Re: Are Iranians racist?


Re: Are Iranians racist?
by Parthianshot91

   I'm gonna put down some comments which I believe answer that certian threads simple questions very clearly. First, Absolutely everyone is racist to a degree. If Whites like blacks, then they don't like Hispanics, mid-easterners etc.. If Blacks like Hispanics, Asians, then they don't like whites etc.... If the people of earth were one race, then we would judge fat, mentally ill retarded, or ugly people ETC..... It's just the way it is. Hate is in our nature, and it will never go away, though you can control it, but it's never going to go away, Just like how happiness, and anger will always be a part of our human emotions, hate will also always be there. 

 This behaviour is not only seen amongst Iranians, infact it's seen much less amongst Iranians compared to other mid-easterners. Mid-easterners, Asians, Africans, Europeans, have this mentality, even Americans. Imagine what an American parent would say if their daugther wanted to marry an Iranian man, I've witnnesed such cases more than I can count.

Now, secondly, Let's make something clear. Just cause you wish to get married to your own to perserve and pass on your own heritage, roots, identity, culture etc... Then that's not racist what so ever, Only white American liberal douche-bags who wanna force their own mentality on others think this way, so i'm surprised that any Iranian would think in such a liberal American point of view.

 Further more, most Iranians, arabs, Afghans, turks (Mid-easterners) Look down upon marrying outside their own in their communities, and for good reasons too, but if I had to choose, I would go with the race second closest to mine, which is white women. Btw, The only reason why you see alot of Iranian men marrying outside their own is because there are alot more Iranian Persian men abroad than women.

 Further more, I dare you to go to any arab country and see if you're not treated horrible and called an ajam (racist slur for ethnic Persians). Iranians dislike Arabs, not all of them, but some, for good reasons.

Arabs have always been hostile to Iran and considered/consider us as their historical enemies, and for religous (Shia/sunni sect) reasons also, especially the Persian gulf arab states and people. Not to mention that the Iran-iraq war that was fought less than 23 years ago, which led to hundreds of thousands of Iranian sons, brothers and fathers losing their lives to the pan-Arab (nazi based ideology) driven war that most of the Arab world participated in due to their anti-Persian hate and racism. Also, how about you read the book that Saddam, who is praised by the arab nationalists wrote about the Persians, and jews. The racist book of saddam: 3 things god should have not created, Jews, Persians, and flies.

 So save me the bullcrap.

 Lastly, If anyone is familiar with the term Persian, you would know that Persians are an ethnic group spread around the world with 3 different countries, Afghanistan, Iran and tajikestan, and can be found from Iran, to the Persian gulf states, Russia, all the way to China with it's 2 million ethnic Persians, and does not only refer to Iranians alone, it's an ethnicity with over 120 million ethnic Persians around the world, 

Now, Kuwait is 40% ethnically Persian, bahrain 40%, UAE 10-20%, and most of these ethnic Persians have been living in those countries since the times of the Persian dynasties like the acheamenids, Sassanians, Parthians, saffavids etc... All these ethnic Persians are treated as second class citizens, their culture, language and identity is constantly suprressed by the Arab states. I've known alot of ethnic Persians from kuwait and they tell me how the arabs treat them as second class citizens and always use racist slurs against them like majoo or ajam.

Also if you're gonna confront racism then don't only point at one group of people, cause that will only raise more hate, retaliation and anger.


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by Parthianshot91 on

You go to dubai or any persian gulf based country and you'll see how they will treat you. They are racist even towards the ethnic persians in their countries, how do you think they would treat an Iranian? Arabs are very facist minded people. Any Arab you come across that likes Iranians is because, as you said, they believe that we're standing up to the west, and nothing else.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


"treated horrible and called an ajam"

by kazem0574 on

You said:

"Further more, I dare you to go to any arab country and see if you're not
treated horrible and called an ajam (racist slur for ethnic Persians).
Iranians dislike Arabs, not all of them, but some, for good reasons.


Well I have been to North African countries including Egypt. As soon as they hear you are from Iran they start treating you like some kind of hero.

