Hassan Dai's Interview with Andisheh - MUST SEE!!

by nmirdamadi

Judge for yourself, but it seems to me that the evidence is stacked up against Dai and his MKO and neo-con supporters.




how is this propaganda??

by nmirdamadi on

MasoudA - how is this propaganda?? This is Dai's own interview. He agreed to do it. but fo rthe first time, the host actually asked him questions about HIM, rather than about his lies about the Iranian-American community and many of its leaders (not just NIAC - Dai has also attacked PAAIA).

and the guy has no answers - he admits himself working with the neo-cons, and then he is caught with his pants down when he says that he doesnt take orders from them. His emails with Rubin show clearly that Rubin - a major neo-con - INSTRUCTSDai WHAT to wrte and HOW to write it so that he can get around teh defamation laws with his lies!

i have to admit, i never believed Dai in teh first place. But after watching this - how can ANYONE with brains take this neo-con tool seriously?



I actually watched this

by Bavafa on

I actually watched this last night and was not sure if it was a piece of comedy show or for real.

If he is a comedian, I must say he does very well in his job. If he is not, then I think he should as he would have more of fan then as presently.



NIAC Propaganda

by masoudA on

Mr. Mirdamadi, Instead of posting cut & pasted propaganda clips on a discussion forum - why don't you write in a few short and sweet sentences what it is exactly that Hassan Daei is guilty of. !!!

Kooft besheh oon nooni keh az Iran forooshi khordeh besheh.