Wet My Lips – Much Thirst For You, Shy Not Away


Passing Through
by Passing Through

A little over an hour ago, I was watching this wonderful video by The Great Shamlou at the top of the first page. After watching the first one (there are a total of twelve), as Shamlou talked about Hafez, Love, Koran, and many other points, I was inspired to write this piece. As many of you are fully aware, there is much unpleasantness in some of these blogs. It does appear that some of our fellow Iranians, even those well-intentioned ones, show little or no respect to one another - just to prove a point. My hopes are that this piece, together with the wonderful videos by Shamlou, would provide a basis for more respect, if not love, towards one another. Let's not forget this: If we want a better Iran, we should behave better than those running it today - not acting at their level. Hope You Enjoy This.

In the divine, the very blessed, let love come forth
My love, your deep affection, yes my sweet, the very love of divinity, let it all come forth

As infinity draws nigh, the very sweet spirit of our salvation, in all eternity manifest
Nothing futile, no my darling, all glory, come forth indeed, and wet my lips

In the ocean of our love, the very tumult of the waves, drowning any and all sorrow
No heavenly places, no my darling, but our Very Good Earth, in our midst, comforting us, soothing our very sorrow

My weakness, totally manifest, made pure, in total strength
In the agony of suffering, the very pain of creation, all here, and nowhere else, yes my sweet, seek shelter

As I sit down, keeping company, with God Almighty
The coolness of breeze, the spirit of salvation, yes my darling, bring all love forth, hesitate not 

Our love, intertwined, as infinity, draws nigh, into our bosom 
Our spirit, my love, have no shame, all pure, embrace it, through and through

If a  stranger, bedeviled, in despair, seeking shelter, stretch a helping hand
My hand, and yes my darling, your hand, We Are All God’s hands, no difference, now, stretch a helping hand

Let the love of your bosom, flow incessantly, in all directions, no end in sight
Nothing mesmerized, by inaction, all action, yes my sweet, stretch a helping hand, as the Spirit Of God, guides you all through

If an Angel Of God, passes you by, ignore him, stretch a helping hand, to a destitute
Let the Love Of God, flow through you, yes my darling, ignore the Angel, love the destitute

In our salvation, yours and mine, the Love Of God, manifest, through Our Actions
Not by words, no my darling, but by the sweat of our brows, and the love, in stretching our hand, to any and all

No clamor, all harmony, yes my friend, set aside, all spirit of poison
Nothing sweet in words, the strength of your soul, the power of your conviction, let your love go forth, yes my friend, nothing less 

From the Eternity Past, To The Future, without Harmony, not much Love
Without friendship, the Love of Brotherhood, nothing matters, no my darling, nothing at all

As you hold my hand, and we walk, this very path, together, for our future manifest 
Let’s not forget, the sweetness of the journey, and not just the destination, our love manifest, and much truth abounds 


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