The Green Delusion


The Green Delusion
by No Fear

Recently Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh's husband said since the imprisonment of his wife, a secular lawyer, he was not permitted to meet her in prison. This has been the same treatment most secular prisoners have been experiencing.

But interestingly, those prisoners who support the Green movement with its oligarchic religious leaders , such as Mousavi and Karoubi , are free to have family visitations. For example, Mr. Mirdamadi recently met 30 of his friends and relatives in the prison in one visitation!


None of the secular prisoners have any chance or means to contact the outside world, but interestingly, Mr. Mustafa Tajzadeh has not missed a beat in sending mails and articles outside the prison. What gives?

Is it because he is a member of an elite class by marriage? Afterall, he married Hojatol eslam Mohtashamipour's daughter ( Fakhrol sadat Mohtashamipour ).

The religious elite oligarchic class is very powerful. These are the same dinosaurs that are responsible for the first 26 years of IR policy making since the revolution. Your beloved Mousavi along with Sheikh Karoubi , Rafsanjani and the incompetent Khatami are all in the same boat. Mr. Tajzadeh recent articles critisizing Khamenie must be viewed as this elite class displeasure with Khamenie for favouring non religious military organs and their representatives over them.

Why after repeated requests from the secular greens from Mousavi to come clean about the US hostage crisis, the disasterous cultural revolution and the execution of political prisoners, he not only refused on some occasions to respond, but in other occasions, he has called that era " the golden " times!

More interestingly, how is it that Mousavi's spokeman and his main advisor, Mr. Ardeshir AmirArjmand, easily and without any problem has the opportunity to leave Iran and become the main speaker in a seminar filled with oppositions who wish to topple the regime ? He even participated in a Q&A and had some interesting things to say about the mass executions but interestingly, upon his return to Iran, he was not imprisoned. What gives?


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Mardom Mazloom

Bull sh#t

by Mardom Mazloom on

If greens are delusion, so why many of them are in jail? Why Mossavi and Karroubi are on house arrest? Why Khamenei is so afraid that at every single of his speech he cannot say one sentence without the word "fetneh"? why your avatar is so ugly? Why A.N. looks like a monkey? Why the I.Q. of people of your kind doesn't exceed 20?


Yolanda will forgive my silly impersonation, I hope...

by comrade on

Wow, thank you for sharing your sheep with us. Do all Hojjati-cloned sheep have long teeth like that?

It must be painful. Poor innocent animal.... Does anyone know how to pull a sheep's tooth in Iran?

Not even in cities, where some people live inside houses made of bricks?.....

There is a new technology called running water, I will post a link for you guys here...........

Sorry. No, not sorry.....See you

You have to shave your avatar:))   



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