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Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

Many film critics argue that Hollywood churns out "escapist" films during times of great economic strife or war, because that's what the public demands. For example, look at all those frothy Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals of the 30s. They're twirling and tapping their way into magnificent sets in glitzy ballroom gowns and dripping with diamonds, while unemployment reached epic highs in the country. Or the fact that the sentimental "How Green Was my Valley "won the Oscar for best picture while Hitler and his cohorts were merrily butchering their way into Europe. Having said that, I am not sure how much I adhere to that theory. After all, some of my favorite American films that were made during the era of Watergate and the Vietnam War have never been more poignant in their social and political content. (Apocalypse Now, the Godfather, Taxi Driver, to name but a few).

All that brings me to a much more lightweight topic. That of chick flicks. They're not my favorite films of all time but definitely a guilty pleasure from time to time. If you wanna talk about escapism in Hollywood movies, nowhere has it succeeded more than in the area of "chick flicks" and that is especially true around Valentine's Day. As I type this, the uber chick flick "He's just not that into you", starring Drew Barrymore, is number one at the box office and next week, one day before Valentine Day itself, we have the film version of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" starring Isla Fischer and that dreamboat matinee idol, the millenium's answer to Troy Donahue, Hugh Dancy.

I personally think Valentine Day is a ridiculous holiday made to make you feel inadequate if you are dateless or even if you have a date, if you don't engage in some grand outing at an expensive restaurant with super corny "symbols" of romance like candles and flowers. As for me, my idea of a good time with my loved one is to curl up with him on the sofa, maybe eating out of a few chinese food boxes and watching Real Time with Bill Maher. If you are going to get together with your girlfriends for some martinis and chick flicks instead, may I suggest the following.

My top ten favorite chick flicks of all time (I intentionally left out the too obvious weepies like Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias, by the way, we are all vulnerable enough as it is on Valentine Day without these tearjerkers pushing us over the edge):

10. Waiting to Exhale

Don't mess with Angela Bassett. She makes the "woman scorned" look like Polyanna. Grrrrrr...

9. The Women

Sorry gals, I mean the 1939 version so you're going to have to make do with black and white. I mean, come on, why go for burger (Eva Mendes? Meg Ryan? Puh-leeeeze) when you can go for steak (Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford)

8. The Stepford Wives

It's worth watching only for the hilarious performances of Glenn Close and Bette Midler, who respectively steal the show from under Nicole Kidman's skinny legs.

7. The Wedding Singer

Because I am a child of the 80s, and Alexis Arquette's rendition of the Boy George hit "Do you really want to hurt me" is priceless.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Okay so the Audrey Hepburn character is really supposed to be a drag queen while the George Peppard character is a stand in for the very gay Truman Capote. Talk about Hollywood escapism! Nevertheless, that iconic style and music, come on, you gotta love it...

5. Pretty Woman

Cause honestly, forget candles and roses. You really wanna get a woman's juices flowing. Unleash her on Rodeo Drive with a limitless credit card!!! That shopping montage was more orgasmic than Richard Gere standing erect in his underwear and ankle cuffs in American Gigolo.

4. Pride and Prejudice

Okay technically not a movie. I mean the 1995 BBC TV series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. In my humble opinion, the best Elizabeth and Darcy EVER. A delicious mini-series.

3. When Harry met Sally

I know, I know, you think I picked this because of the famous orgasm scene in the deli but honestly no. And I feel like those douches who say they read Playboy for the artickles only but seriously, I just love love love the script in this movie. That's what makes it timeless and just as funny (if not more) today than when it came out.

2. Bridget Jones' diary

If you are familiar with Pride and Prejudice, you will realize that this is a wonderful, comical retelling of the story of Elisabeth Bennett and Lord Darcy, set in modern times. I almost didn't submit it because you know, I mean, Renee Zellweger? Like, uh, REALLY? But at least it has Colin Firth. Swooooonnnnn...

