19 Terms & Conditions


by NUR

These are my terms for discussion, as previously delineated on USENET.

 1)      The immediate dissolution of the ITC (international teaching center); the written and unequivocal dismissal of all haifan bahaim continental board of councillor members and their underlings (auxilliary board members, etc); to be followed by the immediate resignation without equivocation of all 9 members of the bogus and illegal universal house of justice based in Haifa, occupied Palestine;

2)      The immediate and unequivocal dissolution of the entire infrastructure of the haifan bahaim administration and bureaucracy globally - in every capacity and function - and the dismissal/ dissolution of every National Spiritual Assembly, regional council and local assembly tied to your specific organization on the planet; as well as the immediate and unequivocal suspension of all activities under the name and rubric of the Haifan Bahai organization;

3)      The immediate and unequivocal dissolution and suspension of all Ruhi Institutes globally;

4)      The immediate and unequivocal relinquishment and full disclosure in writing of all assets, chattels, investments, funds, stocks, bonds, monies and otherwise belonging to the haifan bahai organization in occupied Palestine, North America, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and throughout the rest of the world; whether immediately tied or tangentially;

5)      The immediate and unequivocal disclosure in writing of all subsidies and all monies and perquisities received by your organization since 1910 - in any capacity whatsoever - by any
individual(s), entities or groups, governments or otherwise, not immediately tied to your organization, and specifically from the founding of the illegitimate state of Israel in occupied Palestine since 1948;

6)       The immediate financial and documentary auditing of your entire organization on all continents, beginning with the Bahai world centre in Haifa, Palestine;

7)      The immediate and unequivocal surrender of all legal and official documentation as well as letters and correspondences of your organization from the dates of 1871 to present;

8)      The immediate and unequivocal surrender of all files and archives kept in any policing or surveillance capacities by the Haifan Bahai organization whatsoever upon individuals, whether these be files regarding rank-and-file members of the haifan bahaim cult or those put out by it as well as those not;

9)      The immediate and unequivocal surrender in writing of the full names, addresses, duties and capacities of all those serving under your Internet Committee/Agency based on Mount Carmel and headed by Matthew Weinberg and spread out throughout the globe as well as the full unequivocal disclosure of the date of its establishment and any/all outside aid obtained;

10)     The immediate and unequivocal surrender of the entirety of the archives of all texts and source documents (as well as artefacts) of a specifically scriptural and historical nature to a panel consisting of members of the Bayani community; the Reform Baha'i movement; the Orthodox Baha'i Communities - 1) Marangella and 2) Shoghomonian; the Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, ex-Baha'i academics of a reputable nature such as Denis Maceoin as well as those such as Margrit Warburg etc, and any others determined in consensus by the Panel;

11)     The immediate and unequivocal disclosure of the facts regarding the fate of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran circa 1979 and a complete explanation with documentation as to the reasons for the conspicuous silence of the so-called universal house of justice in world fora afterwards regarding the fate of this body;

12)      The immediate and unequivocal release and publication of the Will and Testament of Shoghi Effendi to the worldwide Baha'i community;

13)     The immediate and unequivocal and unhindered and unimpeded return of all documents, texts, scriptures, histories, papers and effects in your possession belonging to one Mirza Yahya Nuri Subh-i-Azal, which were illegally and fraudulently obtained by one Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri Baha'u'llah in Baghdad and Edirne in the 1860s, to the Bayani community;

14)     The immediate and unequivocal return of all the properties of Bahji to its rightful owners, namely, the descendents of Mirza Muhammad 'Ali ibn al-Baha' and Mirza Badi'ullah ibn al-Baha';

15)     The immediate arrest and extradition of one Hozhabr Yazdani to Iran (or the World Court at the Hague) to stand trial for state sanctioned and protected criminal activities on behalf of your organization in Iran from the years 1953-1979;

16)     The immediate and unequivocal disclosure in full regarding the criminal hawala networks operated by members of the Haifan Bahai organization throughout Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, North America and elsewhere, and an explanation with documentation regarding the nature of such activities and especially the names, addresses and capacities of those persons involved with these criminal hawala networks;

17)      The immediate and unequivocal disclosure of all documents and papers regarding the unexplained murder of one Dan Jordan in New York City in 1982 as well as the immediate and unequivocal disclosure of all documents and papers regarding the suspicious murder of one Hedi Ma'ani in New Zealand;

18)     The immediate arrest and criminal prosecution of misters Peter Khan, Alan Waters, Stephan Hall, Manijeh Rayhani, Robert C Henderson, et al., etc., and others deemed criminally liable, including their various staff, helpers and agents;

