UFOs; one other story plus a Philosophical Ride.

by Paykar

I thought a little break from the usual blog is in order, because my next entry, although great, is difficult and dense.

Bill Hicks comedian/ philosopher refered to himself as Chomsky with dick jokes. He died at a young age in 1994; just when he was about to "Break Out" in the U.S. He appeared on the Letterman's show eleven times; his last segment was  totally censored by the Network. Mr. Letterman 'redeemed' himself* by rebroadcasting Hick's last stand up in January 2010 and invited Bill's mother to the show.

Below are two clips both filmed outside U.S.

Warning: Adult language and content.

* Letterman's apology

Edit: Heck I decided to add Bills' last stand up on the Late  Show


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