The common Arab man/woman on the streets that I came across seemed to regard Iranians very highly. They all seem to think that as Iranians we have stood against western tyranny etc etc. I did not argue against this sentiment or try to put it right at the time, but hope last year's election films has changed some minds.

Those I talked to seemed to dislike their governments and see them as puppets of the west. I guess they are where we were 31 years ago and need to experience an Islamic fundamentalist rule for a few decades before they can decide what is best for them.

One thing is true (call me racist, biased or what ever) Iranian people are different from these people, Arabs speak the language of Koran and the Islamic gene is a lot more embedded within their genetic-psyche.

About the topic, I have not yet met one human being whom I can call not biased or racist or groupist or nativeist. We are inherently territorial animals and would have a problem accepting others from outside whom we may preceive as not part of our collective.



Nader Vanaki

Parthian I think the word you are looking for is bias

by Nader Vanaki on

that is preference.  Racist is what you appear to be but really you are biased.  Again, simply because some races resent Iranians does not oblige me in any way to be racist against them.  I just don't associate with those people and seek company of more enlightened people within that group.  Before you join any street gangs with your attitude try to understand the difference.



by Parthianshot91 on

I never said Liberals are the most racist, just that they like to push their views on other people when they don't want it. Many times they just do things without thinking, and that leads to them damaging the country more than helping it. This mainly goes to American or european liberals.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


Everyone's racist to a certian extent

by Parthianshot91 on

 Please read the first part of my thread. I mention that everyone in the world has some hate towards others, especially if you're gonna include anyone who has issues with other ethnicities and not just "Race", as racism.

 Atleast whatever kind of hate that Iranians have isn't hurting anyone, like what Americans, Arabs, Germans, Turks etc.. did with their hate and racism which led to killing, and enslaving others.

Further more, I never denied holding some hate towards others, just like everyone else, I do hold some hate towards people, like Ghetto Blacks or redneck trailer trash white people, wich I can't stand neither of them, and they can't stand me from what I've seen, it's normal, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I personally don't like hate, but I have full pride, and will not hold back if someone insults me or my people.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


As much as you may wish to

by 11mashty on

As much as you may wish to get technical and not call your sentiments racist, the facts are quite different.  Maybe you can do a bit of studying and find out for yourself that:

1.  According to the UN conventions, there is no distinction between racial and ethnic discrimination.


2. Many scientists including biologists, anthropoligists and sociologists reject your narrow definition and accept more empirically verifiable criteria such as geography, ethnicity, or a history of endogamy.

3. Modern dictionaries define racism as prejudice against any ETHNIC group, thus proving that such modern definition is widely understood (that is except for some here on IC).

You are however correct that racism is not limited to Iranian, Persians or whatever other collective term you'd like to call us.  However, it is broadly accepted that harboring negative feelings against any group of people is RACISM, no if's, no but's, end of story.  It matters not whether it's religion, ethnicity, race or any other factors anyone utlizes as justification for hate.


Great Topic

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for this important but often "abused" topic.  Although your blog adresses the recently discussed topic of Iranian racism, I felt it is also important to point out the obvious.

To think "one is better than another" is written in every human being's DNA from birth. Actually, it has been a mechanism for survival unitl recently. It is, however,  desirable - and expected - for seemingly civilized modern humans to reject the notion of racism -- and they should. Howvever, the concept of racism has also taken a different meaning since everyone started labling others who do not agree with them as "racists".

Racism against islam (Islam is not a race)

Racism against Arabs...(my favorite, Arab is not a race, semitic is a race)

Racism against morning bacon and eggs

Racism get the picture

True racism becomes destrucive when one acts upon the prejudice that breeds it because one does not like a particular creed who does not look like him, act like him, speak like him and more important does not share his values.

So people....don't be a racist - OK?

PS. By the way my friend, plenty of Right Wing nut case sarah palin wanna be's behave racist more than those you label as "liberal".... In fact liberals are blamed plenty of times for being...well, Liberal! i.e., not racist enough.