Iranians being intimidated outside Iran


Iranians being intimidated outside Iran
by Parvaneh A. Farid

One would think we Iranians, who live abroad, are immune from the intimidation that the government of Iran plays on its citizens. But no! Even if you have a another nationality they keep asking people, who go to the embassy, about you. In the country I live, my students in the university have been asked if they knew me. Of course they do! Some have gotten so scared that they have disconnected from me on facebook, some others don’t want to be seen with me in public. Perhaps the media observers of the Iranian Embassy have noticed that the media in our country is regulary exposing Iran’s abuse of human rights, in particular against the Bahá’ís, and that I, as well as many others around the globe, do everything we can to defend our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned for their beliefs. What kind of a world do we live in? I am a Baha’i for real :) I have chosen to be one and with that I mean I have chosen a life style that includes my own spiritual development and active participation of building an ever advancing civilization. I have chosen to be honest with myself and with my surrounding, although I find it quite challenging I must say. I believe that ”The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct”.

And I am lying if I say I am not looking for co-workers on this path. I do. I want all the people of the world to be engaged in pure and goodly deeds. But I do know that this is everyone’s choice and I am no mullah or priest to preech this. I am just sharing what my dream and longing is. I had forgotten though that I was born in Iran and although I am not holding an Iranian citizenship it seems noone is tolerated be a dreamer :)

Once upon a time in 25 of February 1991 a secret blue print found its way out of Iran (see below the whole text) and under point B.#6 you can read: A plan must be devised to confront and destroy their cultural roots (Baha’is) outside the country.

When I heard that the Iranian Embassy is asking about me from my Iranian students I don’t know how I felt. I wanted to understand them as I always try to understand people. Of course, I have given up understanding the government of Iran, because that is beyond my capacity and I do not insist anymore. But I tried to understand why some of those students who have become so close and dear to my heart are now scared to be seen with me? What is going on in their minds? Do they have doubts about friendly human relationships? Are they scared? Have they been threatend?

I wish you could answer my questions.


(Translation from Persian)

In the Name of God!

The Islamic Republic of Iran
The Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council
Number: 1327/....
Date: 6/12/6 (25 February 1991)
Enclosure: None


Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Golpaygani

Head of the Office of the Esteemed Leader (Khamenei)


After greetings, with reference to the letter #1/783 dated 10/10/69 ([31 December 1990), concerning the instructions of the Esteemed Leader which had been conveyed to the Respected President regarding the Bahá’í question, we inform you that, since the respected President and the Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council had referred this question to this Council for consideration and study, it was placed on the Council’s agenda of session #128 on 16/11/69 (5 February 1991) and session #119 of 2/11/69 (22 January 1991). In addition to the above, and further to the discussions held in this regard in session #112 of 2/5/66 (24 July 1987) presided over by the Esteemed Leader (head and member of the Supreme Council), the recent views and directives given by the Esteemed Leader regarding the Bahá’í question were conveyed to the Supreme Council. In consideration of the contents of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the religious and civil laws and general policies of the country, these matters were carefully studied and decisions pronounced.

In arriving at the decisions and proposing reasonable ways to counter the above question, due consideration was given to the wishes of the Esteemed Leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran [Khamenei], namely, that “in this regard a specific policy should be devised in such a way that everyone will understand what should or should not be done.” Consequently, the following proposals and recommendations resulted from these discussions.

The respected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council, while approving these recommendations, instructed us to convey them to the Esteemed Leader (Khamenei) so that appropriate action may be taken according to his guidance.


A. General status of the Bahá’ís within the country’s system

  1. They will not be expelled from the country without reason.

  • They will not be arrested, imprisoned, or penalized without reason.
  • The government’s dealings with them must be in such a way that their progress and development are blocked.
  • B. Educational and cultural status

    1. They can be enrolled in schools provided they have not identified themselves as Bahá’ís.

  • Preferably, they should be enrolled in schools which have a strong and imposing religious ideology.
  • They must be expelled from universities, either in the admission process or during the course of their studies, once it becomes known that they are Bahá’ís.
  • Their political (espionage) activities must be dealt with according to appropriate government laws and policies, and their religious and propaganda activities should be answered by giving them religious and cultural responses, as well as propaganda.
  • Propaganda institutions (such as the Islamic Propaganda Organization) must establish an independent section to counter the propaganda and religious activities of the Bahá’ís.
  • A plan must be devised to confront and destroy their cultural roots outside the country.
  • C. Legal and social status

