Boy Meets Girl (II)


Nazy Kaviani
by Nazy Kaviani

I was recently inspired by some nostalgic posts by Jahanshah, Monda, Majid, and Javad to review some memories of my youth.  I thought I would share a story with you.  This is a little long, so I will publish it in two parts. Part I

One day Mehrdad called to see if I wanted to have lunch the next day after school.  Things were a bit easier for me now with my mother, so she gave me permission to go out for 2 hours after school.  The next day, when he picked me up 45 minutes late in his banged up Jian, I was shocked to see Mehrdad!  His left eye was shut, swollen, and black; his lips had a gash in them and his clothes were crumpled and soiled.  “Oh My God! What happened to you?!” I asked.  He wouldn't say, as he started the car, driving fast and recklessly.  I decided to play it cool and wait.  Taking a deep breath, I asked where we were going. He said: "Somewhere where nobody knows us."  So we went to Baghcheh Evin, an old-fashioned tea house in Northwestern Tehran, where the only food served was deezy.  I ordered food and tea, and got Mehrdad a wet Kleenex and handed it to him with a mirror, telling him to check out the blood on his upper lip.  He did and returned the mirror to me, saying "If my lip didn't hurt so much, I would laugh right about now!"  So, that was a good sign for me to ask him what had happened.  

He said it had all started with Vahid's telling him yesterday morning that he had had a brainstorm and had come up with a brilliant idea to finally "meet" that girl and start talking to her, except that his plan needed Mehrdad's help.  Mehrdad had listened intently when Vahid explained his scenario to him.  "Mehrdad, I think girls like heroes.  How about if something happens and I come to her rescue? She's got to start talking to me then! I  have a brilliant plan.  How about if as she gets close to the bus station tomorrow, you approach her very quickly, run into her, and make her lose her balance and drop her books?  I can then arrive on the scene, push you around a bit, then bend to collect her books and hand them to her, and then I will introduce myself and we can start our friendship together."  

Mehrdad told Vahid it didn't sound like a very good idea, and there was no way he was going to be "pushed around!"  Vahid kept begging Mehrdad and Mehrdad eventually agreed, in return for 20 toomans and Vahid's promise that he wouldn't be too rough to him when "pushing him around."

Mehrdad and Vahid waited by the school that day.  The minute the tall girl appeared, Vahid gave Mehrdad the orders to start walking toward her, with Vahid following him a few steps behind.  Mehrdad was heading straight for the girl at a fast pace, gaining speed and force as he approached her.  He aimed and hit his shoulder against the girl's opposite shoulder, startling her, and causing her to lose her balance, her books and bag flying out of her hands and falling strewn all over the sidewalk.  Several bystanders saw this and stood frozen with the shock of the event.  At this time Vahid descended on Mehrdad, grabbed him by the collar, and slapped him hard across the face twice, punching him in the stomach.  Dizzy with the shock and pain of the strike, Mehrdad looked at Vahid perplexed and confused for a minute, doubling over with pain.  He looked at Vahid and yelled: "Vahid, namard, to keh gofti yavash mizanam!" (Vahid, you S.O.B., I thought you told me you won't hit me hard!).

The crowd gathered around the spectacle hissed with surprise and dismay at hearing this.  Vahid who had bent over to pick up the girl's books looked up and saw the girl's anguished and angry face.  When he stood up to hand her her books, he was faced with a slap across the face from her.  Some other people bent over and picked up the girl's remaining books, handing them to her, and she took off toward the bus station, shaken up and pale, without a word.  Vahid turned around and looked at Mehrdad who was in pain and anguished, too. But Vahid had no sympathy for his friend at this time; he saw him as the cause of his loss of that girl forever, so he got busy, beating poor Mehrdad up! That's how Mehrdad got the black eye and the bruised and cut lip. Add to that his bruised ego and his disappointment in the way his best friend had treated him, the young man was a sight, above and beyond consolation.

Our food and tea arrived, but it was quite evident that Mehrdad was in no shape to eat and drink anything.  So, I encouraged him to drive us home and go have someone take a look at that lip.  As he started looking and feeling better several weeks later, and for years to come, every time I saw him, our inside joke was for me to whisper to him: "Vahid, namard, to keh gofti yavash mizanam!" 

The End 


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Women are confusing (to men)

by Darwesh (not verified) on

Dear Nazy, thank you for the story! Schoolkids often do silly things like Vahid's attempt to win the tall girl. And it's not easy to approach a girl who looks the other way, or walks away when you try talking to her, so even though I would not have used Vahid's approach, I can sort of see things from his perspective.

Many women I have been interested in have been rather weird. For example, recently I was interested in one of my music teacher's students. When I chatted with her at a concert, from her manner and smiles, it seemed like she was interested, too. When I emailed her, she replied, saying she really liked my performance and would love to get together. But after that... nothing! I emailed her twice and got no response in two months, so I've finally given up on her.

