As It Is in Heaven

As It Is in Heaven
by Paykar

I watched my first Swedish movie tonight. Not being into Hollywood movies, forces one to search for films that are simply  depiction of themes about human condition. What follows is not review of the film, I just want to introduce it

This little known film ( although nominated for an academy Award in the best foreign film category  in 2005) deals with broad range of issues, from the ugliness of  various forms of abuse and hypocrisy under the surface of  a genteel community, to transcendent power of music in awakening  each individual and uniting them in a triumphant expression of our shared humanity.

I hope at least a couple of  readers watch this and start a conversation/discussion about this "little" gem.

This is a short clip from the film. It's called Gabriella's song.


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by Paykar on

I checked the 'grave of the fireflies," seems like a really good film. I will check  Netflix (My wife is asleep and I don't know the password) to see if they got it.

Since you are into animation,  check out " the triplets of belleville".

It's a very unique film both in terms of its story and the way it unfolds, and in terms of its style of animation. Not really a sad film, just very interesting.


Thank you for introducing

by vildemose on

Thank you for introducing this great movie. This one is going on my list of movies, I'm going to watch this summer. My favorite movie of all time is "grave of the firflies". It's an animation but it's the sadest but most unforgettable on so many levels--t movie I have ever seen....


The song

by Paykar on

is written for an abused woman, whom finds the courage to confront not only her abuser but is declaring a shift in her outlook about life from a church prescribed notions of  "sin" and heaven. "Church has created sin to sell absolution."

If you get a chance watch it.  Netflix carries it.

Maryam Hojjat

Beautiful & meaningful

by Maryam Hojjat on

It is every intelligent person dream to own her/his own free life.