    1. Permit them a modest livelihood as is available to the general population.

  • To the extent that it does not encourage them to be Bahá’ís, it is permissible to provide them the means for ordinary living in accordance with the general rights given to every Iranian citizen, such as ration booklets, passports, burial certificates, work permits, etc.
  • Deny them employment if they identify themselves as Bahá’ís.
  • Deny them any position of influence, such as in the educational sector, etc.
  • Wishing you divine confirmations,
    Secretary of the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council
    Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Golpaygani
    Note in the handwriting of Mr. Khamenei
    In the Name of God!

    The decision of the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council seems sufficient.
    I thank you gentlemen for your attention and efforts.


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    Parvaneh A. Farid

    what a great video of 1912! Thank you Faryarm

    by Parvaneh A. Farid on

    Dear Faryarm thank you for sharing this wonderful video, I really liked it.

    Baha'u'llah has created the infrastructure of a justice system, so much needed in Iran and all over the world. It is up to us to translate His teachings into action. And being passive is the same as working against it.We can't just sit and watch how this world collapses and wait for others to do the job.




    1912;Persian Wisdom Rejected in Iran, Welcome & Admired in NYC

    by faryarm on


    As far back as 1852, A young boy who at age 8,  was forced to accompany HIs family into exile, Prison and Confinement for the nexy forty years, finally after freedom, Abdul Baha aged 68 travelled to The West, arriving in New York in April 1912.

    He never saw Iran as an adult, but by all accounts Bahai and Non, He was a Majestic figure of wisdom and knowledge; a credit to Iran, at a time when all the west knew about Iranians was of the visiting Qajar princes who were running a mock throughout Europe.   



    As Parvaneh said: 

    "Baha'u'llah didn't travel to other countries he was exiled, but His son Abdu'l-Baha did.He traveled to Europe and US and elsewhere. Wherever He went he was recieved by the academic and higly intellectuals of His own time." 


    I post this video, because it may expand your vision and horizon;  

    This video shows what blind prejudice and ignorance in iran rejected, (still does)

    in stark contrast with what New York, the most advanced and sophisticated society of the New World in 1912 welcomed with respect and admiration.

    What a sad commentary about Iran then and Iran now, not to mention, the comments of a younger generation Iranian, with your comments as its example.



    Parvaneh A. Farid

    I agree, but lions are animals:)

    by Parvaneh A. Farid on

     Mehdijan, I totally agree with you that one won't go to a lion's cage expecting him not to bite. But with this you are suggesting that we are dealing with animals! And I am saying they are human and they better live up to the noble standards of a human. Thats all! We have alot in common I feel it. I don't want to be a victim and I am not. But many people in Iran are and what it is we can do.

    I wish we had a very just global court or roganization who would deal justly and swiftly with all the injustices in each country, do we have such a thing? not yet, but an immature form of that is UN, that is all we have and with all its shortcomings I still believe it is a mouthspeak to bring justice to some people's mind. At least we shouldbe able to alk about it as civil as you and I are doing right now. we are luck you know.

    I'd like to share the below passage with you which really made me think. We live our lives but we have to be aware of what is it we are leaving behind.

    With respect,


    days pass swiftly as the twinkle of a star. Make your mark now, at this
    crucial turning point of a juncture, the like of which shall never
    return. Make that mark in deeds that will ensure for you celestial
    blessings--guarantee for you, for the entire race, a future beyond any
    earthly reckoni
    ng." Universal House of Justice



    by Mehdi on

    I think you have a pretty good understanding of what I am saying.

    I agree with you that there "should" be all kinds of freedom. Hey, I should be able to stand in a lion's cage and not be attacked. But you will not find me doing so - hehe.

