The Musical Box

The Musical Box
by Paykar

Musical box is from the album nursery crime released in 1971 with the classic genesis line up ( Gabriel, Banks, Hackett, Collins, and Rutherford).

It starts with gentle sounds of acoustic guitars, the quiet, peaceful, almost pastoral beginning leads to a harsh and dark, yet atmospheric section that gradually intensifies before it returns to the quiet of the beginning- for a short time! The whole piece never settles into one groove , due to repeated time changes...The dynamic music ends with explosion of emotions paralleling the story itself. Phil Collins' massively powerful drumming takes the song to higher level with the extra help of Gabriel's bass drum.

Lyrically, as Gabriel has described it: The piece is a surrealistic story of  " Victoriana world, controlled English mental landscape under which festers violence and sex..."



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The Musical Box.

A Victorian era inspired composition that exemplifies the world of Genesis. The soft sound of acoustic guitars gradually change into a soaring, pounding, and atmospheric piece that pushes boundaries of Rock music -  A fantastic creation of Rock Theater ( with costumes and masks) that came to an end when Gabriel left the band in 1975.

The following is loosely taken from the album's liner note:  Cynthia  is playing croquet with Henry. She accidently removes Henry's head with her mallet;  a couple of weeks later she discovers Henry's musical box in his nursery. She opens the box and the nursery rhyme "Old  King Cole" begins to play, at the same time an spirit - like form rises from the music box. Henry had returned -  He started to age rapidly till an old man is left with a child's mind inside. A surge of a lifetime desire forced him to persuade Cynthia for its fulfillment;  The nanny walks into the room to investigate the noise, where she hurls the music box at the old man destroying both.