Two-Thirds of Iranian Americans worried about military attack against Iran



PAAIA Releases 2012 National Poll of Iranian American Attitudes Toward Potential Bombing of Iran

National poll gathers accurate demographic and attitudinal information about the Iranian American community

March 26th 2012, Washington, D.C. - As the prospect of a U.S. or Israeli military strike against Iran increases, the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) has, once again, commissioned Zogby Research Services to conduct a follow-up national survey of Iranian Americans to gauge their perception and views specifically on the issue of military action against Iran. In October of 2011 PAAIA commissioned Zogby Research Services to conduct its third national public opinion survey of Iranian Americans to gather accurate attitudinal and demographic information about the Iranian American community.

The 2011 survey, which followed similar surveys commissioned by PAAIA in 2008 and 2009, are an integral component of better understanding our community and having its voice heard through the availability of on-going accurate scientific data. The 2012 survey is the fourth PAAIA-commissioned Zogby survey. It is the first national poll asking Iranian Americans specifically about a U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iran.

2012  PAAIA Commissioned Zogby National Poll Results

The results of 2012 survey indicate that two-thirds (66%) of Iranian Americans are worried that a U.S. or Israeli military attack against Iran is now more likely than ever before.

The survey shows that Iranian Americans continue to retain strong ties with the people of Iran.  A total of eighty-four percent 84% of Iranian Americans have family currently living in Iran -- consistent with PAAIA's three previous survey results.    Furthermore, fifty five percent (55%) of Iranian Americans believe that increased American hostilities with Iran could increase discrimination while also heightening U.S. government's scrutiny and surveillance against them.

 Almost two-thirds (63%) of Iranian Americans oppose military action against Iran's nuclear sites or other facilities.  In contrast thirteen percent (13%) indicated that they would support such an action while sixteen percent (16%) might support it under some circumstances.  Those who do not have family in Iran are less likely to oppose a U.S. bombing (only 44% oppose it).

However, Iranian American opposition to military strikes against Iran does not correlate to support of the Iranian government.  The 2011 PAAIA/ Zogby survey shows that Iranian Americans want the Iranian regime to change with sixty seven percent (67%) preferring a secular democratic Iran compared to only two percent (2%) preferring the current Islamic Republic.    Instead opposition to military action is rooted in their concerns for the people of Iran as well as what they believe to be in the best interest of United States.

 When asked about their reasons for opposition to a possible U.S. bombing of Iran, eight in ten (80%) of the respondents cited their concern for potential civilian casualties while seventy percent (70%) indicated that it is not in the best political or economic interests of the United States (similar to results of other public opinion surveys which show that a majority of Americans prefer to give sanctions and diplomacy time to work over immediate military action).  In addition, more than six in ten respondents felt that military strikes would strengthen the Iranian government (63%) and would be ineffective and encourage Iran to develop nuclear weapons (62%).

 Opposition to a possible Israeli military action against Iran's nuclear sites or other facilities is even stronger with seventy percent (70%) of Iranian Americans opposed to such a scenario.  Again, those who do not have family in Iran are less likely to oppose a U.S. bombing (only 49% oppose it).

 When asked under what circumstances they are most likely to support a U.S. military strike against Iran, a majority of fifty seven percent (57%) of Iranian Americans indicated that they would support military action if the Iranian government were to commit mass murder of its civilian populations.  In contrast, only twenty six percent (26%) of Iranian Americans would not support U.S. military strikes against Iran under any circumstances.

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 PAAIA's surveys are conducted by Zogby Research Service (formally known as Zogby International), a pre-eminent polling firm, based on successful telephone interviews in English with representative sample of respondents. Zogby Research Service employs sampling strategies in which selection probabilities are proportional to population size within area codes and exchanges. The margin of error for the results of the 2011 survey are +/- 5 percentage points, which is an acceptable margin of error for a survey of this type.


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Anti-Secular extremism, IRI, has destroyed Iran's Sovereignty

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We have Rafsanjan the billionaire politician selling all of Irans legal claims for the Iran-Iraq war, in exchange for money.  We have Ali Gheda Khameeii approving bank corruption for his own allies and stopping an investigation (which is why we can only guess he approved it, because proof is hard to come by in a country that arrests many dozens of journalists & some indefinetly without trial).  We have a humanitarian nightmare in Iran.  Now AN agree's with Russia, that Iran give up its 50% share of caspian resources for just 12% in exchange for protection.  Human Rights are horrendous under IRI, the highest per capita execution rate on earth, but this is better than the West killing millions of innocent people by bombing Iran.  So No to US military/political interference.  The people really can handle the IRI, they need to start with mass strikes and need to have a leader to follow.  Yes To ending IRI at the hands of United Iranians from within Iran, secular Ayatollahs are welcome to support such a movement & to help to separate the mess of church and state.  I Nominate Reza Pahlavi as Shah-han-shah of Iran.  Lets Roll. Be Under no Illusions Supporting the IRI, which most people inside Iran do Not do, that is one of the greatest acts of betrayal towards Iranians and Iran.  Those that Love Iran are not the Mullahs, the Ayatollahs, the Basiji & Hezbollahi thugs killing Iranians for the crooked mullahs or anyone that supports them after they have harmed Iran more than any foreign Nation in the world could have done in the last 33 years.  



