Another IRI Mercenary:Responding to eroonman comment of 19-Mar-2010

payman nazem
by payman nazem

Responding to eroonman comment of 19-Mar-2010 A friend alerted me regarding the comments made by some guy with a pseudo name bad mouthing another Iranian wishing to take a stand against the current set up inside Iran.Its obvious that this guy is doing the bidding for the IRI since he says nothing about Jahanchahi’s position or platform and merely tries to ridicule and discredit him. Moreover, it is obvious that his interest in him in more than peripheral since he has done some kind of a research into his background and come up with certain comments such as his past experiences in business matters.Although I found the piece entertaining, there is no question that 'eroonman' or whatever else his name might be is a certified ‘AH’.   After 30 years of misrule and despotism, it is odd that this guy should try and ridicule and belittle a person who is taking a public stand against injustice and tyranny.Whoever he is, he is nothing more than a mercenary who will one day be found out and held to account for the service he has provided to his masters.



Some people seem to have

by nazari on

Some people seem to have learned nothing from the last 30 years. You really can’t teach new tricks to old dogs and erronman – whether young or old – seems to be a lost case and a type we can all do without. Let’s talk about what we want for the future and where we need to go and what we need to be instead of criticising one another. Let people’s actions speak as opposed to blocking them even before they get started.
Noushin Azari


I want to thank Payman for

by seinhos on

I want to thank Payman for not mixing his words about eroonman. Having read his piece, I have no doubt that he is an ‘AH’, and one Iranians don’t need right now. The Greens have to be cheered and the resistance of our people needs to be strengthened. Such a course of action would seem natural to all except those with a vested interest in keeping the current situation afloat. Well done ‘Chahi’ and go to hell eroonman!


I am sick and tired of

by parvizk on

I am sick and tired of people who try to rubbish and ridicule anyone who tries to do something to get our country out of its present quagmire. Eroonman may not be an IRI mercenary but he sure as hell sounds like one!
Parviz K


Thank to Payman I was able

by mazad on

Thank to Payman I was able to look up Jahanchahi on Google. Contrary to eroonman who depicts him as a monarchist or ‘chahi’, this guy is in fact a progressive republican who is calling for the removal of theocracy and the establishment of a secular democracy in its place! What’s eroonman’s problem with this?
Mohammad Azad

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Beautiful Iranian style democracy here. Gee!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Way to attack the messenger. You have a lot in common with Darius Kadivar, but at least he gives us a video with his attacks. 

From now on, please shut up everyone. Stop having an opinion. Stop stop stop. Stop laughing and reacting to what you see in the media. Just take it at face value and say "good! a freedom lusting businessman. that sounds perfect. not like chalabi at all."

Eroonman's blog was very funny, actually. I love his blogs.


Most are not mercenaries

by Cost-of-Progress on

They are brianwashed either from childhood or through some ill-conceived notion that Iran is now independent and powerful in the hands of a bunch of anti-nationalist cockroaches.