In Search Of Peace – Amongst The Lives Of The Innocent


Passing Through
by Passing Through

From the very beginning, the pursuit of peace, all but inevitable
Hampered by armies of demons, clothed in selfishness, and yes, terror

These demons, no fallen heavenly angels, but humans of dirt and earth
The very embodiment of evil, yet, looking just you and I

Come my brother, the very existence of this terror
All inhumane, completely obvious, for all the world to see

The casualties of the struggle, our very own brothers, and sisters, in the streets of our land
Awash in blood, beaten by the stick, bleeding in pain, is this justice

As I sit down, the very inhumanity of it all, affecting me deeply
My very righteous indignation, total fury, rising within me, engulfing me in soul and spirit

My conscience, overwhelmed, with the feeling of vengeance
Yet, the very Spirit Of God within me, reminding me, vengeance is indeed the Lord’s

As I struggle, besides myself, not knowing what to do
Visions of the great Spirits, the Gandhis, and the Martin Luther Kings, projecting furiously through my mind

Listen my brother, it is easy for us, to be like them
To be savages, with no mercy, yes my brother, it is easy for us, to be like them

The Iran that we want, is indeed a better Iran, remember that
Not the same Iran, no my sister, but indeed a better Iran, remember that

An Iran of compassion, and of brotherhood, and yes, of sisterhood
Yes my friend, an Iran of selflessness, kindness, and courage, we want a better Iran, remember that

Come my sister, we want an Iran, where all your rights are protected
Not this bit, or that, but indeed All Your Rights, yes my sister, we want a better Iran, remember that

We should remember, the great ancient civilization, of our days past
Not shy away from it, but embrace it, and be inspired by it, yes my compatriots, we want a better Iran, remember that

I am an Iranian, full-blooded, with overwhelming passion for our Beloved Land
The very soul of our Iran, nestled within me, nurturing me, and reminding me, of its great potential, we want a better Iran, remember that

Make no mistake, justice should be meted out, to all agents of terror
Yet my friends, it is better to give mercy, than to receive one, be just, and slow to anger, we want a better Iran, remember that

My very spirit of vengeance, desires total annihilation, of these culprit bastards
Yet my brother, I have to defer to my higher being, and show more mercy, even to the oppressors, we want a better Iran, remember that

Remember, the very greatness of our Beloved Iran, will be on how we move forward 
With more blood on our hands, or with more compassion and mercy, that’s the key question, we want a better Iran, remember that



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Vive La Revolution

by NOT_AK69 on

"To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty." ~ Maximilien Robespierre


Passing Through

One more observation

by Passing Through on

Generally speaking, when there is an uprising, or a revolution, the seed of the next regime would be planted by how the revolutionaries treat those that they are replacing:

If the revolutionaries bring a reign of terror, such as what happened in France, and in Iran, then what comes next would be a dictatorship: Napoleon Bonaparte in France, and the Islamic Republic in Iran

However, if the revolutionaries show mercy, then the ensuing regime would be more democratic, typically representing the will of the people: case in point, South Africa

I hope that we Iranians have learnt this lesson, and practice it when this present regime is collapsed and overthrown



Passing Through

Dear R2-D2 (!)

by Passing Through on

An interesting name

In Poetry, the job of the Poet is to make sure that the reader understands the Poet's ideas in a few short verses Unlike prose which could be pages long

What you are describing is actually what most Poets try to achieve An everlasting effect

Many thanks for your kind words



Passing Through

Dear Humility

by Passing Through on

It is much more difficult to rise above the circumstances, and show mercy

Thank you for your contribution




To: 'Passing Through'

by R2-D2 on

I do appreciate the fact that you are encouraging others to take the better way, and not necessarily the way that they may think would bring about real justice.

I have read your other poems here, and I have to say that you have a gift for conveying certain thoughts powerfully, yet as they say, below the radar screen! With your writing, one doesn't realize that is being affected until one is finished reading it - and then, one asks oneself what happened!

I hope that you take what I have said above as a compliment - We look forward to your future works,





The Sentiments Are Aspiring ...

by Humility on

I have to say, that the new generation of our Iranians, are more prone to act in the manner that you have suggested.

If you travel to Iran, and engage some of these young kids, Revenge is not generally in their vocabulary. They are truly sick and tired of violence.

As I have indicated in many of my blogs, this regime is undoubtedly on its way out. The fact is, the less violence they show towards the population, the more likely it would be for what you have indicated to come true.