19)     The immediate opening of the fake and disputed shrine on Mt Carmel to an independent team of international scientific examiners expert in forensic scientific analysis in a completely uninhibited scientific determination involving the exhumation of the body claimed to be that of Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab, and its free and unfettered scientific determination as to whether this body in fact be that of the person claimed;

a)      No individuals either Haifan Bahai or peripherally tied to the Baha'i religion (from any denomination) may serve on this team of scientific forensic experts;
b)      An independent and impartial team shall serve as an oversight committee to the work of the scientific team in question which shall report on a daily basis to the aforementioned panel above on the status of the work;
c)      This oversight committee itself shall be selected by a another
independent committee (which itself shall be elected by the Panel)
consisting of 13 individuals who shall vouch for the independence and unassailability in the moral rectitude of the second committee;

These are the only terms through which I am willing to sit down and seriously discuss anything with you people. Nothing less.


Wahid Azal

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more from NUR


by Badi Villar (not verified) on

Seemingly this one is David Icke's message but actually it belongs to Nima Hazini (aka Wahid Azal).


From: Wahid Azal
Date: Sat Jan 7, 2006 1:43 am
Subject: Re: [aya−gnosis] 2012 and the imperialist Anti−Christ of the
Dear James,
Indeed the Hour is at Hand. The Godhead is the Most Great!! Blessed be
Note that I have devised a calendar of 13 months and 28 days,
Steller/Solar, which formally begins as of March 21 of this year
(spring equinox northern hemisphere), i.e. my year 1. I will henceforth
be using this calendar for my own purposes. The first month in Arabic
is called Ahad (one) and the last, and 13th month, is called 'Ishq
(love). Note that I also account the Constellation of Ophiuchus as the
true 9th Constellation of the Zodiac, which takes the number to 13.
Before Ptolemy the Chaldaean and even Egyptian astrologers were
calculating according to 13 constellations. But all of a sudden with
the Greco−Hellenstic monopoly and appropriation of the Sciences in Late
Antiquity, they abruptly stop, and even many occultists and
esotericists have been repeating this unexplainable disruption.
Ophiuchus, interestingly enough, is both a Solar as well as an Ogdoadic
Serpent Sign.
IMV AmeriKKKa is not the only the Antichrist here, however. Note that
the rape, plunder and exploitation of the planet is actually the
responsibility of a Dark Brotherhood of Black Sorcerers with access to
economic power (for lack of a better designation, the "Illuminati") who
have been around − according to the Being who regularly visits me in my
Ayahuasca and Acacia journeys − for precisely 2,800 years of our
reckoning. But they are about to lose control, they know it, ergo why
the planet is presently getting crazier and crazier by the day. This
black magick cult is primarily responsible for foisting the exoteric
religions everywhere, especially criminal institutions such as the
Roman Catholic Church, who have committed more genocide on this planet
than anyone else. Presently they are also responsible for spawning
militant Islamist fundamentalism, which they created in these their
final hours in a desperate act to create an ultimate bogeyman to scare the docile and sedated Western mass−consumer culture into further
docility. The House of Sa'ud are amongst its biggest beneficiaries, not
to mention the very creators of such figures as Bin Laden and
al−Qa'ida. Presently the game plan is to foment a massive (fictitous)
and devasting (ultimately thermo−nuclear) war in the Mid East in order
to consummate the totalitarian NWO. Of course, they are going to lose,
and lose bad at the end of all this! But before they lose, they will
unleash a lot of mayhem on our beloved Gaia.
But note, this: when Abu Musab Zarqawi's name is put to gematria in
Arabic, it comes to precisely 666. I can send you the document, if you
wish. Note that Nostradamus spoke of the 3rd and Final Antichrist as
MABUS, and cryptically referred to him as the one of the Blue. Zarqawi
means in Arabic "the one of the Blue [place]." I can post my workings
here, if you would like. It blew me away when I first beheld it.
The basic problem from our POV, as I see it, however, is this:
presently many, many of those who claim to follow a spiritual Path,
seem to have been lulled into a state of utter complacency, especially
in the West. Much of the popular New Age stuff out there is either
outright quackery or commercial gimmicks. Many of the gurus are
outright corrupt. Territoriality and hollow pretensiousness hold sway
everywhere. Amongst us Gnostcs there are very few of us who truly
understand what is going on, and even more than that appreciate the
fact that now is the time to put aside all territoriality and
pretensiousness and reach out to all the other true Gnostics elsewhere,
so that the Apokatastasis may be truly brought about. I think you know
what I am talking about.
Withal, think about the final words of Don Juan Matus spoken to Carlos
Castanada (who probably did not really understand what Don Juan meant).
Praised be the Godhead, the Sun of suns, that Day is near − very near!
But would that dear Weor (blessed be his memory) was physically with us
now! We could use him right now − BIG TIME!




by NUR on

So let me get this straight, asking a corrupt organization to dissolve itself and be audited is about the sanity of the whistler blower? And you say you are a Non-Bahai, right? 

