A few Instrumental pieces


by Paykar

Due to massive volume of songs and inter - relatedness of some themes, I am going to imbed multiple videos.


On the Run from Pulse (Concert 1994).


One of Thses Days from Meddle ( Pulse concert video 1994).



Now a couple of Genesis tracks.

Los Endos from Trick of The Tale ( Performed during Seconds Out tour in 76-77) 

The cinema Show from Selling England by the pond, performed during the Seconds out tour.

In silent film era, in some theaters, somone would play the piano to go with the movie. Imagine this piece doing the same.

 Firth of Fifth from Selling England by The Pond ( Guitar solo by Hackett during his Tokyo tour 1996)




King Crimson title track DISCIPLINE (1981)

Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Various pieces and dates. ( absolutely not for the uninitiated!) 



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Has anyone listened to Robert Fripp yet? Have you kept your sanity:-)?