If Only For A Moment


If Only For A Moment
by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

A memory to hold

In our hands

If only for awhile

Is  precious and unique  

As we  look back

                                  If only for a moment    

A memory to cherish

Found in  photographs  

Is very rare indeed

Just to  see them once again

Even if it is but a dream   

                                        If only for a moment


We close our eyes

Remember yester year  

We can almost smell their scents

Almost see them smile

Almost feel their warm embrace

                                    If only for a moment


As our memories do slowly fade

Of those who've gone before us  

Our minds do tend to play with us

As our loss, does pain us so

As we feel an emptiness within

                                        If only for a moment


Always  searching

Within our bag of broken dreams  

To remember all that was and could have been

Had life not been so cruel

Had life  been  differently     

                                             If only for a moment


Yet hope and love

In other ones  

We do find solace

We do find joy

We do find warmth again 


                                    If only for a moment


Adding to our memories

Adding to our life  

Such warm embrace

Does wait for us

If we do wish it to be so 


                                    If only for a moment


Will you not consider

Letting in love's embrace?  

Life's new joys

Awaiting you

Such joy and passion to be felt 


                                  If only for a moment


So many new memories

To be made true  

So many sights and scents

To be experienced

Do wait for you     

                                           If only for a moment


Don't walk but run towards them

Where is she now?  

Where could she be?

This light that shines,

At the opening of a new  door 


                                              If only for a moment


She waits for you

But I must caution you my friend

That  the door could shut at any moment  

Do not let opportunity pass you

 By looking back too long                                      

                                     It is only for a moment




Poem dedicated to my mom. Con mucho amor para vos querida madre mía.


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