    I am not saying I have no compassion for Bahai who are in trouble now, but my solution is discussions such as this to help both sides understand where they went wrong. The idea that some people have that if they go to the UN and raise hell then things will improve is not and will not be my choice. I quite extensively explained why. I will not want to be responsible for all the Bahai who will suffer a lot more when new rounds of sanctions take place. UN will do nothing except help destroy Iran a little more. But if people were inteligent there are tons of peaceful way to fix these issues. I am afraid antagonistically attacking them is not a peaceful approach. And no matter how much you claim Bahai people are peaceful, the act of openly calling mullah unnecessary IS an act of antagonism. I don't see any Bahai person taking any responsibility for this situation. It is ALL someone else's fault. They seem to all be just victims. That is a lie! I don't buy it. We are ALL responsible. An duntil we truly recognize that we will be "victims."

    Parvaneh A. Farid

    Mehdi jan I am slowly getting what you are trying to say

    by Parvaneh A. Farid on

    From what I read, you also think clergy is unnecessary! I don't think you believe we need mullas and priests.As you said we are educated people, therefore we can read the Holy Writings and understand them.


    Baha'u'llah was born in a royal family, so was Budha,but they choose to live a life different from what their fathers did. They are chosen and they give concent to live a life full of sufferings. I and other Baha'is choose to follow him, it is not the religionof our parents that we follow. I am agood example of that. As you very nicely wrote many people in Iran follow the religionof their parents because of fear and bad luck. I agree with you and here I am saying one can do otherwise. One can search and choose without fear. I am sure you agree with that, don't you?

    The fact that I follow what I follow without fear, shouldn't make me or any other citizen of Iran a secondary citizen with less rights. And I am pretty sure you agree with this too.

    Baha'u'llah didn't travel to other countries he was exiled, but His son Abdu'l-Baha did.He traveled to Europe and US and elsewhere. Wherever He went he was recieved by the academic and higly intellectuals of His own time. In Paris He gave talks in a church everyday and many people were there listening to what he had to say about humanity. He also as a child had to go through poverty and exile with His father but that made Him a very selfless and devoted person, I personally look up at him as a perfect example, there are books written about him.

    I think what you are saying is as the persian proverbe says: har ki kharbozeh mikhoreh paye larzesh ham mishineh" and I say we are human beings and we should show comapssion to those who eat kharbozeh:) Eating kharbozeh is not a crime dear Mahdi, and this proverbe needs to be changed, we all need to change, we need a new perspective in life.

    I remain with all my respect.



    Even the tone of their letter sounds like Nazis

    by ramintork on

    They use a phrase the Bahai question and that is how the Nazis refered to the Jews. Absolutely disgraceful! They are just like Nazis.

    At times like this I don't know what the hell UN is up to?



    Dear Friends

    by Sargashteh on

    The experience of talking to Mehdi shows he always thinks he has already answered the question when he doesn't even know what the question is. He ended up calling HIMSELF a traitor or order to prove other people are and had tell us many lies in order to prove others have lied. Mehdi doesnt have a good grasp on reality and not to be taken seriously.



    by Mehdi on

    I think I have already answered your question. I told you I don't like the way things are in Iran either. But nobody has come after me and nobody has threatened me or anything. So what is the difference here?

    As I said a few times already, what you guys have VERY hard time swallowing is the fact that bringing a new religion into Iran is equal to suicide. I understand that in your eyes Bahaullah made no mistake but in my eyes, he made huge one. Ever since that mistake, his people have suffered and they will suffer for some time to come, unfortunately. I don't like it either but you can't always get what you want.

    A better approach has been explained in my last comment. That's what Bahhaullah should have done instead.


    Actual Scene

    by Mehdi on

    There are 70 million people living in Iran. By far, the majority are born into families with no education. These families are heavily into Islamic beliefs. From childhood they are indoctrinated into these beliefs. These beliefs are primarily based on fear. Concepts such as if you betray your faith (which is really you parents' faith) you will have serious bad luck/accidents/failures/troubles, etc, and no one will ever love you again and God who is all but love will have nothign but hat efor you, on and on and on.

    Bahais are a small minority in Iran. By far the greater majority of them are born into families with much better education and economical resources. Bahaullah himself had already travelled to other ocuntries when practically no Iranian even knew that there are other countries/cultures, and he enjoyed a very superior education. He was a sort of royalty surrounded by educated and influential people. He later declared a war against the uneducated by calling them unnecessary (parasites).

    When one of these uneducated, poorly raised Iranians is brought into large city like Tehran an dgiven a position of power, maybe a gun, etc, and when he realizes how good life is in Tehran, and when he is told that Bahais are some of the people who are taking up a much larger share of the country's wealth than others, and when he is told that Bahais are against Islamic beliefs, conditions are set!

