Getting down to the racist core

by Q

As anyone who has dealt with racist bigots could tell you, the facts are meaningless to these people. An essentially irrational feeling (racism, bigotry, supremacism of all kinds), born from irrational fears becomes elevated to the status of "fact" using flimsiest of excuses.

A black candidate could be simply mentioned in the same sentence as "terrorism" and that is taken as proven fact that he's a terrorist. It's not rational, it's an excuse. McCain, Bush or even Clinton aren't held to the same standards. And that's really the mark of a bigot: holding different standards, putting one group of people above another, and when called on it give BS excuses.

I applaud Al Jazeera who finally figured out that all you have to do is use a white, sympathetic looking reporter to get people to talk about the racist core.


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skatermom jan

by IRANdokht on

I just refreshed it and saw a bunch of new things...  I am having so much fun!  This must be what christmas morning feels like ;-)



Kaveh Nouraee

What a joke

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Interviewing a bunch of trailer park crackers and calling this news. They should call this "Great Moments in The History of White Trash".

They could release it on DVD, but these idiots can't even spell DVD, let alone own a DVD player.

Seriously, these people are not representative of anything besides the results of inbreeding and a lack of education.

The Democrats target a parallel demographic. Rather than uneducated whites living in the sticks, they target inner city blacks. It's the "country mouse, city mouse" phenomenon.

In both cases, you have poor, uneducated simple minded people who truly have no grasp of the real issues and their meaning. Just as there are people who will vote for McCain because he's white, there are those who will vote for Obama solely because he's black.

The overwhelming majority of both groups I'm describing are utterly clueless in matters concerning domestic and/or foreign policy issues, the economy, education, or even how the system of government works in the United States. They live from one minute to the next, with no thoughts or concerns for their future or the future of their children.

Any way you look at it, regardless of how you vote, it's ignorance. But it's very irresponsible of the media to show only one side of this issue, considering how significant this is.


Irandokht, they change this

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Irandokht, they change this site everyday. In other words, all the goodies change up!


LOL skatermom!

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That was hilarious!!!  

did you click on the red phone yet?

I have to send this one out to my fellow prisoners!

thanks again!  You sure have the bestest links :0) 



Not much to do with racism.

by skatermom (not verified) on

Not much to do with racism. Relevant in a round about way nonetheless.
Some levity for my bleeding heart friends. Remember to scroll or click on different objects in the room.


I had never seen so many

by amazed and troubled (not verified) on

I had never seen so many people so proud of themselves for their racism and bigotry parading around calling themselves "patriotic iranians" when by their sheer ignorant arguments they are putting down all Iranians.

We'll have to do a lot of damage control to not allow these figures to become the spokespeople of Iran and Iranians.
When did we ever have a problem with black folks?
Why are you people repeating the nonsense of some conservative christian website that repeatedly brings up hate and racism in their different articles? to make matters worse the others applaud the idiot for the great information too.

This is ridiculous!
Lets be proud of being Iranian, be proud of Cyrus the great who issued the first human rights bill.
If you are wearing his picture as a badge, try to think and act the way Cyrus did too. Otherwise you're just smearing his good name and destroying his credibility.



by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

You people are out of your mind. Read history and see how white racism has degraded and destroyed blacks for more than 3 centuries. To dismiss white racism by saying there is racism in every community is nonesense. It shows the attitude of a good portions of the so-called Iranian-Americans. As Shelby Steele (a conservative black intellectual) once said, one of the first words immigrants to the US learn is the word nigger. I wonder how many of you have used that word in private. This is not bleeding heart liberlism but boy you people are clueless. There was segregation in the South until the 1950's for god's sake, that's only two generations ago. The white terror groups wouldn't allow blacks to vote. That legacy was even carried to 2000 presidential election in Florida. To equate the angry rhetorics of Rev. Wright (wrong in its expression, granted) to centuries of violent and degrading white recism is just atrocious. Even if you are a malodorous zionist, Zion, being a jew you should know better than that standard response of yours.


khodet ro gul nazan q . we

by Anonymousss (not verified) on

khodet ro gul nazan q .

we don't like arab people and neither islam.

we are iranian not arab or ...


Q you'r right about jamshid and negative proof

by Lefty Lap Poodle (not verified) on

Jon Steward also made the same analogy when Palin said in one of her speeches that she "wished Obama for once would say he wants America to win. When will he say he wants American to win (in Iraq)?".

Stewart's responsed by saying "When will he say he will not molest children?! when?!"

This is a silly game some bigots want to play that; I now what I am but what are you?! This is their chant and it isn't working but it is funny.

I can't remember another election where we had so much fun laughing. Maybe in 92 when Perot was running (with his VP choice) we had similar laughter but on another level.


More shameful Republican attacks

by Nazanin Ghasemian on


Islamists, leftists ommatist.. Get ready

by KB on

You have about 60% of US voters on your side and guess what a fair number are Jews. I guess Jewish people know a thing or two about prejudice and discrimination by the ignorant. Well some Jewish people do. And those who dont will have a cow if Hussein wins. 