And the number one chick flick of all times? Are you kidding me? You couldn't guess??? But of course, LADIES, it's none other than:

1. Sex and the City

Yes, I dressed up to go see this movie with my girlfriends. Shoot me. No wait, I've already shot myself.


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Before Sunrise

by tissa on

My all-time favorite movie is Before Sunrise.  Not sure it counts as a chick flick, but it's definitely very romantic and dreamy.  I enjoyed the sequel, Before Sunset, too, though not as much as the original.


My favorites: Caramel is a

by favorites (not verified) on

My favorites:

Caramel is a 2007 Lebanese film, the first feature film by the lebanese director Nadine Labaki. 'Caramel' tells the story of five Lebanese women from different generations
and religious backgrounds who meet in a Beirut beauty salon. They use the
'Caramel' in the title to wax their legs.

In the Middle East, a blend of lemon juice, water, and sugar is boiled to
make a caramel mixture that is then cooled on marble. In beauty salons, it
is used to remove unwanted hair. This was the titular inspiration for
Lebanese director Nadine Labaki's Caramel, a bittersweet story of five women
of varying ages who meet or work in a Beirut beauty salon and help each
other overcome the problems they encounter in their lives with regard to
love, marriage, and sex.

2. The Syrian Bride;



on the subject of chick flicks

by javaneh29 on

A few years I usually wouldn't have watched them I was really into thrillers and psychopaths but one of my daughters introduced to them  and I found them light relief .... now Im pretty much addicted to them.

My top ten goes like this:

1. All the Bridget Jones films .. love anything with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth movies great combination.

2. The Holiday ... real feel good factor

3. Love actually .... what a cast! and Hugh baby dancing

3, Music and lyrics

4. The wedding Singer

5. Dirty Dancing ..... I watched it a million times from teenage yrs, I think I should have put this first on my list.

6. The Devil wears Prador ... myrl streep is great in this

7. PS i love you

8. When Harry met Sally

9. You've got Mail

10. The French Leautenants woman

Oh my there are many more .. nothing better than a night at the movies with your girl friends.


Niki Tehranchi

Thank you all

by Niki Tehranchi on

I had so much fun reading your posts and glad to know I am not the only one out there, in the closet chick flick-er :-)))

Nazy Kaviani

Chick Flick, eh?!!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you Niki Jan. I hope you are well and thriving my friend!

A couple of movies have touched me profoundly.

One is The Bridges of Madison County. 

Another is a 2001 Australian movie named Lantana. There is married people dialogue in this movie which has a "zeer-o-zebar" effect on me! Too bad when I tested it on men, the effect was not the same. So, I guess this is a very intelligent chick flick, even though it is regarded as a "thriller/drama."

One rather obscure movie I liked was the 19984 movie Intersection.  I liked it not for its top actors and actresses or even the story itself, but for the last few minutes of the movie, where a man's wife and mistress meet for the first and last time and the way the plot had these two women interact under very difficult circumstances.  Heeh!  Makes me aspire for all women to act so generously and poetically all the time!

The ultimate chick flick movie for me, the one I never get tired of watching by myself or with my young nieces and anybody who would sit through it with me (!) is a British/Indian movie named "Monsoon Wedding."  Something in this movie appeals to my Eastern senses and sensibilities, I guess!  This same director also made the beautiful movie Kama Sutra, which I think it is one of the most coloroful and beautiful visual treats I have ever had in a movie.

Last, I would like to say my most favorite (Two thumbs up, standing on the chair, cheering, and clapping) film EVER, remains Cinema Paradiso.  Now there's a movie I would see again, and again, and again, while looking at some of its scenes and listening to its musical score in between!

Love you Niki!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

aww AF

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That movie is about life. Real life! It's beyond chick flick. It's epic. Women, mothers, wives do run the world. Not "william wallace" and "the godfather". Yekh. By the way, the entire movie is on youtube. 