    But Bahais do not wish to take any responsibility for the uneducated and underprivilleged - the typical Basiji. Bahais don't really understand Basijis. Bahais can barely withold their hatred when the Basiji beats up their fellow Bahai. Bahais think to themselves that this person is just made differently by God or something. This person is made of evil material and he is just evil.

    This is not true, actually. A Basiji is not created differently than a Bahai. The difference is education and upbringing.

    But is it really a Basiji's fault for never having the fancy education that the Bahai had? Whose fault is it?

    Well your typical Bahai does not like to talk about this much as it is a bit of a painful subject. He prefers to describe to the "world" (Israeli media, really), in detail, how horrific "human rights violations" are in Iran. Oh, my God! It is horrific!

    So the Bahai, goes out and spreads the "information" that there is this bread of creature known as Basiji which is evil and violates human rights. He gets busy painting a black picture of this Basiji. he wants help from "the world" to subdue this Basiji and bring him under restraint. Bahai is desparat. He doesn't understand and he doesn't have a better idea. he doesn't really care what the consequences of his actions are. he is desparate with no solution, so he resort to anything and anybody - even the most suppressive regimes on Earth, Israel. They ask for help from the Brits, the most well-known colonists in the world!

    Hence a war ensues.

    And a minute after that, nobody really knows how this war started. People on both side "just know" that they must fight! There are, mysteriously, more than enough cheerleaders to cheer them on! Israeli media is more than happy to spread the news far and wide about hwo barberic Basiji creature is (by now Basiji is not really even viewed as a human anymore - he is sub-human).

    I am not sure if this helps shed some light on how I view this whole thing.

    There may be a day that a new breed of Bahai will show up on Earth. A Bahai who does not see it necessary to call himself Bahai but he is different in a subttle way. This new breed of Bahai does not make statements like "mullahs are unnecessary in the world." He is smart enough not to say such a thing. Instead, he approaches the Basiji from a viewpoint that is completely Islamic. He will say to the Basiji, "Hey, would you like Iran to lead the Islamic world and make every Muslim proud? I tell you how you can do this. Let's build the largest Islamic academy in the world and bring a copy of all books on the subject here and gather tons of peope and discuss how Islamic society can improve!" he will convince the Basiji that Internet is a must if he wants Islam to progress into the next level! Cell phones, better cars, better factories, better roads, etc all necessary for Islam to become well known around the world. Tourism! My God, we want the whole world to come and see Islam upclose for themselves, so we better get ready!

    I can dream... Can you?


    Mehdi, What are YOU made of?

    by faryarm on

    Mehdi, What are YOU made of?

    If the IRI was to take you away from your family, jail you, beat and torture you to renounce and recant what ever is your belief; how steadfast would you be to remain true to your self, the world and your faith, if you have one, which i presume you do....

    Would you recant your beliefs, if they promise you freedom and tell you to sign a paper and publish in Kayhan? 

    or as these brave souls and many like them, stand firm in the face of injustice and imminent execution.

    Mehdi, if Bahais are "weak", how brave are you and those who have influenced you? 

    Why would anyone be afraid of "sweetness and light", except those who are afraid of its power of attraction, because the world needs more "sweetness and light" than the dark clouds of hate.

    If Bahais are "dangerous", show us the harm; if not what are you possibly afraid of?

    what and where is the source of your prejudice?



    Mehdi :

    "Bahai are dangerous people because they are weak people. They are not brave. They are into "sweetness and light." They think they can wave any evil away by just ignoring it or hoping it will not bite. Such extreme "niceness" makes them unpredictable and dangerous. They will leave you without support when you least expect it.

    Thank you very much, it has been illuminating and educational for me. I now feel even less concerned about their fate as they have started a stupid activity which they know will get them into trouble and just don't care anyway. I predict that their response will be a prayer for me - sweetness and light BS (swallow their hatred deep down until one day when it blow up out of control)."

    Mona 19


    by Mona 19 on

    Parvaneh A. Farid

    dear Mehdi what is the actual scene in Iran then?

    by Parvaneh A. Farid on

    "The point is that this writer is not portraying the actual scene. She
    is misrepresenting and she is lying. It is right in front of our face.
    The picture you get from reading her blog is NOT a true representation
    of Iran or even the condition of Bahai."