Let me also ask this: why are you unverified?


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Dear NUR

by A Non-Bahai (not verified) on

In all your previous blogs, I showed support for you to express your views, and I even went so far as asking JJ to feature your blogs. However, the more I read from you, especially this blog, the more I wonder about your sanity.

All I have to say is, please get some help. These writings are not that of a sane person - Really!!


Tahirih's terms of discourse

by NUR on

Here below is an example of the well known terms of your kind of well-worn discourse. No, there can never be peace between a demon such as the one you embody and One such as I so long as you and your herd have the upper hand. When you are down for the ten count, then we can talk peace and commiseration, and I'll even help you up from the floor! But, yes, for all their faults there is one thing the IRI did get right, and I've said this many times before, and that is, their policy of containing the activities of your cult.

28 February 2008

To All National Spiritual Assemblies

Dear Bahá'í Friends,

We have been requested by the World Centre to alert you to the current activities of the Covenant-breaker Martin Lavallee on Facebook.com. This individual administers the "Orthodox Bahá'is" page on Facebook and also has a personal page on the site. There have been recent instances where Bahá'í youth with accounts on Facebook have unwittingly accepted invitations from Lavallee to be a "friend" or to become "members" of the Covenant-breaker page. Further, as a consequence of the Facebook networking scheme, if an individual accepts a direct invitation from Lavallee or any other member of his group, the "Friends" list (with e-mail addresses) of that individual becomes exposed. In this way, those with insincere intentions have the potential to directly contact an increasing number of Bahá'is, interactions that could pose a threat to the spiritual well-being of youth and other believers who are not deepened in the Covenant.

Each National Assembly will need to determine the necessity and most appropriate manner of discreetly informing believers of this situation in consultation and with the assistance of the Counsellors. In doing so it will of course be important to avoid creating undue anxiety or curiosity about the nature of Covenant-breaker material on the Internet..

It is our intention to provide more general guidance in the near
future about how online social networks can be constructively and
safely used by Bahá'ís.

With loving greetings,

Matt Weinberg Program Director Bahá'í Internet Agency

cc: Members of the Continental Boards of Counsellors

Manoucher Avaznia

Taahereh Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Thank you.


Dear Mr Avaznia:

by Tahirih on

I will for sure remember you in my prayers, you have a pure soul and I am sure that you are and will be fine. as far as the issue at hand, I am sorry but I do not agree with you, but it is ok, since your entiteled to your opinion.

I am not home and on a trip so may not be able to respond until a few days.

Take care sir,


Manoucher Avaznia

طاهره جان؛

Manoucher Avaznia

Where there is a hope and a will there is a way.  If we modify our words and stands, a common ground can be found to discuss the matters.  Sometimes, passage of time resolves many problems.  By the way, can you please pray for my mental health.  I am placing this sincere request.  Chirstians' prayers did not brought me mental health, now I am asking for your prayer.  I have great hopes.




Your terms has confirmed it for me and...

by Tahirih on

hopefully for the fairminded readers on this sit, that there is no hope for a civilized discourse between us. I have to say that some of your terms have been implemented in Iran by IRI!! so may be you can go to Iran and start a civilized and respectfull dialogue with Bahais in Iran!!!

I will still pray for you and your health ,may God give your family strength.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I find it interesting that.....even after the last 2 weeks

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

faryam is STILL responding to him. Do you want him to stop? Then stop engaging him. Stop trying to dissect his brain and his "heart". I hate it when religious people talk about "heart" and "soul". Save it. Either you have the credentials to help him or you don't. Your books and prayers aren't going to cut it. Leave NUR alone. He's not threatening your religion, and he is entitled to whatever he says, even if he is mentally ill. You have the real potential, Faryam and others, to bring this man over the edge. I am really sad that you even posted his photo, if that was his photo. What you showed me, someone who doesn't subscribe to your faith, is that when questioned and cornered, you guys make practical WANTED signs. 

Let me be clear. I don't like your religion, OR ANY RELIGION, so do not make this about IRI agents and spies. Stop pressing this man. Ignore him if you hate what he says because when you take him seriously, you're going to get a serious (read dangerous) response. 

Did you see the nuts over the past two weeks who shot up innocents when they cracked? Please try to use whatever sense you have (non religious), to stop yourself from taking NUR over the edge because you need to defend Bahais. Of course, I don't really see this happening because if any religion could do this in the world, we'd be free of a lot of conflict I guess.

