The Blessing Of Forgiveness - The Foundation For Healing


Passing Through
by Passing Through

In the realm of the possible, the very creation of sin, adamantly present
Mesmerized by inaction, shrewdly contemplating, without any direction at all

Within the bosom of our existence, the very angel of justice, asking vehemently
My place, or indeed yours, neither my friend, but our very place of salvation, where art thou

Come my darling, the night is indeed long, and the shadows, quite overwhelming
The beauty within, and the bliss without, yes my sweet, all harmony, fully manifested

The Lord Almighty, unaware of the transgressions, yet extending his hand, fully forward
No hesitation, no my darling, but his grace, in full display, indeed, extending his hand, fully forward

As two is to four, and five to six, the heaven, indeed enamoring
The bliss of our forgiveness, all inundating, yes my sweet, spirit, soul, and indeed body

My brother, our very transgressions, yours, and indeed, mine
To be forgiven, asking for mercy, embracing grace, yes my darling, embracing God himself

Come my sweet, the flow of the spirit, embracing any and all, in total existence
No more hatred, neither resentment, no my darling, but the flow of the spirit, embracing our very being

Moses asked Jesus, our brother, Mohammad, give him forgiveness
His spirit right, yet his followers, indeed blasphemous, O’ Lord, yet give him, forgiveness

All The Prophets, in amazement, at the seat of the father 
Praising, yet wondering, are the trangressions forgiven, O’ My Beloved Lord, give us all forgiveness

As I sit here, at the very seat of salvation, contemplating, the Glory Of God himself
Mesmerized by The Angels, in total ecstasy, feeling completely worthless, yet, knowing, as good as God

Not being blasphemous, no my darling, but the very same spirit, that embraced, and guided, our Beloved  Mowlana
No different, my darling, as it guided Shams, then our Beloved Mowlana, all the same 

I am nothing, yet at the seat of God, totally, everything
The bliss of our salvation, and the glory of God, O’ Lord, fill my spirit, all through and through

O’ Lord, bless all those, that read these very words 
The feeling of our ecstasy, and your bliss, yes my Lord, fill us all, with your spirit

I’m but a sinner, yet my Lord, cleanses and washes,  all my transgressions
Come and sit with me, yes my brother, let his spirit, wash and cleanse, your spirit too 

From the eternity past, to the eternity future, the love of Mowlana, embracing my whole being
Has put a fire to my soul, quenched, only, by the very spirit, of salvation

Come my Lord, let me walk, this very path, with you
My spirit in ecstasy, my soul in total bliss, thank you O’ Lord, have mercy, on us all


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Passing Through

Dear Azadeh

by Passing Through on

Thank you for your kind words

Looking forward to your future work




Azadeh Davachi

azadeh davachi Thanks a

by Azadeh Davachi on

azadeh davachi

Thanks a lot for your comment , I read your note and I like it.

good luck 


Ecstasy & Bliss

by Humility on

These are seals that confirm our being on the right path. In effect, Gods are telling us that although you do not see us, we are giving you the guide posts to ensure that you are aware of your destiny. So long as there are people in this World, there will be Bliss and Ecstasy.

Plug along Brother :)