It wasn't just this girl; there are some other examples. I guess it is possible that my choice of women is just poor, but my music teacher really praised the girl I mentioned above, and the girl I'm currently trying to date or at least be friends with seems like a really nice girl -- attractive, opinionated, and an enthusiastic organizer -- so I think it's something else. I find this unpredictability in behaviour very confusing.

But then again, it's quite possible that the women I've pursued find me weird, too :-)


This was a great story!

by Princess on

Dear Nazy, Thank you for the laugh. This is what I call an Iranian story.

Your story makes me wonder if it was easier to fall in love in the old days. since as a result of a strict culture the sexes were separate from each other, and as such, the members of the opposite sex tended to be more of a mystery to people than they are to us today. I have a feeling Mehrdad had "fallen in love" with the tall girl, precisely because he hardly knew anything about her, so he could project his own ideal onto this enigmatic girl with whom he had not even exchanged a couple of words. 

I know, I for one like mystery and enigma in a man. :)

Thanks for sharing this fun memory. 

Nazy Kaviani

Dear All

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you so very much for reading and for leaving me your feedback. Here's wishing you all a love-filled life.

Multiple Personality Disorder

بابا این ساینفلد غلط کرد همچین حرفی زد!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Seinfeld has no idea what he’s talking about.

My own opinion: men get along with women fine, and women get along with men fine also.  There is no problem.  They communicate fine, there is no misunderstand, there is no misunderestimating of the other person’s feelings and thoughts.  Everything is rosy.  They even get along fine when they don’t communicate.  I think these things are blown way out of proportion.



he deserved it but he didn't

by Monda on

Nazy joon your story was great, so well written in your fluid style and nothing close to what I had anticipated after reading the first part.

Vahid's poor judgment hopefully terminated sweet Mehrdad's friendship with him. Or was Mehrdad more understanding and forgiving than that? The tall girl gave it to Vahid read well, delam khonak shod :o)

Aghayoon/MPD: there are all kinds of creatures out there, those who have developed good principals even at Mehrdad's age, and those who don't have them. Stop the hoopla about women are mysterious (not that it's a bad thing) while men are naturally set on one totally predictable/understandable position. I have come to know men with very contradictory agenda, no matter how open and down-to-earth the woman was.

Nazy joon, until your next best to you.

P.S. BTW, to see my name next to JJ, Majid and Javad feels good! :o)


Eeee-eee-eee-eeeh its so funny...

by Miny (not verified) on

haaa...its funny...poor Vaahid and poor Mehdrad! and what MPD writes its even more funny....Eeee-eee-eeeh...hahahaha..members of the staff...Eeee-eee-eeeh.....hahahaha



by tissa on

Nazy jan, you are a wonderful storyteller!  Why didn't your friend give some of that sass back?  Looking forward to more more more stories from you!


de javu'

by MAZIAR 058 (not verified) on


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Loftan! Women are simply beautiful beings 

 Now, men, they are a puzzle.  Just when I think I have figured them out...........things change

I think in relationships it is best to just be yourself



bajenaghe naghi

nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that was a really nice story. it is always a blessing in disguise to find out who your good and trusted friends are at the earliest possible time. the sooner you find out the less damage they can cause you. vahid was a real jerk who needs a hard kick in his balls. 

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Nazy wonderful story......

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I look forward to the next installment




Multiple Personality Disorder

As Jerry Seinfeld said:

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

[I swear, I have absolutely no idea what women are thinking. I don't get it, okay? I… I… I admit, I, I'm not getting the signals. I am not getting it! Women, they're so subtle, their little… everything they do is subtle. Men are not subtle, we are obvious. Women know what men want, men know what men want, what do we want? We want women, that's it! It's the only thing we know for sure, it really is. We want women. How do we get them? Oh, we don't know 'bout that, we don't know. The next step after that we have no idea. This is why you see men honking car-horns, yelling from construction sites. These are the best ideas we've had so far. The car-horn honk, is that a beauty? Have you seen men doing this? What is this? The man is in the car, the woman walks by the front of the car, he honks. E-eeehh, eehhh, eehhh! This man is out of ideas. How does it…? E-e-e-eeeehhhh! "I don't think she likes me."

The amazing thing is, that we still get women, don't we? Men, I mean, men are with women. You see men with women. How are men getting women, many people wonder. Let me tell you a little bit about our organization. Wherever women are, we have a man working on the situation right now. Now, he may not be our best man, okay, we have a lot of areas to cover, but someone from our staff is on the scene. That's why, I think, men get frustrated, when we see women reading articles, like "Where to meet men?" We're here, we are everywhere. We're honking our horns to serve you better."]

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Good times ... memories made by gold ... Thank you Nazy jan, God bless you azizam .