Things are going so badly for Mullah Obama that Christopher Buckley, who is the conservative of conservatives and a columnist for the National review, whose father founded the publication, is endorsing Obama.


And for our Pailin fans, Hustler ( that Islamist, Ommatist, leftist institution) is making a “movie” called Nailin Paylin which has to make everybody lighten up and laugh.





by Anonymous on

The rage that’s not on your front page and no one is reporting. What they have done to Gov. Palin is outrageous and insult to all mothers and women. Obama had the easy ride and media has baby sat him for too long. Have a look at these pictures here:


iraj khan

Ignorance to the power of N

by iraj khan on

These are the same people who gave us 8 years of George Bush. What else can we expect of them. Their ancestors probabely lynched black men for looking at white women. Rebpublican party is on its way down. Democrats and independents are on the rise. Republicans have dumbed down their own base. Ignorance, racism, hate, religious superiority reigns among Republicans. 


Wow, it's getting like a circus of desperation in here

by Q on

This is really the most telling of all. People just reaching, I mean reaching for any and all ways to hit Obama on a blog about obvious racism. I could dismiss these comments as purely political back and forth, but the zeal and the placement of them in this blog about racism makes me wonder.

Jamshid: You have no real arguments. All you have is half-baked BS and illogical drivel.

This is is irrelevant, since they didn't have any other choices.
They had a choice not to vote. A real racist would make that choice. This is very relevant.

Conversely, show me black voters who are not voting for Obama simply because he is black.

Conversely show me black voters who are not NOT voting for Obama simply because he is black?

Don't be giant waste of time. Your statement is that there are black racists who won't vote for a white candidate (just like the white racists above) How many times do I have to explain negative proof to you?

As an example, Obama won 91% of the all black votes in North Carolina, and so he defeated Clinton. NINTY ONE percent.

Another useless observation. This is an example of party line voting not race. In fact both Condi Rice and Colin Powell were considered possible candidates but polling showed that both would lose the black vote. The approval rating of Justice Clarence Thomas among black voters is in single digits. Alan Keys, a black man, ran for President and got almost no black votes.

Alan Keys and Al Sharpton both lost the black vote in their primaries.

In 2004, two white men (Kerry and Edwards) beat Al Sharpton, the only African American candidate in South Carolina primaries by a wide margin among black voters.

Jamshid, it's obvious you have no F-ing clue what you're talking about. What your doing is your typical childish maneuver of trying to say "What ever you say, you too!" It's just a silly game to you devoid of all evidence, as your last video, a complete nonsequitur clearly demonstrates.

Please... elementary school is over. Get real. Grow up.

Good night. I'll have to disappoint you and your buddies who will surely feel like they have to defend your manly honor, by retiring early tonight.


Zion !

by samsam1111 on

Was it a Commie, reformist or an ommatist who once said , "Pick Your battles selectively to further Your agenda" . Some times a convenint Temporary Amnesia is suffice to evade hypocracy on the message You so passionatly pretend to care for . Particularly , if the message is to subtly promote one's hidden cultural agenda among usefull idiots . ...ehh , I think , it must have been a commie ...  ommatis are too brain dead to come up with such smart lines....cheers pal!!!


Re: Samsam

by jamshid on

Thanks for the link. It was very informative.


Re: Q

by jamshid on

"Black voters have been voting for white candidates for 150 years"

This is is irrelevant, since they didn't have any other choices. You may say what about Reverend Jackson? Sure, if you want to call him a real choice with real chances to win.

But he didn't have any real chances. and blacks knew it all too well. Smarlty, they didn't waste their votes on him.

"Clinton was out-polling Obama among black voters up til February of this year"

Obama was suffering form the Jackson syndrome early on. But once he proved to be real, blacks flocked around him.

"Show me tape of black voters who are against McCain because of his race and then you can talk."

Conversely, show me black voters who are not voting for Obama simply because he is black.

As an  example, Obama won 91% of the all black votes in North Carolina, and so he defeated Clinton. NINTY ONE percent.

In a July poll , 94% of blacks supported Obama and only 1% supported McCain. // 

NINTY FOUR? And race is not an issue with these huge numbers. Sure Q, of course it isn't.

As I said, no matter how you try to put it, race is a two edged knife and it cuts both ways. Don't focus only on one side. And don't embarass yourself trying.

Now have some fun with this video:


Pay attention at 3:30.


Zion, We Are Proud...

by Khar on

Iranian-Americans who are anti Hate and Bigotry of any kind from anybody and we are for peace in the world. I hope you don't have any problem with that!!!


The point?

by Zion on

There are ignorant people around. Wow. Who knew?
Funny I remember regarding Rev. Wright affair how any mention of guilt by association had to be a horrendous act of racism. That of course apparently applies only to one side, as does everything else.