    1. dear Mehdi as a Baha'i I am very busy with working for the betterment of the world and this blog is a way for me to express what I beleive, I work and don't have much time to keep answering when people accuse me. I have copied a blueprint in my blog to be as truthful as possible on the issue I am talking about.

    2.with your eloquent English you may have grasped that I am a defender of human rights and not an attacker. I am not for war at all.As a matter of fact I hope conflicts will be resolve din Iran as peacefull as possible.

    3. I am glad you finally introduced the Baha'is as sweet and prayerful people, and of course you also said weak and dangerous, I don't get it really, if we are weak how can we be dangerous.

    4.Dear Mehdi what is the real or actual scene in Iran? What do you suggest I say when I am interviewed or when I write? That there is freedom of speech? That minorities have full rights? That I am accepted as I am? That Baha'is have the basic human rights? That their trials are fair and just?

    I do consider myself a very aware woman, I don't want to say educated because unfortunately higher school education per ce hasn't proved to be enough and make us aware of what our basic human rights are.

    Women don't have rights in Iran, do you agree with this?So should I say we do? 

    Please note that I have also like yourself lived abroad for more than 20 years and I have learned alot from my surroundings. I have learned that the world needs to change, but for that I need to change. I keep repeating this sentence from Ghandi: Be the change you want to see in the world. This is what I am trying to be. I don't like to be accused of being related or even similar to a political party. I have chosen the Baha'i faith as my lifestyle and I stand for it and won't recant my Faith.I don't ask any other believer of any other religion to recant their Faith.

    I know others have suggested on this blog not to deal with the contradications you are making here but, I really would like to understand people like you.

    The whole world knows Dalai Lama as a spiritual man, but Chinese people because of the influence of the Chinese media campagin think he is a terrorist. You are living abroad and have all the chances to read and watch different channels and sites. Give this chance to yourself.Learn about the Baha'i Faith, conditioning you clear your heart of both hatred and love!

    Baha'is want peace and tranquility in the world, we believe in the prosperity of mankind, not only in Iran but everywhere. A spiritual and material prosperity for which we are all working and we welcome whoever would like to be a partner in that. And with that I don't mean everyone should become Baha'i but just become a coworker in building a new world.

    There is no justice system in the world that I can accept fully and just like you  I watch, read and listen to the world news and know that we are not living in a perfect world, but I have chosen a  truthful, ever advancing, fair and peaceful way. I am writing from heart Mehdi, I have no anger against anybody believe me, please! I have learned to channelize the anger to the service.When I read the site on the two kids being beaten in class, I felt sad,very sad, you did too, I know! But my reaction is that I look for a solution.You and I have to bring this to the attention of the world. And besides that I help by holding empowerment classes for the children of the area I live in to make them good decision makers of the future. And this I call buttefly effect! It doesn't mater where we do good, it will have an impact on the world.

    If you read my comment I appreciate it dear Mehdi.




    by cyclicforward on

    You are such a sorry excuse on this website. Why don't you get busy with your Basiji friends. May be you get some respect there.


    They are NOT brave?! Tell

    by doost on

    They are NOT brave?! Tell that to two of my cousins who were executed by the IRI. Tell that to our next door neighbor; a husband and wife who were killed by IRI. Let's remember all they had to do was just to say " I am a Muslim" and they would have been released.

    You need to check your facts before insulting a group of people that all they want is the betterment of humanity.....



    by Mehdi on

    Talking to a Bahai is like talking to a wall. They just come back and say, "Huh? What was that?"

    Bahai are dangerous people because they are weak people. They are not brave. They are into "sweetness and light." They think they can wave any evil away by just ignoring it or hoping it will not bite. Such extreme "niceness" makes them unpredictable and dangerous. They will leave you without support when you least expect it.

    Thank you very much, it has been illuminating and educational for me. I now feel even less concerned about their fate as they have started a stupid activity which they know will get them into trouble and just don't care anyway. I predict that their response will be a prayer for me - sweetness and light BS (swallow their hatred deep down until one day when it blow up out of control).


