Mosquito's bite


persian westender
by persian westender

Yesterday I got bitten by a mosquito around my thigh. I didn’t realize how and when it happened. I only can tell you that its goddamn venom was so hard on me that I got a horrible rash, along with an intolerable itch from the spot of the sting almost up to my groin. I can assure you if you could look at the spot of the sting, you would gasp as if you’ve viewed human’s flesh at its highest vulnerability, has been savagely attacked by new version of Ebola viruses. The thing which truly rubs me in a wrong way through this seemingly simple incident is that, you are so painfully reminded of your vulnerability by one of the most underestimated creatures of the world. Obviously, I had to stop working for a while and my next pay stab will be affected. Moreover, I couldn’t scratch my private areas while I was surrounded by my female coworkers and their sharp eyes.

Now, let alone the excruciating itch and irritation which has been caused by this single mosquito’s bite, I also would like to point at another parallel incident which almost equally tortures me. I understand that it might seem somehow illogical to you, but it is to say that the reaction which my physician has paid to this medical condition was as irritating as the consequence of the sting was. This new physician had been popped up in our nearby walk-in clinic just few months ago, and I already had met him in two or three occasions. Unlike to my former empathic physician, this one seemed excessively ‘cool’. His cold reactions to me and my illnesses have made me gradually to be obsessed with the ways of impressing him by my symptoms. I confess that in the last visit I had let my symptoms to be aggravated to the point that my sore throat had needed a high dosage of antibiotics. But still there was no major reaction or empathy from him. As if you are checked by a medical scanning machine.This time I naively thought that the gross scene of my plundered skin which already had moved everyone to estates of shock and awe; could draw some attentions or revive some feelings and sympathy in him. In fact, in the waiting room I was fantasizing how he unsuccessfully holds himself, to not to be awed at my gross injuries. All I needed was just a big ‘Wow’, or ‘ohhhhh jeezzz’ or any indication of emotional excitement from him. But again, at my highest disappointment, I witnessed that in the most typical and routine way he just made a glimpse of the sores and uttered a bunch of robotic questions.Who the hell he think he is? CSI: Miami’s forensic Doctor? Or an experienced UN’s inspector of genocides? I have made up my mind! Next time, I’m going to mutilate my arm from the elbow and pick the detached limb by the other hand, and then go to his office, throw it at him and yell:  take this and stitch it up you bastard…!          


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doctor, doctor..........

by Nadias on

Persian Westender, sorry to read that your computer is still giving you problems. I went back and posted a link for the lyrics.

Good to read you have a great sense of humor. :o)

solh va doosti




Not an oxymoron

by Mazloom on

…but an exquisite torture!

persian westender

itchy & scratchy

by persian westender on

Mazloom: Thanks for the sympathy. Painful erection? Looks like an oxymoron to me! keep us informed about your medical process.

Bajenagh: Where did you get that doll? Give me the address please!

Natalia: claim or disclaim I’m in love with you!!hahaha. again, I couldn’t play the link. Something’s really wrong with my youtube. but i'm sure its cool. 

Alireza: nishe pashe koja? erection koja?!...


Ps: I’m not going to cut myself. It was just a fiction(except mosquit’s bite which is gone away by Calamine).




Painful is better than no erection!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Some of the drugs have side effects including painful,no erection,slow ejaculation,no ejaculation.So we Iranian men who tend to worry too much about our sexual performance should read about the side effects of the drug that we take.Live(long) Love(longer)Laugh(a lot)


Mazloom joon

by Former Suicide Pilot (not verified) on

tell me how can I get that ailment. I would love to get the same diagnosis as I used to be 17 as well....LOOL


I see this is fiction

by Nadias on

Disclaimer: This song in no way means that I am in love with anyone on this thread. I am just tryng to cheer any ailments away. :o) Sorry guys I am keeping it Rated G


lyrics to "witch doctor" //


Okay, you guys this blog is about a mosquito bite and not about male sexual performance.

bajenaghe naghi

persian westender jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

it is very frustrating to have a doctor who we may call yobs. i don't care how great a doctor is but if you are sick you want more than just a pill or rubbing cream. you want a hand to hold on to or may be aaaaahhh or a ooooh or something like that.  I was so upset with my doctor who we may call sibzamini beerag that i went to a toy shop and bought myself a wind up doctor doll. now when i go and visit my yobs doctor, i come home and wind up the doctor doll and at once he throws his little arms in the air and says welcome, followed by bend down it won't hurt, aaaahhhhhh, ooooohhhh, and so on. now i am a happy patient. 


I know what you mean

by Mazloom on

I know exactly what you mean.  some of these doctors see so many people that they just become that way, as if the don't care.

At the time when I was having problems with kidney stones, I was getting painful erections while sleeping at night; I mean harder than when I was seventeen, so I explain this to my primary physician, but she couldn't figure it out so she said she'll refer me to a urologist, my urologist.  So after I explained this to him, he asked me a couple of questions and said don't worry about it and was going to move on to the next topic.  Just like that, don't worry about it.  So I had to drag the conversation to find out something else other than don't worry about it. So he gave me an explanation.