Is she really that hot?

a pimp named slickback
by a pimp named slickback

OK, I have a friend who is obsessed about Elnaz Kiani. He's not da only 1 tho!

UTube is filled with Elnaz tribute videos... oh Elnaz, you're my love. Elnaz, you own my broken heart! I will give you the world if you just kiss me! boos boos boos. hehehe

She's a'right.
but I told my friend we'll settle this, so lemme know what you think k?

(thanks for help with videos)


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

You know, all this time I was thinking about Iran

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

and how the image is so wrong when look at these hot females we "have" in our community and nation. I think that if we put a stunning and eloquent woman such as this one before a dignitary, especially one like buffoon at large Berlustconi, we could not just have nukes, but maybe even annex turkey (well maybe not turkey) but maybe poland or some eastern bloc nation. 

Ari Siletz

Why not?

by Ari Siletz on

From the right angle she reminds me of actress Claire Forlani. I suppose a good film director could make me fall in love with her. These youtube videos don't! As an Iranian, her success would be our success. She needs better PR.

ex programmer craig

Don't know who she is!

by ex programmer craig on

She looks pretty though. But what's up with the blue contacts in that one video and the hair highlights in the other? She looks best with what God (and her parents) gave her!



by Abarmard on




by Iraniandudeee on

is she exactly?