    Mehdi , some knowledge is in order..perhaps?

    by faryarm on

    Dear Mehdi,

    Your statements below portray an often too hasty understanding of someone who has developed preconceived ideas, who has read very little if any of authentic Bahai history , and unfortunately makes statements based on falsities and propaganda.

    Can I suggest an open mind and a look at this followed by some reading of history and hopefully a more mature perspective, so that you can have better grasp of how a persecuted new Faith, born in Iran , has despite the exile and persecution of its founders and followers has spread to every where on the planet where a human being is present; perhaps an illustration of your need for a more informed opinion about Bahais,  their history and beliefs and your unfortunate judgment as having called it a "failure".


    PART 2


    Adib Masumian


    by Adib Masumian on

    Just about everyone in Iran does indeed have it bad under the incumbent regime, but you can't simply dismiss what the Baha'is have been going through since 1979 (and before) by saying "You think that's bad? Check out how the Muslims suffer!"


    Your average Muslim isn't precluded from burying their dead (ref). Your average Muslim doesn't arbitrarily lose his business license without any rational explanation (ref). Your average Muslim doesn't come home to find that their family members have been incarcerated on false grounds and generic, unsubstantiated charges (ref). Your average Muslim isn't harassed by their schoolmates and even teachers in some areas because of their devotion to their religion (ref1, ref2). Your average Muslim isn't kicked out of a university due to their religious adherence (ref). The graves of your average Muslims in Muslim cemeteries aren't constantly bulldozed, nor is the property of your average Muslim defiled by anti-religious slogans (ref). Baha'i marriages aren't legitimate either. They don't get pensions or birth certificates either. Legally speaking, we barely exist - I say barely since we're only recognized when it conveniences the regime to have us as a handy scapegoat, like blaming us for just about everything that's wrong with Iran, masterminding the Ashura protests, being in cahoots with Israel to disrupt the adhesive holding Iran together that is Islam...etc. etc.

    Check out the archives on for the more recent atrocities, but beyond that I'd like to ask that you please visit this website and peruse all of the resources given on the left-hand side:


    What corollaries to a governmentally orchestrated eradication of Baha'i presence, even beyond the borders of Iran, have been unearthed to date in the Iranian Muslim world?


    Dear Mehdi

    by Sargashteh on

    Thank you for your responses. You keep repeating that she is lying and I keep asking you where when and how? and all you can give me is rhetoric. that bahai's lie and so on. but you refuse to tell me which part of it is a lie, just keep repeating same words.

    And by the way when you say you situation in US is worse  than the situation of the Bahais in Iran that is a HUGE HUGE lie in itself and misreprestation of truth just doesn't get any worse. I wish you were more fair.

    Since I am getting the same answer over and over again I have to say goodnight to you and wish you well.


    Sargashteh: repeat No. 8

    by Mehdi on

    Again, you may think you read my comments but you have not read them at all. Or subconsciously you don't absorb the data in them as it is very painful.

    I never said Parvaneh is a traitor for exposing human rights violation. You are COMPLETELY making that up. A very clear example of another Bahai lying and misrepresenting (assuming you are a Bahai too). I said, in at least 4 of my comments that the writer is lying as she is not portraying the true image - she is misrepresenting facts and I explained in details which facts I am talking about. Seems like you just simply come back with an "innocent" question that has been answered 7 times already. I don't understand how you could possibly have a question that I answered so many times and then mis-quote me completely?

    I didn't say I was a traitor because I help remove Shah - I said, if you read that I became a traitor because I was irresponsible, uneducated and only knew partial truth and I did not do my own research and I didn't care who I go to for help and who I am asking to do what to my country. Please read the comments one more time. and stop asking the same questions.


    Mehdi Aziz

    by Sargashteh on

    I read your comments and it seems that you are badly contradicting yourself. First you call Parvaneh a traitor for exposing human rights violations of this regime which is being against it. and then you turn around call yourself a traitor (and you use this term in a very judgemental way) for bringing this regime to power.

    Which is it please tell us: If this is a bad regime then why fighting it is being a traitor. and if it is a good why are you a traitor for bringing it to power?

    I wish the best of luck for you and for you family.


    Faramarz_Fateh: let's look at it the other way around

    by Mehdi on

    Are you saying Bahai are all innocent angels and none of them ever lies?

    Prophets of all religions have said a lot of good things. Yet, those who practice those religions don't seem to have much luck following them. 