Sam: Start cleaning ur own house before preaching to Americans on racism , pal .
Q: This is my house.

Is it? Q, Are you saying you consider yourself American and not an Iranian? At least not primarily? Evil zionists finally got to you too? You should really come clean here for the record. So that we know what to think.

Sam, a good catch. Both cases.


After Colin Powell, Get the Punching Bag Out, Sen. McCain

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Considering he had his sterling reputation exploited by the Bush team to sell a war that has not benefitted in the capture of Osama Bin Laden, Powell's endorsement of Obama will hopefully seal the deal. McCain may have to get his punching bag out when that time comes, because it's going to be a major blow to his ticket.


Jamshid, Obama talking to Hezbollah & Khamenei's man

by samsam1111 on

On May 14 Mr. Obama visited Michigan and spoke to a group of 20 local leaders, but decided to give a special private audienc to the head of the Islamic Center of America Imam Hassan Qazwini a Qom educated Mullah . For Obama to be chatting in a one-on-one with Qazwini, is equivalent to meeting with Ayatollah Khameini’s, and Hezbollahs’ representative in America.

& you wonder why the gang hates me here so much  Jamshid !!lol



Jamshid, you make absolutely no sense

by Q on

Black voters have been voting for white candidates for 150 years. Clinton was out-polling Obama among black voters up til February of this year. What are you talking about?

Show me tape of black voters who are against McCain because of his race and then you can talk.

Samsam: This is my house. You should read my blog again, especially the middle paragraph, with a little more introspection this time.



by IRANdokht on

That is one of the best articles I have read about the Palin phenomenon.  The comments on that article are also very good. 

Thanks for posting the link I hope more people read it and think. I actually do believe that she's lost her ground and she's not as popular as when she was just introduced. Maybe that's why she started more attacks. She's spreading rumors that takes time and a lot of $$ to counter and this close to the election day, these not so soft  whisperings can be as damaging as the swift boating in 2004 was...  I sure hope not!




IRV Genocide in Darfur

by samsam1111 on


Heh,  It,s your lucky day, Me being of the few late comers to planet Earth , not knowing about IRV-Sudanes ommatist alliance for 2 decades..I was checking links & here is your lottery, just in today, Enjoy... 



samsam11: Please provide

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

samsam11: Please provide Links for your allegations. Thanks.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

exist within every community...The reporter could have been in another state with majority black population and we would've had same view on mCcain. We souldn't be one sided. Unfortunatley this is part of us and our today's life and it can't be ignored but remember only minoritiy have that kind of strong racial views. And off course how credible is this Al-Jazeera??? They are only good at spreading propaganda...
As for myself I'll be independent voter...


Genocide against blacks vs Racism !

by samsam1111 on

Fun to know the blogger's opinion on IRV (IR of V-ran) Co-partnership in Genocide against millions of BLACKS in Darfur by being one of the only two  countries (+ China),  supporting Ommatist Arab regime in Sudan via monthly shipments of heavey arms at free or discounted price, Sudanese Army training by Pasdaran, Intelligence debriefing officers training & know how ( I know of 2 aquitances in Army who spent 5 months in Sudan tank training Sudanese Army). Start cleaning ur own house before preaching to Americans on racism , pal . Write a blog about Qadesiyeh regime assisted Genocide . Rush it up now , Good all rightious genious !!!


Mad Dog Palin by Matt Taibbi

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

sorry,a bit off topic but I think this is a MUST READ. BTW, is Matt Taibbi Iranian?


The candidate sauntered to the lectern with the assurance of a sleepwalker — and immediately launched into a symphony of snorting and sneering remarks, taking time out in between the superior invective to present herself as just a humble gal with a beefcake husband and a brood of healthy, combat-ready spawn who just happened to be the innocent targets of a communist and probably also homosexual media conspiracy. She appeared to be completely without shame and utterly full of shit, awing a room full of hardened reporters with her sickly-sweet line about the high-school-flame-turned-hubby who, "five children later," is "still my guy." It was like watching Gidget address the Reichstag.

American Wife

it's interesting but there isn't

by American Wife on

a whole lot being said about percentages.  If you'll remember, for a time Clinton was leading in the black community.  But Obama quickly overtook her.  I think everyone was so sure that she was going to win the primary and they wanted to solidify their support of her.  You're right about it being a double-edged sword.  The fact remains however that for whatever reason AA don't vote for Obama, it won't be because of the vicious racism as shown in the video, although they are pretty racist themselves.  AA are really quite conservative and some will actually support McCluess for those conservative views.  I'll say right now though that while I think Palin is blatently obvious in her views, I truly don't think McCain is a racist.  I just want to be fair about that.  I don't think he's really made enough of a stand AGAINST it in his campaign but as a man, no, I don't think he is.


That was brave of Al-Jazeera

by KB on

Good post Q.

Did those people know he was from Al-Jazeera or were they too stupid to put that together? 

 The extent of ignorance is seriously worrisome