Asking NUR to stop isn't the answer. He can't stop. But you Faryam don't strike me as mentally ill, so I'm asking you. Please.


I wish I could write with respect..

by sophia on

Faryam, I wish I could write with due respect, but I am afraid that now you have shown what your true colors are, I cannot. Why are you laying out  peace offerings after what you have done, the pictures you have drawn (which I have archived), the things you have said? Oh right, this is the "Baha'i Way", because you're so full of peace and love!  If you'd wanted peace and dialogue, why would you use the poisonous letters of a former friend (Terry Culhane), and put up your utterly malicious "humorous blog" about NUR?

How can you ask for respect when you have caricatured a man in the way you have? You may not agree at all with issues Nur has raised, but you have absolutely demonstrated the utter inability of so many Baha'is to even enter a dialogue about them. Instead, for every piece of documentation or evidence, every letter from someone who may have been genuinely hurt by the actions of this organization,  there have been a number of continually repeated, utterly personal attacks:

 1) You're paranoid.

2) You're mentally ill.

3) You're alone, friendless and unloved.

4)  You're an agent of the IRI

 5) You're full of hate/disenchanted/bitter


And now this! Why do you and the other Baha'is posters PERSONALIZE EVERYTHING? Is it so inconceivable to you that anyone could have a problem with the way the organization is run? Is it so offensive to you that ANYONE should question that legitimacy of the way you view history that they must be met with ridicule, slander and a hate which you so often accuse everyone else of?

I have not heard a SHRED of credible defense or discussion from Haifain Baha'i posters here addressing the actual issues related to NUR's posts. Is it so impossible to understand that a person, who is obviously not a neo-liberal, but at the same time is not an agent of the IRI or another subversive intelligence organization might have some powerful questions to raise? Was Robert Dreyfus (who also made claims about the Baha'i connection to the British) an agent of he IRI? Of course not! Why do the Baha'is have to utterly monopolise the current "non-IRI" narrative? Why is it so inconceivable that a person like NUR could not love and be proud of their history culture and heritage, but  still think the Haifan Baha'i organization is a bunch of rich, powerful liars? Why does this opposition have to be immediately classed as the work of the IRI? Believe me, there is enough evidence to prove all the claims NUR is making about the Baha'is, which has nothing to do with the influence of the IRI.

Shame on you, Faryam.  You are offering nothing but a poisoned olive branch. 


I am also saving and archiving all my blog posts now in case of deletion. 


No respect

by NUR on

It is usually not my policy to converse with individuals who epitomize the definition of the words kafir (truth coverer/infidel) and munafiq (hypocrite), and I was planning to completely ignore you from here on out, Faryarm, because yours is typical of the kind of na-mardi that is endemic and pervasive amongst the rootless emigre Persian Bahai culture of North America. Withal, we have long passed the point of no return where negotiation or discussion/munazirih of any sort is concerned, especially since I do not negotiate with terrorists - physical or virtual - or bona fide cultural criminals, which you have manifestly demonstrated in the past few days of being.

Now you go ahead and dismiss and ridicule all you want. Rest assured, at the end of all this, it is I who will be having the satisfaction and the good laugh at the expense of people like you. Take that one to the bank with you, and also learn that I am way beyond such pathetically transparent attempts at pious sanctimonious condescension by the likes of you!

That stated, I hard reset the button of my heart  just before Thanksgiving day in November 1996 when I submitted my formal withdrawal letter from your doomsday cult. Unlike the wife of Lot, I am not one to turn around and look back at Sodom and Gomorrah and thereby be turned into a pillar of salt! 

You people want this conflict to end, there are my terms and conditions...


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Wahid Khan,

by faryarm on


With respect, I was hoping that you would surprise every one and come out out of your shell and shed  the hate...and the tired old cliches used by IRI and Hojjatiyyih..

 and not to ridicule in any way, but 

this accusatory tone and quite honestly absurd list,  sounds like a Peter Falk Colombo episode , setting conditions and basis for hostage negotiation :)

I think what people are interested to read is an honest account what happened to you; what has hurt you so much.

You know that the above, even to the unsuspecting, and the uninitiated on the subject, your response comes across as the product of a conspiracy theory, and as a sign of respect for civilized discourse , i am not going to mention that P word..( Rosie , this applies to you too )

Please press that hard reset button in you heart and come back and surprise us all with something about your beleif, claim, hopes  and purpose in life.




Thank you NUR for making the task simple and clear...

by alborz on

... for all to see your creativity. The readership ultimately is now in a position to reach their own conclusions, if there was any doubt before.

Thank you again.