    The point is that this writer is not portraying the actual scene. She is misrepresenting and she is lying. It is right in front of our face. The picture you get from reading her blog is NOT a true representation of Iran or even the condition of Bahai.

    Also, please read my comments, it is a simple fact that bringing in a new  religion is Iran is equal to suicide. It is not the best way to help people. It is WRONG.


    Sargashteh: Why not read my last two comments?

    by Mehdi on

    All your questions have been answered there. i even gave a solution that I can think of - starts with being honest. You have to become honest before you will see the solution. As long as your ears and eyes are filled with falsehood and half truth you will see no other solution.


    Mehdi jon

    by Sargashteh on

    If you think Bahai's have lied and have put events out of contex, then please tell us when, where and how.

    and please tel me how the lies that were said during the revolution can justify the mistreatment of men,women and children because of their religious beliefs. so what is your suggestion here? Bahai's should not asked for their most basic rights becaurs lies were said during the revolution???


    Dear Mehdi

    by Faramarz_Fateh on

    If Baha'i's wanted to lie, they could have easily hid their religion with one or few words and got on with their lives in Iran like the other 70 million Iranians.  Would you agree with this?  They have persevered for 30 years under brutal persecution because of their integrity.

    Baha'u'llah has said: "Truthfulness is the foundation of all virtues".




    Who is a traitor?

    by Mehdi on

    Let's see, in 1979 a lot of us, including myself, went into the streets rioting, demonstrating, breaking windows, etc and we got rid of Shah. Were we traitors? YOU BET! We betrayed our country and we betrayed our own people. We were the "educated ones" and we did not research well. We took the lazy way out. We were irresponsible and we destroyed Iran.

    But there were persecutions at that time, were there not? "Our youth were being tortured and killed," were they not? So how come our voicing against those attrocities ended up making us traitors?Are we saying that people who are oppressed should not say anything and should not take any action? Should we not have informed the world?

    We lied! If one person died in jail due to God knows why, we went around and said "everybody is being killed daily." If one idiot tortured somebody, probably without even his superior knowing about it, we went around and said Shah drinks the blood of our youth every night! 

    In short, we lied.

    We did not tell the story as it was. We did not put thing in proper context. We felt justified to lie.

    All I am asking from the writer is to tell the story as it is. Give the complete picture. Don't lie and don't take things out of context.I bet you any money that if you tell the truth as it is and put everything in proper context, you will all of a sudden find many, many ways of doing positive work in Iran. I bet you any money.



    by Mehdi on

    Again, you are repeating the same issues. I said that in my comments, but i guess I need to repeat it again. You think Bahai people are being persecuted? Try Muslims! You think I like the way things are in Iran? Why do you think I live in the US then? So please, please, please, let's not repeat the same issues.

    I never said or suggested that Bahai people are having a great time there. I never suggested that there is no problem for them. Ideally, yes, there would be religious freedom. Ideally, yes, a lot of things would be different. This is NOT unique to IRI. Even US has serious religious persecution issues. US has SERIOUS corruption issues. So let's not deal with idealistic imagery. What about reality?

    Creating a new religion in Iran is basically asking for trouble. I don't like it either, believe me. But then again those who do it, are starting trouble. That is not the correct way to do something positive. Therefore, Bahaullah, with all due repect was wrong. He had some understanding but not enough to come up with a complete system of how to change Iran. 160 years of failure should be enough proof. Never mind that Bahai is not exactly mushrooming around the world either. So it is not just persecution in Iran that slows its growth. Even in Israel people are not leaving Jewish faith and flocking to Bahai. So why did Bahaullah put his people in so much danger - over what? What was so valuable?

    But yes, ideally, they should still be allowed to practice what they want. Believe me, the religious persecution that I have suffered in the US makes Bahai's situation look like a nice story to tell your kids! I know you won't believe me but it is very true.

    But ideals are ideals. The point is that the way Bahai go about establishing their religion is a wrong approach. I can't think of a ritgh approch. The best I can think of is that in Iran nobody should introduce a new religion until such a time when most of Iranians are quite educated and have contact with other worlds.

    But the main point i was trying to raise is that the IRI does not persecute just anybody; they don't even persecute all Bahai people; they chase after those who make some kind of trouble. And AGAIN, yes, ideally they should not even do that. But the picture that the writer has painted here for us about Iran is FALSE. SHE IS LYING.


