Finding Peace – In The Midst Of Storm


Passing Through
by Passing Through

As the darkness approaches, in the belly of the beast
The very crucifix, has no mercy, the demons abound much

Cantankerous, it may sound, yet all things considered
The ravages of torture, all be it normal, yet totally uncalled for

Come my darling, the crucible that you are in
Is not called torture, no my sweet, but the pruning of your soul

The valley of destruction, appearing, eminently dangerous at hand
No valley at all, my sweet, but the shears of a gentle gardener

Come my darling, embrace what is called life
Run not away from it, no sweet, but embrace, what’s called life

In the joys of the present, and yes, the misfortunes of tomorrow
Take it all in stride, yes my sweet, and embrace, what’s called life

I do know your pain, yet the pain of you not becoming
Significantly more, yes my darling, become the gem that you’re meant to be, and embrace, what’s called life

I’m not being insensitive, believe me, I do know a thing or two about pain
Your pain, is a pain of creation, and refinement, yes my sweet, embrace, what’s called life

Read the Book Of Job in the Bible, and you’ll see what real pain is all about
Listen to me my darling, God chastises us all, prunes us to no end, for our own good, embrace, what’s called life

I’m your friend, and easy for me, to affirm your affliction
What you have is no affliction, no my sweet, but the maturing of your spirit, embrace, what’s called life 

As time passes, and as we grow older, and hopefully more mature
Believe me my sweet, you’ll see the benefits, with your own eyes, trust me, and embrace, what’s called life

You’re but a gem, but being cut, into a beautiful diamond
Yes my darling, I can see that, though you may not, have to trust me, and embrace, what’s called life

I’m neither a Prophet, nor a Preacher, but just an Ordinary Man
Yet I know, a thing or two, about life, trust me my sweet, and embrace, what’s called life

In closing, I would like to wish you well, with the promises that you have
Remember them my darling, embrace these words, and tolerate them, yes my sweet, and embrace, what’s called life



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Hi Laleh

by Humility on

I was browsing through some of the blogs by 'PT'. I recently got his new book, and I noticed that this poem was also in the book.

I don't know if you recall, but I participated in your article on Dr. Mossadeq a couple of months ago. When I read your comment below, I thought of leaving you this note hoping that things have much improved since you left it!





Passing Through

Dear Laleh

by Passing Through on

After reading your comment again, and in view of Jamshid's useful suggestions, I decided to write this piece:

The Fragrance Of Beauty – Look In The Mirror, You’ll See It

I hope you find it useful



Passing Through

Dear Jamshid

by Passing Through on

The concept of God is something that can not be physically proven.

The only way to understand God is through faith.

Having said that, we can either choose to believe in God, or choose not to. If you feel comforted by believing in him, then do so; and similarly, if you are not, then don't.

I know that this may sound crazy, but that is the real truth ... Whatever others may say, is nothing but conjecture

Thank you for your comment





by jamshid on

"God chastises us all, prunes us to no end, for our own good..."

What god? Look around you! All signs point to the fact that there is no God at all, or if there is one, it is far far different than the god described in Koran, Bible, or Torah, completely beyond, oblivious and indifferent to the struggles of humanity.

Laleh: If you don't mind my meddling, simplify the equations of life dear! Remove the "god" parameter from the said equations, and suddenly, things shall begin to make sense.

Passing Through: Can a human being reach ultimate peace and tranquility without God?

I tired to find it with God, and the only thing I found was pain, misery, heartbreak and disapointment. I admit that without God, things are still the same, but at least forevermore without the heartbreak and without the disapointment!

That alone made a big difference.

Sorry to barging in!

Passing Through

Dear Laleh

by Passing Through on

I would like to wish you the best

I hope that you find the Peace that you are looking for




Religion and Me

by LalehGillani on

Someday, I will tell you about the pain. I wish it could have been tonight. Do you think you can handle the darkness in which I live?

I have read the Bible cover to cover and found nothing of any value in either Testament. Don’t go this route with me: Religion and I don’t mix. I am not on speaking terms with the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

The God of Islam and I have an understanding, a sort of agreement. I have released him of his sins, and in return, he has left me alone for the time being. I know full well that someday we will confront each other again. I am ready for that moment. He has much to answer for…