Hezbollahis in America

Nousha Arzu
by Nousha Arzu

Can someone please tell me why so many avid supporters of the IRI, the shameless mord-e-khors that they are, choose to live in the US, as in Southern California, as opposed to South Tehran? These parasites have no problem condemning 70 million Iranians to the ugly fate of living under the barbaric tyranny of the IRI, but for themselves, they rather live in the comfortable lap of Uncle Sam, the democratic "Great Satan", and still have the gall to support the barbaric mullah dicatatorship in Iran.

I would just like to know why these jackals don't live in Iran if the IRI is so good for Iran? Can someone explain to me why so many of these shameless IRI supporters live in California? Ali Larijani's sister-in-law drives a $400,000 Mercedes Benz to a Persian supermarket in Irvine. And here, on this site, we have our house Hezbollahis admittedly living in the US, and all they do all day long is shamelessly bash the US while supporting the terroristic regime raping our tortured homeland.

Isn't there something very terribly wrong with this picture?


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Nousha Arzu


by Nousha Arzu on

I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I was swamped with work -- thank you GREATLY for your enthusiastic support of my question -- I truly appreciate your kindness -- I have always noticed that you're one of the most low-key and curteous bloggers on this site. Sometimes, if not always, I wish I had your temperament ;-) 

Vildemose, Azarin, Zal, bachenavaab -- thank you dearly, but no cigar it seems!

Anonymous8 -- Is it really "name-calling" to point out the very obvious fact that there are those "avid IRI supporters" amongst us who live in the US, and yet, seemingly always bash the US and support the IRI, which as we all know all too well, rapes, tortures, murders innocent people for merely voicing their opinions?

How can these people, in good conscience, live in the lap of freedom and democracy away from home, and yet, when it comes to thier own homeland, support a sadistic dictatorship that terrorizes its own citizenry while denying them the most basic elements of human rights?

This is MORE than hypocracy, it's immoral -- at the very least, it's amoral. It's also institutionalized indifference, greed, corruption, treason (yes, you are the real "vatan foroosh" -- people who object to foreign pressure, and yet, have no problem whatsoever supporting our own homegrown terrorists, who rape and torture our brothers and sisters in our own neighborhoods in Iran), etc., etc.  

Again, isn't there something wrong with this double-standard (read: outright duplicity)?




Why no one is responding?

by Anonymous8 on

I have a guess for this questions but you probably don't want to hear it.

maybe people don't like to be called names like "iri supporter" and "hezbollahi". i don't khow who you are talking about? who? have these people self identify as you presume?

so, maybe they don't answer you because they figure you are already calling them names so what chance is there for a civilized discussion?

what if i made  a blog with some quesitons and then cry about "why don't the ZIO-NAZIS" answer me? would it not be the right thing to ignore that?

your answer is in the way you pose the question.

just a thought.



by yolanda on

I am disappointed that IRI supporters have not answered your questions yet....maybe you have answered the questions for them in your blog.

Great blog!!! It is short, but very powerful & thought-provoking!  You debunked them big big time! Hallelujuah!!!

Thank you a billion times!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


May they rot in hell

by bachenavvab on

I think when the high travel season to Iran begins around Norooz, the fruits of their labor will be evident as activists travelling to Iran won't be able to get beyond the passport check at the IKIA.  I am guessing they are silently doing their work by taking pictures, identifying active Iranians and reporting them to the masters at the Iranian Interst Desk in DC.  Am I being paranoid or is there something to be concerned about?  Why else would they be supported by IRI?  Their god help them should this be true.


Excellent question. Maybe

by vildemose on

Excellent question. Maybe will hear from them today on this thread.

Azarin Sadegh

Good question!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Looking forward to reading their responses..:-) Azarin


It has always been about lies, money and videotape

by Zal on

If IRR supporters lived in Iran:

1-They can't shoot their mouths the way they do here, and get away with it. Any day they are liable to say the wrong thing and experience the murder and rape they support here

2-They won't be as useful in Iran as they recruit plenty from the fringes of society to become basiji and thugs. They will make minimum wage in Iran. Here IRR needs covert 'foreign service agents' that speak English and other lingo, look western not shepeshoo, and essentially serve as virtual patrols to spread rumors and innuendo, twist and support IRR murders and rapes and plundering of Iran, and also keep a front for islamic murderers.

3-They cannot quite as openly flaunt blood money as they can here, or so openly commit every dispicable and deviant behavior in the name of freedom of expression or just plain freedom.

4-Hypocracy is the trademark of crooks, wherever, in the world they come from and a new breed and generation coming out of the mutiny of 79 has elevated that to an artform.

5-And the willingness to sell even your mother for money is a pre-requisite

there is about 30 more but gotta go.




by yolanda on

 Your blog is great 'cause you are not afraid of telling the truth. I wanted to ask the exact same question, but I don't have the guts to do it. Great blog!!!!!!! The best one, you are sooooo brave!!!!

Thank you sooooo much! I will be back to read people's comments throughout the day!


 P.S.  I can't believe this blog is not featured yet. This is a greaaaaat blog!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"