    Dear Mehdi

    by Babak_SD on

    You are right! Baha'i's are no different from anybody else.  We are all creations of the same God.  That is why we demand to be treated the same as other citizens of Iran.  We just want to be able to work, send our kids to school without daily harassment and send our young to the university if they successfully pass the national konkoor. I believe we are begining to agree on something.

    As for your point about Ms. Farid being a war monger and or an activist fighter against the regime, all you have presented is the following: "Perhaps the media observers of the Iranian Embassy have noticed that the media in our country is regulary exposing Iran’s abuse of human rights, in particular against the Bahá’ís, and that I, as well as many others around the globe, do everything we can to defend our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned for their beliefs."

    So unarmed defense of innocent people by appealing on public forums is waging war against the current goverment of Iran?  Surely you don't mean that and you don't expect anyone to "buy" that?!  Do you?

    When you are questioned 5 minutes longer than other people in airports because of your religous beliefs you raise hell for being discriminated against.  7 Baha'i's have been imprisoned for 19 months without formal charges and without attornies.  You expect Baha'i's to do what?  Roll over and die?  Or as you suggest recant their faith? 

    Is that what you think human beings need to do in 2010 AD?  You still believe persecution for religous beliefs are justified?

    I am beyond sure that you don't really mean what you have written.

    You are a far better human being than that.

    Thank you for your time.



    Dear Mehdi

    by Sargashteh on

    You say, you can go on forever but don,t even seem to be able to start. According to what you say if any people are living under a brutal force should not say anything that displease their oppersors otherwise whatever happen to them is their own fault. and by that you are simply rejecting principles of "freedom of religion" and "freedom of speech" these are most basic human principles that one can believe in.

    In your world it is Ok to blame the victim of oppersion for asking for his own god given rights. How putting up a nonviolent resistance to injustice can make somebody a traitor??????

    by the way Bahaullah only talked about the "olama" (the clergys) that were persecuting Babis and Bahais. Not all of them and even then he asked god to give them justice. He never encouraged Bahais to attack them or commit any kind of violence so the example that you use is completely irrelevant.

    Best of luck to you


    Such a poisoned mind...

    by faryarm on


    Dear Friends,

    Reading Mehdi's comment is not only painful but hopefully for him , someday regretful. 

    It is also revealing as to how effective the Islamic republic and its clerical backbone have been in poisoning the minds of perhaps innocent minds like Mehdi.

    I look forward to the day when knowledge and passion for the truth will remedy this kind of blind suspicion and prejudice in the minds of the victims of the Mullah and the IR.










    Bahais no different than anybody else

    by Mehdi on

    When tough questions are asked, they act the same way. They avoid answer, they try to distract to other subjects or issues, they bring up other side's faults implying they were justified (but not directly saying so), etc. These are all what Rajavi and his cult do. No difference.

    I did answer all your questions in my first and second comments. If you honestly did not get it, then maybe read it again. It's all there.

    I gave reason why I think the writer did in fact fight the regime - she says it loudly herself. I repeat it for you if reading it three times does not do the job:

    "Perhaps the media observers of the Iranian Embassy have noticed that
    the media in our country is regulary exposing Iran’s abuse of human
    rights, in particular against the Bahá’ís, and that I, as well as many
    others around the globe, do everything we can to defend our brothers
    and sisters who are imprisoned for their beliefs."

    She very clearly indicates that she is out there to get the regime. So please stop asking me what proof I have when she is openly stating it.

    One more point to repeat: Bahaullah STARTED this fight. Remember? Mullahs are unnecessary, as in parasites, as in let's get rid of them,.. you get the idea? If I go into the streets of Tel Aviv today and shout loudly that leaders of Israel ar following in the footsteps of the Nazis, I would be correct but I would have a fight on my hand, wouldn't I? So then I go around and act oh so innocent and "expose" to the world and expect that Mosad will just be amused? I don't think so. So you guys did it yourself.

    If I were a Bahai leader I would issue a "fatwa" or whatever and give permission to Bahai to pulicly denounce their faith if necessary. There is hardly any difference between Bahai and traditional Islam anyway - definitely not in practice, maybe in slogans only.

    God, I can go on forever.