Berkeley Honors A Departed Neighbor

Berkeley Honors A Departed Neighbor
by Nazy Kaviani

This is a picture of Sacramento Street in Berkeley, taken this afternoon before the rain broke out.

So, the news has not only finally registered with his friends, it has moved and mobilized Berkeley's City Council to acknowledge a beloved neighbor's departure and absence from these parts.  In honor of his dedication to the cause and his quiet but troublesome presence in the Bay Area, Measure JJ has been put on the upcoming election's ballot in Berkeley to amend "ordinances to eliminate limits on medical marijuana possessed by patients or caregivers; establish a peer review group for medical marijuana collectives to police themselves; and permit medical marijuana dispensaries as a matter of right under the zoning ordinance rather than through a use permit, subject to a public hearing."  They are calling the measure "JJ" to honor the beloved friend and neighbor.

I thought if I shared the local news with our determined traveler, when he is ready to return to the US to settle down, he would remember which city's politics and loyalty he might find most appealing.

Be safe Jahanshah.


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Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

Yes on JJ:)



Can I vote yes even if I don't live in Berkeley?:o)

by Monda on

This is really cool Nazy!

Babajun leave the man travel a bit to get his creative juices flowing the way he wants them to! magar bakheel hasteed?  

American Wife


by American Wife on

I hope you're right... I hope this is merely a short sabbatical.  Lord knows I'D love to get away for a few months... just the thought of being anonymous where no one knows me.  Oops... that would make me a fishie, wouldn't

BTW... hope we're still going to see you tomorrow.  We'll wring a commitment out of JJ to be back by NoRuz!

Fire works?  Was that a little Freudian slip or what?  :-0


Arnold says: I'll be back

by TheMrs on

Isn't his departure only temporary?

Forgive me, but as I recall the dude said he can't live without Berkley and he'll be back soon enough. So, will there be fire works upon his arrival to the area?

American Wife

yay or nay?

by American Wife on

I can never figure these out.  Like the Proposal 8 in Orange County... am I voting for or against... a measure to stop or allow... can they or can't they...

I'll keep it simple.  NO LIMITATIONS ON MARIJUANA. 

What?  This is about medical marijuana?  Oh, ok.   Just got back from my doctor.  My glaucoma is bad... REAL bad.  Call me...


bajenaghe naghi

nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

this is so funny and as jj would say so so appropriate. maryam and me are going to vote yes on jj. 



Iranian Reader (not verified)

نگو departed خواهر. ما گفتیم چه خبری شده. JJ رفته حج. برمیگرده.


And why not?

by Majid on

From Berkeley to So.Cal. to Vegas to El Paso to Chihuahua,  Everyone should vote YES on "JJ measure"....LOL



I knew it!!!!  So am I

by desi on

I knew it!!!!  So am I voting yeah or nay on JJ?

Nazy Kaviani

It's True!!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Now, would I lie to you!? I pass by the City Hall everyday when I go to work, and the sad mood since your departure has been palpable there! This is the least they could do to honor you and your dedication.  Come right back, will ya?!!

Jahanshah Javid

I don't believe it!

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is too funny :o)))



by IRANdokht on

There actually is a measure JJ? LOL  too cute! 

I couldn't be sure, but I bet JJ already misses Berkley and his friends there...  who wouldn't miss such wonderful bunch!