The Serenity Of Soul – And Indeed, The Peace Of Mind


Passing Through
by Passing Through

In the midst of anxiety, the very disquiet, with the demons of hell
Nestling within our soul, as a thief would, stealing our Peace, with no shame

The chatter of a disturbed spirit, clothed with misery, causing us much trouble
Its presence, not welcome at all, yet persistent, indeed from the depths of hades

Come my sweet, this dance, that we are engaged in, this very life
No dance at all, but a crooked ballet, yes my darling, the very manifestation of life itself

There’re no dancers, but humans in flesh, clothed in skin and blood
No dolls here, no my darling, but the very nerves of pain, clothed in the glory of life

Hold steady, my sweet, the demon, that you call, everlasting
No demon at all, no my precious, yet the very fabric of torture, see it, and remember

Much said, and indeed much done, to deflect the very evil
Yet no evil at all, but the very projection, of my soul, in conflict, with my spirit

As though my body, convoluted with my spirit, and my soul in wonder
Bring us peace, O’ Lord, yes my sweet, with the spirit of God present, not much else needed

My love, the very flesh of my body, your spirit, may indeed be in torment
Have no fear, no my sweet, all demons, are kept at bay, through eternity future

In my arms, the very soul of your body, nestled, with joy and peace
The very salvation of your spirit, yes my darling, sheltered, with no harm, never

Come my sweet, the very rest, that you thought, was eluding us
In the cacophony of the disturbances, no place for hiding, yet, a resting place at hand

Look at this problem, yes my sweet, and see it, for what it is
Nothing more, and nothing less, no my darling, but indeed see it, for what it is

Not a giant, nor a miserable demon, but indeed, just a problem 
Yes my darling, make not a giant out of it, but only a problem, now see it, for what it is

In this beloved creation of our Universe, within our bosom, the very strengths of our soul
All endowed, with the spirit of God, have all we need, now, see this problem, for indeed what it is

Bury these words, in to your heart, and cherish it
No Giant bigger than You, no my darling, and now see it, for indeed what it is

If the spirit of God, within you, the very weapon of salvation is there
Remember that, my darling, with your will, and determination, all surmounted, and now see it, for indeed what it is



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