Pending your approval, Sir

by پندارنیک

From the desk of His Royal Highness Reza Joon

To: Mr. John Bolton


As you may be aware a " we Israelis love you iroonis" campaign is going viral these days. I'd like to have your permission to participate in this campaign.............I have already drafted a massage as follows:

Dear Israelis I love you too, and I wish I could love you even see my Israeli lovers, there're some bad and ugly people who keep reminding me that my AryaMehr dad was betrayed by a Democrat Jewish friend simply because he purchased and stashed away more bombs than the state of Israel, but don't you worry about a thing my Kosher friends..........the past is past...........those days are gone........Now, our Jewish friends in America can boast that they have established themselves inside the GOP as much as they used to be in the fabric of the Democratic Party prior to the events of 2011.............I promise you my friends, you help me climb up the peacock throne and I'll never let the Iranian Army be stronger than that of Israel.......hegemony, schmegemony........You know what?.......let me tell you buy or make the bombs, and give me my ration.........not only tell me where to use them.............Just help me climb up........Please.

With Utmost Regards, Truly Yours, Most Sincerely, Respectfully,

Reza Joon the Second. 


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Arthimis jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Our Pendar Jan is stuck in a time warp. Every year during Norouz he becomes very sentimental.....he remembers the Norouz he will NEVER be able to celebrate in Iran again after his 'lapse in judgement' when he was a young man......he lives with the pain and regret of his own irresponsible actions which he conveniently blames on others. He has not been back to Iran ever since the revolution he took part in. Before be used to live happily in Iran and even received a grant to go to the USA to study.


100% Ooghdehiiee ... LOL

by Arthimis on

100% Ooghdehiiee ... LOL :D

Reminder for the backward apologists : The year is Nowruz 2571 (1391, 2012) !!! 

The Islamic Devolution tragically occured in 1979!!!

Shah is long gone.............. Plus, his son is not responsible for his father actions... 

If You were a True Iranian & Human Being, You would focus and concentrate on CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (IRANIANS...) NOW!!!



Dear Simorgh, please dont blame the lady for Revolution...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 From what I know, back in 1979, She fainted at the first sound of the shotguns (which later turned out to be the sound of  next door neighbours old Peykan back firing...), sold her house in vanak, jumped on the first BA flight to London and has been living there happily ever after....

I leave out the story of her assylum in England, the bitter love affair with Shmuel , and current crush on Ahmadinezhad and mashai out of respect for the lady.. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

thanks simorgh.

Iran will become free

From inside by mola haters and azadi lovers of Iran.

If the western powers stop cuddling the mollahs.



Pendar Jan. 'What if......'

by Simorgh5555 on

During the beginning of the revolution Mohammad Reza Pahlavi opened fire and killed a hundred of Pendare Niks and his likeminds? If he had cut you down and shut you up Pinochet style then the country would have been stabilised for decades. Its a lesson Khamenei had learned only too well in 2009 as did Bashar Asad. If the Shah took decisive action and struck while the iron was hot I would not be here on and you would be pushing up the daisies.


Correction, Please!

by Demo on

The correct name is John Bullton. Even though he weighs more than a ton of it!