The bottom line is stinky ruling mullahs must go

by Siavash300 on

The is a politic to ask certain question and receive certain answer. The bottom line is Islamic rag heads must go to the dumpster of history. Sooner is better. Iran has over 5000 years history of Padeshahi.


iraj khan

Count me in

by iraj khan on

'Almost two-thirds (63%) of Iranian Americans oppose military action against Iran's nuclear sites or other facilities."


Yes Yes Yes

by AMIR1973 on

Yes to sanctions

Yes to regime change

Yes to uprooting Khomeinism from Iran


Well said JJ: let's tell the whole story...

by Bavafa on

Those three NOs are a more complete picture of what Iranian-American feel and want.

Let us tell the whole story and not pick and choose only what we like to be told.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

No No No

by Jahanshah Javid on

No to war

No to Islamic Republic

No to madness


The socalled regime of the unelected clergy,

by Cost-of-Progress on

the occupiers of my ancestral land, employs cyber terrorists like this fake doctor (AKA sargord pirooz) who have the audacity to say: The regime is it, like it or not.

Where will you people hide when the curtain finally falls?


I am not surprised

by RostamZ on

      The Dr. shows up on this site frequently. I think they cancelled his practive license and he has nothing much to do or may be he is the Dr. in Evin without any degree and just learned how do things by trial and error.

     I say let's go in and get rid of IRI. 


So-called 'Iranian-Americans'

by ILoveIran on

It doesn't matter what 'Iranian-Americans' want in this online context because it is not even clear that they are Iranians.  Several write with Hebrew syntax, and don't seem to understand that "Nada" is the Spanish word for "Zero" whereas "Neda" is the Persian word for "Voice."  

Secondly, it should occur to some that there are 80-85 million Iranians in Iran: A relatively minuscule number of Iranians outside of Iran cannot become the voice of Iran ... this can never happen, particularly where some of those are serving MEK's interests, Israel's interests, the US military's interests, etc. etc.  

Iran's future will never be determined by the 'Shahs of sunset,' or worse, the MEK.  

Iran is a sovereign country.  People should keep repeating this to themselves until they fully understand it. 


i agree with faramarz

by shushtari on

why don't these guys and their pals at niac run a survey on how many iranians what the akhoonds gone forever???????

let's see that one! 



by Faramarz on

The fake doctor is referring to his own prescriptions!

He'd better have good mal-practice insurance.

Anonymous Observer

Hilarious!!!! The doctor of mixology

by Anonymous Observer on

has to be the only one on this planet who cites his own blogs as proof of his claims.  :-)

Actually, I take that back.  Jaleho used to that as well.  Hey, wait a minute.... 


Dear PAAIA - A Better Poll: I've made it easy & to the point.

by ILoveIran on

1.  What % of Iranian Americans approve of the U.S. government supplying Saddam with chemical weapons, other military assistance, and lying in public about it until recently De-Classifed State Department memos confirmed it?

State Dep. Memos:


2.  What % of Iranian-Americans think the US and Israel supporting terror groups against Iranians for decades is acceptable behavior?  




 3.  (a) What % of Iranians (irrespective of where they reside) will forgive Israel or the U.S. for these type of behaviors noted in each of the links above?   (b) What % trust either of these governments?  

Oon Yaroo

Regime change indeed! That's what we want!

by Oon Yaroo on

We also want money.

We want nice houses.

We want nice cars.

We want good looking women.

We want nice cloths.

We want nice body.

We want nice pets.

We just want!

Thank you for your support.


Iranian-Americans Want Regime Change

by Faramarz on


You ask the right questions, you get the right answers.

"Iranian Americans want the Iranian regime to change with sixty seven percent (67%) preferring a secular democratic Iran compared to only two percent (2%) preferring the current Islamic Republic."

And as the Regime's brutality against the Iranians:

"a majority of fifty seven percent (57%) of Iranian Americans indicated that they would support military action if the Iranian government were to commit mass murder of its civilian populations."