AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel

by Q

Good discussion by Barbara Slavin on Iran and Israel.
CSPAN is really one of the last bastions of true freedom of speech left in the US.


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yes, I know...

by Q on

Farhad Kashani: You hyperventilated: well,just watch CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Daily Show, Colbert, Maher Show, read NY Times, W Post...

Of course the question was AIPAC, not Bush. I realize you want to change the subject, but why don't you be a man, and show me one, just a single TV broadcast by CNN, FOX, MSNBC, any popular american program or even big newspapers that has ever even allowed the well-documented idea that AIPAC pushes America toward Israeli war-hawk policy. When was the last time CNN allowed someone to say this on the air? Even Colbert hasn't joked about it.

After you fail in your search, I hope you have enough decency to at least come back and admit it. But I'm not holding my breath.

sadegh: Thank You. Yes, it's more than obvious that Fred has yet-again engaged in pure malicious, unsupported, unprovoked and cowardly act of slander against another member of this community. But what else is he going to say? When you can't refute the subject, but are so ideologically married to it that you can't conceive of it's fallibility, there is little other choice than to attack the messenger for something someone else has said.

At least this point will be obvious next time someone wants an example of how nastiness and vicious insults get started on this website.


Mr Kashani

by IRANdokht on

CNN FOX etc...? are you joking? first of all, the Daily show, Colbert and Maher are satires not news and the former two are on "comedy central" for Pete's sake! And the only thing on MSNBC that says anything remotely against the policies of this administration would be Olbermann's program.

if you see blogs and web pages that are speaking up against Bush's policies, that's because those are not run by corporations (yet). People are blogging and speaking up and rightfully so! if the media was not owned by the warmongers and Bush supporters, you would hear a lot more of the same on TV and radio instead of criticism of Obama for not wearing a flag pin or having gone to a school that was called madresseh 35 years ago!!

which country do you live in?



Thanks for positng this Q,

by sadegh on

Thanks for positng this Q, though I think Barbara Slavin is incredibly overrated...she is however definitely correct when she says that US policy is ultimately the way it is because of powerful people in the Whitehouse and the vice president's office view it to be in America's interests to ensure that Israel remains not even remotely challenged in the role of regional hegemon; all the blame cannot be laid at the door of AIPAC, though obviously it is an important factor...Also for Jamshid, Zion etc...PLEASE NOTE - FRED DOES NOT CITE A SINGLE COUNTERARGUMENT OR FACT TO UNDERMINE WHAT IS SAID - HE MERELY SMEARS THOSE HE DISAGREES WITH i.e. Q and perhaps even some of the callers, by branding them 'Jew hating Islamists' - THIS IS HIS INVARIABLY HIS RESPONSE TO ALL OF THOSE WITH WHOM HE DISAGREES!!!! SMEAR, LIBEL AND INSULT!!! Just like the Islamists he obviously detests so thoroughly...How ironic...

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



Q, "US"??? do you consider

by q-geer (not verified) on

Q, "US"??? do you consider yourself as American??? You could've fooled me..


Over excited Islamist

by Fred on

Jew hating Islamists get over excited over a likeminded bigoted caller’s comment and in their hallucination hear that which justifies their aberrant and abhorrent world view. 


Q, really? C Span is the

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Q, really? C Span is the last one, well,just watch CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Daily Show, Colbert, Maher Show, read NY Times, W Post, ...thousands of TV stations, thousands of radio stations, thousans of Newspapers, thousands of websites, thousands of blog, that critisize Bush, Republicans, Obama, Clinton, Democrats, corporations, foreign policy, domestic policy,.....Which country have you been living in?


It is the war-mongering,

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

It is the war-mongering, fascist regime in Tehran who has been provoking war against our country.Who started the Israeili-Iranian conflict? Israel never had any issues with Iran. Most of them respect our civilization. It was Khomeini who thought he is the next Omar of Islam that needs to wage war and Jihad in the name of Islam. Blaming some lobby group like AIPAC on any possible war, is astonishingly naive, at best.