, even the slightest negative perception of Israel, and are truly part of the Lobby, whether they have membership cards or not.

Granted, some of them in their own mind are just trying to be "Fair", and many certainly don't like to think of themselves as Israel cheerleaders. But unfortunately through the enormous influence of pro-Israel institutions in North America as well as events from their family history, they can't help but see fundemental issues in foreign policy, like "justice", "fairness" and "equality", only through distorted lens of Zionism.

As far as why Israel is relevant, asking this question is perhaps the most important "tell" of all. Israel is the country most hostile to Iran and the country that is on daily basis threatening to attack it. Israelis support terrorist groups like the MEK. Israeli lobby in the US are the most vicious anti-Iran advocates, held back only by the potential public relations backlash if they call louder for an outright war: (remember, even George Bush and Dick Cheney claimed they didn't want war, and "Saddam is driving toward war")

It is an absolute fact that Iran's nuclear program, however sinister it is made out to be, is completely irrelevant to Iranian struggle for democracy, save perhaps a economic/resource management argument among many others that can be legitimately levelled against the Coup government. Iran could have 500 nuclear bombs and it will make absolutely no difference internally. It has been proven over and over again that the vast majority of Iranians, even the opposition, are in agreement about protecting Iran's nuclear rights.

This means that anybody who intentionally tries to conflate the two issues, i.e. tries to say:

Hey democracy activists! Help me stop the Mullahs from getting nukes.

Is not thinking about Iranian interests first and foremosts. He/She/That entitity is simply using any notion of democracy in order to advance the interests they really value which is primarily those of Israel, and secondarily those of the US and the West. What's truely and unforgivably sad, is that Israel isn't even threatened physically. It is only a perception of balance that Israel has identified as "danger", which is historically true of how it conducts foreign policy. In practical terms, if Iran is "permitted" (note the supremacist language) to retain "nuclear know-how", it only means Israel loses political face in the region, that is all.

Supporting sanctions against Iranian people, which are irresponsible and could easily lead to war if actually enforced, and which are nominally designed only to advance the West's nuclear agenda, and claiming this is for the sake of democracy for Iranians is sinister, manipulative and heartless. But this is how AIPAC operates.


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Mola Nasredeen

That's the one

by Mola Nasredeen on

The ad asks the readers on Iranian dotcom to support resolution H.Res. 1553. It's a resolution green-lighting Israeli Strikes on Iran

"Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a measure that would green-light an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. The resolution, H.Res. 1553, provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel's use of "all means necessary" against Iran "including the use of military force"."



Just saw Liz Cheney ad

by Q on

Mola, is that the one:

Says "I signed petition to stand with Israel, will you?"

from "keepamericasafe.com"


Mola, Khar

by Q on


Yes, your points are well taken.

I haven't seen the ads, I have been gone for a while. What are the companies and where do they lead to? Javid must show some backbone and reject these advertisements, they are embarrassing. A while ago, he rejected a guy from the US Military blogging here. But I guess he is open to the same forces buying their way in.


I haven't read mush Shariati and would certainly not label myself as such. Maybe Mammad, is who you are thinking of. But regardless of what label you have for me, just look at your own sentence and tell me honestly, do you really think these two forces are equal by any stretch of the imagination? Do they deserve equal attention and resistance from you?

Think about just 3 criteria:

1. Money,
2. Influence with hostile nuclear weapons states,
3. Potential to destroy Iran as we know it.

Even if you want to say, "I hate them both", it's nothing short of a literary crime to put these two forces even in the same sentence, let alone dismiss them as "two sides fighting each other".

Mola Nasredeen

Q, Why Israel Matter?

by Mola Nasredeen on

This is what you have written and it's the main reason for criticizing The Zionist regime of Israel as far as Iran and the Iranians are concerned:

"Israel is the country most hostile to Iran and the country that is on daily basis threatening to attack it. Israelis support terrorist groups like the MEK. Israeli lobby in the US are the most vicious anti-Iran advocates, held back only by the potential public relations backlash if they call louder for an outright war"

Unfortunately the damages done by Israel does not stop there.

1. The pro Israel Zionist ads advocating bombardment of Iran by Israel is being featured on the homepage of Iranian dotcom for a while now.

2. Israel is sucking up 3 billion dollars of our taxes every year to build her evil military machine.

3. Israel is abusing our political process here in the United States and has created new enemies for the Americans all over the world.

4. Israel is an apartheid regime where the natives' land has been taken away and the natives are being arrested, kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, assassinated and bombed on a regular basis. Israel has forced the natives into refugee camps while surrounding and starving them vrey much like the Nazi Germany.

You have been exposing the destructive policies of AIPAC (the Israeli Lobby in United States) on this website and I command you for that, keep on blogging. 


Khar jaan, nokaretam

by Bavafa on

Unfortunately this couple are at each others throat and if they are let, they will ruin every one's day.

Having said that, I agree completely with the content of the blog, specially in regards to those wolf's in the sheep clothing.  There is a big difference between those who oppose IRI and those beating the drum of war against Iran and Iranians.  We all have seen the result of such barbaric war in Iraq and Gaza.  They have proven to be as bad or worse then Changiz-khan and there is no doubt about the design and intentions of AIPAC vise a vie Iran. 



Held Back

by Doctor X on

It has been a while You know. Fresh from the Trip and filled to the brim with Evolutionary ideas. I only wonder what or who has given him the idea of someone Jerking off While thinking of Iran and their love for it. Perhaps the same person who came up with the idea of even having 500 nukes won't make a damn difference in the internal situation in iran. What a shame to even dare to go there. AIPAC or Shi...pack Notwhitstanding.

Go figure.

I'd blame it on this heatwave currently gripping our globe:)


pastor bill rennick

The Mola on the Moon was a

by pastor bill rennick on

perceived image (caused by the astronauts during bowel movement in 1970), I believe!


Maybe it's the Mola in the moon that he's addressing

by AMIR1973 on

In November 1978, one particular Mola's face appeared in the moon. Was Q looking at the moon when he wrote this gem of a blog?

pastor bill rennick

Q, which Mola are your addressing here?

by pastor bill rennick on

Mola Nasredin, Mola Omar, Mola in Boshkeh...? We have many Molas around here!


Q, I say live and let live

by Khar on

You are pro (Shariatism), they are pro (Zionism), you both complete each other and make a great couple.