Writing love: an invitation to write

Nazy Kaviani
by Nazy Kaviani

Dear iranian.com writers:

I would like to thank you all very much for your kind and excellent participation in the two group writing projects we had, Iran, a reflection, and Iran, a hope. You guys are fantastic! In all we had close to 60 blogs and art pieces contributed toward the calls.

I would like to invite you to another writing project. This one in all likelihood is a call for a love story, though it doesn’t have to be. The rules for participating in this call are rather simple. All stories or pieces should start with the following opening sentence of Iraj Pezeshkzad’s beloved novel, My Uncle Napoleon (borrowed here from Dick Davis’ impeccable translation of the book, pp 23-24, Mage Publishers, 1996):

One hot summer day, to be precise, one Friday the thirteenth of August, at about a quarter to three in the afternoon, I fell in love.

If you decide to write in Farsi, please use the title "نوشتارعشق" and use the following sentence as your opening:

 من يك روز گرم تابستان، دقيقاً يك سيزده مرداد، حدود ساعت سه و ربع كم بعدازظهر عاشق شدم.

Your submitted pieces should be no longer than 750 words (if you can help it), and at the top of the blog you should mention this piece is “a part of the Writing Love Series,” linking this blog.

You can write anything you want and submit prose, poetry, or any other kind of art you wish to share. A reminder that this is not a writing contest and your writing will not be evaluated, but celebrated for its spirit. 

That’s all. I hope to be able to see your pieces soon.


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Azarin Sadegh

Thank you Nazy jan!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just wrote my story and I'm going to post it on my blog! I hope that it is not too late! I was too busy with life..:-)

Thank you again Nazy jan, for your creative energy and for pushing our little community of writers to produce pieces that we would have never written if you hadn't asked!! 

Love, Azarin 


I just did my story

by ramintork on

What a great idea, this is a lot better than the usual religion bashing!

I just added mine, "That night in Venice".



Nazy Kaviani

Dear Robin:

by Nazy Kaviani on

I know about promises to self to do or not to do something, so I respect your decision. If you decide to write, though, what better way to write than to be a part of a collective effort in our community? And what better subject? The choice is yours and I will respect your decision either way.

P.S. I can't explain the display problem you are having. Foaad would be the best source to ask, though I'm sure you already know that.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Nazy, reading on my computer, which I think is fine, ps

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the title for the Persian comes out in Persian font but the opening line is just a series of boxes. No one else seems to see it that way. Isn't that strange?

I'm tempted, Nazy. I'm very tempted. Very very tempted.

ps Oh, but I won't. I've decided not to write any more blogs or make any more submissions here anymore. Still it's tempting. But one must avoid temptation.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Farshad, Souri, and Anahid:

by Nazy Kaviani on

I must not have conveyed my meaning well enough. The story doesn't have to be true, nor does it have to be a personal story. While personal stories obviously appeal to many, the possibilities in fiction are endless. I am working on a fiction myself. This is a call to encourage community members to write.

I look forward to reading any and all writings in this series, true or not. It would be great fun to read your pieces!

Farshad Jan, I wasn't thinking of prizes for effort! But if you write a piece I will send you a music CD of one of my artist friends. Would that work? Come on, get with with the program!

Dear Sad Chicago Dad:

Thank you so much for your touching story. I am honored you accepted the call. Thank you.

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on



Nazy Khanoom

by sadchicagodad on

I've already submitted a blog entitled, A Love I'll Never Forget."


looool Farshad

by Souri on

You must write a true story! No matter what and when this had happened. Even the love story from Iran is okay (I believe Nazy would agree)

But I don't think you would ever have a true love story :)

That's why I became suddenly so generous and offered a reward.

I don't believe you ever fell in love with anybody..... lol

But if I like your story, I will offer you a lunch when I'll come to your town.



Souri Khanom!

by farshadjon on

Baba Souri khanom!

You know that we usually have 7 months of winter. In addition to that, we had so much rain in summer this year that it was more like fall, so don't expect me to write anything about summer!Hala chi jayeze midin!Man bayad bebinam jayezeh ki behtare bad benevisam!




by Souri on

If you write ONE single true love story of yours, I will give your reward, personally....

It must be happened in a summer time!! Don't forget it.

Tell me everything.....What did you do for that, this summer?



Thank you Nazy Khanom!

by farshadjon on

I will try to participate!

 Hala jayezeh chi midin, Nazy khanom!



Ms. Kaviani

by capt_ayhab on

That period of my life is long gone. Writing about it, as much as I love doing it, will only bring sweet and bitter memories. Memories which I have worked very hard to bury deep within my soul. Rest assured I am going to follow every line that is going to be written.

This is a fantastic writing assignment and I do hope many people can contribute to it.



Nazy Kaviani

Dear Captain:

by Nazy Kaviani on

Realistic is good! I hope you will take part this time. I can't wait to hear your stories.

Dear Anahid:

Loved "one of my summer loves" notion! Do tell! Looking forward to reading your piece. Thank you for your support for the community spirit. I'm sure this will be another good collection of good writing and deep sentiments.


ohhhhh boy

by capt_ayhab on

I am afraid my stories might be way too realistic ;-)


Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Nazy jan, another great writing project

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Nazy, thanks for starting this writing series.  Since opening sentences are about falling in love in August, I will have to pick one of my summer loves.  That I will do.