Godhead - Am I It, Or, Are You The One?


Passing Through
by Passing Through

In the depths of infinity, casually, waiting with great patience
All existence, the very thoughts of Creation, the Word Itself, blessedly awaiting Manifestation 

This peculiar divinity, the Godhead, in immaculate glory, yet quite bewildered, by the sense of it all 
Am I the one, or are you It, O’ Lord of Creation, show us, indeed who is who

Through my mother’s womb, the Love Of Creation, I came through this World, from infinity past
Be glorious O’ Lord, Is your spirit mine, are we one and the same, at a loss, My Lord, Seek Us The Truth

No Satan here, all angels present, come my sweet, no mumbo-jumbo, none at all
All revelation, full of glory, the very knowledge itself, yes my sweet, no ambiguity, only the sweetness of bliss

Come My Lord, all heaven, and our very existence, embodied, through spirit and soul, one and the same
The glory Of Khayyam, the bliss of Mowlana, all captured, yes my sweet, from infinity past, through the bosom, of infinity yet to come

All through, without hesitation, the Glory, manifested, in all, and everything
My God, and indeed yours, we all are, eachother’s Gods, come my friend, let’s embrace eachother

Jesus said to Mohammad, O’ My Brother, your very essence, is indeed, within my bosom
In all bewilderment, Mohammad responded, but Jesus, our very brother, Moses, at the very feet of Almighty

Come my friend, no confusion, none at all, in the affairs of God
Much enlightenment, yes my sweet, no entanglement, perfect clarity, all bliss, in the affairs of God

I am your Godhead, and you are indeed mine, no difference my sweet, We All Are, Divinity
Kiss my hand, as I kiss yours, our lips locked, yes my sweet, in eternal bliss, all through and through 

O’ Lord Of Creation, the very spirits of the Prophets, in total Rapture, at your very presence
Show Us Mercy O’ Sweet, as we show mercy towards others, yes My Lord, at your very presence

Heal our infirmities, in the manifestation of your power, all there to be seen
My power, yes my sweet, our power, the Godhead in me, and you,  all through and through

As One Is To Infinity, And Infinity To One, We Are All, Indeed One And The Same 
Yes My Sweet, Forget That Not, Our Love, Your Bliss, My Ecstasy, We Are, Indeed One And The Same



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Passing Through

Dear Friends

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Tks :)


Passing Through

Dear Nur-i-Azal

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Please note the following verses:

I am your Godhead, and you are indeed mine, no difference my sweet, We All Are, Divinity
Kiss my hand, as I kiss yours, our lips locked, yes my sweet, in eternal bliss, all through and through 

I Do Appreciate Your Observation :)

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The answer

by Nur-i-Azal on

In the Godhead to say 'I' is to say 'Thou'.

bismillah al-'ashiq wa'l-mash'uq

In the Name of the Godhead the Lover and the Beloved!

Passing Through

A Quote From The Great 'Meister Eckhart' ...

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Meister Eckhart was a great German Theologian, Philosopher, and Mystic who lived about 800 years ago.

One of the greatest statements that he ever made was this: The Greatest Obstacle To Understanding God Fully, Is God Himself

By this statement he meant that the imagery and attributes that we give to that concept that we call God

God Is Truly Beyond Thoughts - Once We Decide To Assign Attributes To God, On How God Is, Or Isn't, We Are Essentially Boxing Ourselves In

The Fullest And Most Complete Experience Of God Occurs When We Suspend All Thinking, And Essentially Unite Ourselves In Full With That Concept That We Call God

Uniting Totally, Completely, And Unequivocally

I Hope That This Has Been Helpful :)

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From Alpha To Omega

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All's well that ends well