Fortresses That We Build – Come My Darling, Walk A Path Of Faith


Passing Through
by Passing Through

With everlasting patience, and the spirit of reconciliation in sight
Words are not sufficient, no my darling, but the anger still prevails

The bruise of a lover, ever so deep, with much anguish
The tumult of a separation, ever so unanticipated, yet it befalls us all

The germination of the seed of love, caressed with the essence of love within
Never unencumbered, no my sweet, but growing with every flow of life present

My musings, with vigor, ever progressing with care
The perpetuity of its impact, ever blissfully penetrating, there for all to see

Yes my darling, let me tell you a story
A story of opportunities missed, that of love not manifest, let me tell you a story

The will of the lover, disabled by the devil himself
Yes my darling, bad choices made, without any regret, let me tell you a story

You and I, Leili and Majnoon, who really cares
It’s the story of not caring, yet we all care, unbeknownst to us all, let me tell you a story 

Come my sweet, smell the very fragrance of heaven
Beckoning us from afar, yet we have heaven here, see it, embrace it, let me tell you a story

I am at a loss, to explain all that’s happening
Yet my precious sweet, the ways of God, are not indeed ours, understand that, let me tell you a story

Break down this fortress, you have erected it all yourself
Have no need for it, see within yourself, you have all that you need, let me tell you a story

As we are together, the very angels are with us
The blessings of God upon us, see that my sweet, experience it, let me tell you a story

Have faith, and take the first step
No fear, no shame, but everlasting bliss, listen to me, let me tell you a story

To hell with the world, what matters is our very union
No shame, neither sin, blessing abounds, all through and through, let me tell you a story

You have courage, now muster it my darling, without hesitation
The brave shall indeed inherit the world, have no doubt O’ Precious, let me tell you a story

As a baby born, its seed in its mother’s womb
Let my seed be in your womb, my sweet, ever blissful, and no sin, let me tell you a story

The joy of our union, ever so present, for angels to see
Not my plan, nor yours, but God’s destiny indeed, let’s embrace it, let me tell you a story



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