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

the accents are grossly exaggeraged but i can vouch for the authenticity of the premise of steel magnolias. 

you ARE Clairee.  Souri would be M'lynn... I'm Ouiser when i'm

who else from

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I don't what I'd be without Steel Magnolias

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Just seeing the title or hearing it makes my eyes well up.

You know what though, that awful sex and the city is coming back with a sequel. Like anyone wants to see a bunch of women spending 800 dollars on shoes and fur while people are stockpiling soup and cereal. Ugh! 

anonymous fish

blockbuster... here i come

by anonymous fish on

so many wondeful movies... i want to see them all again.  we're slowly building a video library and i might be able to squeeze a couple of these in.  i bought "sex and the city" (for $9!) but haven't watched it yet.  it will have to wait for a guy's night out.  the husband HATED the series and the music alone will drive him insane.  hmmm.  might invite the step-son over... he loved it!  or better yet, the "ex"...  now THAT would be a chick flick worthy of seeing right there.

but i agree that "weepies" are a catagory of their own. 

arbamard.  you have a brave man.  a very brave man.   :-)  read the book, didn't watch the movie even though i love clint eastwood.  movies are rarely as good as the book.  although "ya-ya sisterhood" did a good job.


I love Cinema/Theater too....

by Souri on

Among all the movies that I love and I can't name all here, because there are so many....There are two movies that will be whole life time with me! I just can't detach myself from them. They are both old, very old movies that are no more available for rent or sale.

My husband  had to order one of them "BUGSY" at ebay for my BD some years ago!! Every time this movie pass on TV, it's a nightmare for my children!! because not only I let everything I was doing, to go sit down in front of TV and watch the movie up to the end-3 hours-, but I also pre-tale!! everything that will happen next!!

They have counted, this happened 7 times :O)) Actually I watched it more, but children know only the 7 times they have been witnessing it. That movie  //  with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening is hunting my life forever.

Annette Bening is the greatest actress in my opinion. The movie (1991) was the start of a delicious love affair between Beatty (the playboy of the time) and Bening and they got married despite the age gap and are still living happily together. I always say, that love between them, happend because they both, lived their characters very intensely on that movie.

And the other movie I always love is played by my favorite singer Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford "The way we were" 1973!! //   

I believe, what is common in both movies, is the long lasting love and the loaylty between the two lovers.....and I'm from the old school :O))

Niki Tehranchi

I love all those movies too

by Niki Tehranchi on

I especially love Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love, Actually, and Music and Lyrics. Some people make quite a career out of being in chick flicks.  With varying degrees of success.  I like most of the chick flicks featuring Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, or Hugh Grant. I don't like much of anything starring Sandra Bullock, any of the Wilson brothers, Ben Stiller or Kate Hudson (though Le Divorce had its moments, thanks mostly to Leslie Caron). And musicals... I forgot all the musicals! Gigi, Grease, West Side Story, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady.  Yes, some of those musicals are quite horrible, but at the same time delightful y'know whatta mean?




Azarin Sadegh

Cool idea!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks Niki jan for your cool idea for this blog! So much better than those other blogs out there...those that make us angry, frustrated and shocked (in a bad way)!!

The last great romantic comedy I saw (and loved it) was Wedding Date (Thanks Irandokht-e aziz for your recommendation)! Otherwise I like Hugo Grant and all his "chick" movies!!

Of course my all time favorite tearjerker movie is Sophie's choice.



other favorites of mine

by IRANdokht on

Serendipity  huh? how 'bout that John cusack? 

I actually like a few more: Mammamia, Divine secrets of Yaya sisterhood and the sisterhood of traveling pants! 

OK I really don't dig chick flicks though ;-)



Fanny and Alexander.

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Fanny and Alexander.

Niki Tehranchi

I left out so many, glad to hear some of your favorites

by Niki Tehranchi on

It is so hard to chose just ten out of the hundreds of chick flicks out there.  All about Eve for example.  Or Thelma and Louise, though I can't stand both leads and even that short scene with a young Brad Pitt is not enough to convert me.  Speaking of Gina Davis, she had a small part in a wonderful chick flick, Tootsie, where Dustin Hoffman quite literally has to transform himself into a woman in order to get close to the object of his affection.   Any movie that takes place around a soap opera set deserves an honorable mention, like Soapdish (Sally Field, Kevin Kline) or Delirious (John Candy). To continue on this slippery slope, there is an actual movie called
"the object of my affection" a so so chick flick written by the otherwise
excellent, late Wendy Wasserstein. Any film starring Barbra Streisand can qualify as a chick flick from Funny Girl, to The Way We Were, to Yentl.  Woody Allen's films could possible be likened to arty chick flicks, like Hannah and her Sisters. 

By the way, chick flicks don't have to be romantic comedies or weepies.  The chick flick phenomenon is so far reaching it has even managed to create its own sub genre.  For example in the horror genre, we have Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, depicting the awful things that sisters Joan Crawford and Bette Davis do to each other.  Or Black Christmas, which takes place in a sorority house.  Or even Dario Argento's Suspiria, which takes place entirely in a creepy ballet school for girls. 

Since Irandokht likes more of action thrillers, may I recommend the chick flicks like Black Widow, where the FBI cop played by Debra Winger had a sizzling love hate relationship with psychotic serial killer Theresa Russell, long before Hannibal Lecter set eyes on Clarice Starling.Or La Femme Nikita.  You have to call it a chick flick when, among all the mayhem and violence and action, the directot manages to squeeze in that staple of chick flicks, THE BIG MAKEOVER.  Women loooooove their make-overs don't they?  One of the most tender scenes in that movie is when Jeanne Moreauteaches Anne Parillaud how to choose the right shade of lipstick when you are going for a night out on the town and to blow someone's head off simultaneously.Or the female blaxploitation films of the seventies, most of them starring Pam Grier.  Heck, the recent Tarantino-Rodriguez bloodfest Grindhouse was a chick flick as far as I am concerned.

Did I miss anything here ? :)


Out of all the ones you have

by M-NY (not verified) on

Out of all the ones you have mentioned I've seen these 4: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bridget Jones' diary, When Harry met Sally and Pretty Woman.
--This Last one I believe I've seen a thousand times!! Not by choice, but by persuasion of people who had not seen it but had heard about it. Seeing it the last time, I really wanted to pull all my hair out.... Althugh originally when it came out I found it to be amusing.


Niki jan

by IRANdokht on

I am not too fond of chick flicks either but I was clicking through the stations not long ago and found myself watching Sleepless n Seattle (again) and I couldn't pry myself off the couch until the very end.

There is even one scene in there when they make fun of chick flicks  :0)

Give me a comic book movie any day though...  those are my favorites!

Thanks for the blog



How about

by Abarmard on

Bridges of madison county?

That was a beautiful movie, a great chick flick that I love. 

Niki Tehranchi

Weepies vs. chick flicks

by Niki Tehranchi on

Oh my, that song from Beaches (Wind beneath my wings).  It was everywhere like a rash you can't get rid of :-)

I think weepies or tearjerkers or melodramas whatever you may want to call it deserve a category of their own.  Although I agree some of them qualify as both chick flicks and weepies.  As I said, since Valentine Day is stressful enough, I tried to leave out flicks that off one of the main characters and stick to comedies (well for the most part). But it gives me a good idea to follow this up with the ten best weepies of all time. Oh, how I used to love crying at the movies...(to be continued)

anonymous fish

oh, girlfriend

by anonymous fish on

you done good... :-)

what about "beaches" with barbera hershey and bette midler?  a ten-hanky movie if ever!!!  my son, my beautiful sensitive son, would watch it with me to hold the tissues while i balled my eyes out.  oh no.  i promised that i would never tell anyone that!!